Save Your Movie Night Money with This Easy Tip!

The average family of four spends roughly $100 on a movie night. Ticket prices average $11 and concessions are roughly $20 per person. Going to the movies as a family has turned away from a typical Tuesday nights outing to a family luxury.

With the increase in pricing to see your most anticipated new release film and the ever expanding universe of online streaming – going to the movie theaters is slowly but surely becoming more and more redundant.

So how do you save your money while still getting the thrill of a theater?

Enter the private home cinema. As ticket prices soar, audiophiles and families alike are saving their toonie-tuesdays and taking them to the bank for a customized home theater.

One company that is providing the VIP theater experience for those looking to emanate luxury and prestige in their spaces is Valencia Theater Seating.

Valencia Theater Seating has been providing the best seats in the house since 2014. With over 22+ styles to choose from, customization tools and numerous different textile colors to boot; Valencia has the seating for any theme of theater.

If you’re sitting for a feature film that is over 3 hours long, you would want to spend that time in complete comfort. Valencia offers motorized features with the majority of their seating styles. The features are controlled by a controller installed into the armrest of the seat. This puts your comfort right at the tip of your fingers.

Dead leg and tingly feet will be a thing of the past as Valencia offers a “Comfort Index” that can be found on their online store. The Comfort Index details how Valencia masterfully engineered and designed their seating and high density foam to be the most supportive and long lasting.

The engineering put into these features is what allows Valencia to claim each chair is ergonomically supportive. This means circulation and blood pressure won’t be cut off or restrained during the time spent enjoying the seating.

Get out of the cold plastic and disintegrating foam seating and move yourself into an italian leather luxury recliner that is meant to keep you warm and cozy.

The best part? All of this is a one time purchase! Unlike public theaters where you have to pay-to-play each time you’d like to enjoy a film. With your own personal home theater you purchase the seats once and your theater spots are reserved for life!

Skip the line, grab your concessions money and head over to Valencia Theater Seating to launch yourself into a VIP luxury movie experience all in the comfort of your own home.


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