The Ultimate Guide for Moving Through Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall in Colorado

Moving happens all throughout the year regardless of the weather, climate, or additional outlying elements. Many of us are forced to work according to the timeline of our lease; others must succumb to outside factors such as – jobs, family, or other needs. There is a plethora of reasons people move, but generally, it is sparked by one significant life change, and when changes occur, things can get a little bit funky.

The seasons change and bring sun, rain, snow, and wind. The elements are one thing we do not have control over when we are moving, and Colorado is known for snow in the morning and sunshine in the afternoon. When the weather is unpredictable, it is challenging to determine what is ideal for long-distance moving conditions. The truth is – professional movers will meet your relocation needs regardless of the weather, but there are some factors to consider before setting your move date.

Moving During the Snowy Seasons

The Rocky Mountains overlook our state to the west and provide an ethereal backdrop for all of Denver to boast in. Living in mountainous terrains and 5,280 feet above sea level brings about less than conducive conditions for moving. Moving in the winter is not everyone’s ideal situation, but sometimes, there isn’t enough wiggle room in the schedule.

When your timeline is limited, and you have to move in the winter months, the weather can delay the pickup and delivery. You will want to keep that in mind if you are operating on a tight schedule with harsh deadlines. If there is one thing you always want to consider when moving – changes happen, and you must be prepared for the unexpected even when you least expect it.

The Elements Can Change Things

The thing about winters in Colorado is that the conditions can change at a moment’s notice, so that is something to always prepare for. While the weather forecasters do their best, there is always a chance of snow, sleet, and even sunshine! You want to avoid a snowstorm, but you can bet that a reliable moving company will make the trek no matter how much is coming down.

In the case that snowy conditions become so bad it is hazardous or dangerous on the road or walkways – be prepared to and open to scheduling changes. You should always set your move date before the actual day you need to be out of your current home or apartment, especially in the winter, because you never know when Denver’s snow will get in the way of a successful move-out.

Slow Season Has Its Perks

The winter months are considered the slow season for local and long-distance moving – this is also true for renting and buying. Because everything has slowed down, you will also see a drop in rates and pricing for your move, renting an apartment, and purchasing a home. Few people are interested in making their moves, and there is generally more space on the schedule for moving companies and their flexibility. This should ensure a quicker move across state lines and a speedy delivery process as well!

Since fewer people are attempting to move around, you are in the clear for more flexibility in scheduling your move date, locating an apartment, or purchasing a home. Take your time, enjoy the new scenery, and enjoy the process! Moving can be associated with stress and anxiety, but it is also an exciting time in people’s lives.

Relocating in the Heat of Summer

Colorado lacks humidity, but the dry heat can be overcome when you are outdoors and attempting to lug all of your belongings into a moving truck. Moving in the Spring and Summer months can be just as treacherous as grappling with the snow. The warmer months are the more popular months for moving because of the nice weather, but every season has pros and cons.

Peak Season in Denver 

Summer is the peak for moving, which means renting can be difficult as rental rates will be on the rise; purchasing property can be challenging and very competitive in nature, and scheduling your move may also pose an issue if you do not reach out in advance.

Last-minute moves are not really a thing starting as early as March, but that continues throughout the end of summer and even slightly into the beginning of the fall season. Consider making the tough decisions about how you will be moving, who you will be moving with, and a projected move date as far in advance as possible to ensure everything works out as smoothly as humanly possible.

Scheduling Your Move Date May Be More Difficult

Scheduling can become a bit more challenging when you move into the warmer months as more people are looking to relocate and more people are looking to rent and purchase property. This is true for everyone across the country, no matter where you are coming from or going to!

If you don’t have a choice of when to move and you are making the trek in Spring or Summer, then it is best you get on top of things as early as possible and begin searching for moving companies that can get you booked and on their schedule for your projected move date!

Moving with Experts is Smooth Any Time of the Year

There are plenty of different companies to choose from when making a move to Colorado or out of the mile-high state. Still, only one expert in their craft offers hands-on and completely personalized moving services – the Denver Moving Company. Reliable movers can be difficult to come by when you are up against the unknowns that nature can bring.

With a fully licensed, certified, and insured business behind you, you will have access to elite moving throughout the year – winter, spring, summer, or fall – all you need to do is reach out to Denver Moving Company and give them a call!


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