Types of Green Caterpillars: Unusual Facts About The Creatures

Types of Green Caterpillars with Identification Guide and Pictures

In one’s life, we’ve probably come across all kinds of caterpillars and have probably handled a few as well. But, hang on, how much do we know about these creatures? They have only job which is to eat as much as they can, their body mass can increase as much as 1000 times or even …

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Secrets About The Types of Black Caterpillars None Of Us Knew

Black Caterpillar Identification and Pictures (with Fuzzy Caterpillars) 

Derived from “catirpeller” and “catirpel”,  caterpillars belong to the insect family of Lepidoptera. The most common caterpillars are the black caterpillars with yellow and orange markings. In the initial stages, the black caterpillars are non- attractive but later transform into stunning butterflies and moths. Interesting isn’t it? Let’s find out more about them and the …

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