What Are the Best Types of Bushes for Privacy?

People want to maintain privacy in their home or yard. It is an important thing in the present. Thus, to strengthen your privacy level, you can add tall bushes to your garden or yard. It might help you avoid getting irrelevant sounds from the neighborhood.

Apart from that, it can also prevent trespassers from entering your yard. There are various types, sizes, and colors of bushes are available in nature. In this blog, you’ll learn about a few bushes that are the best choice for maintaining privacy.

The average height of a bush is around 33 feet. However, a few bushes like Arborvitae and Canadian Hemlock can grow up to 70 feet tall from the soil. You can add more than one type of bush.

What are Bushes?

A row of green bushes with colorful flowers in a garden.

Bushes, or shrubs, are small grassy plants that grow naturally in any garden. Generally, a bush prefers a woody stem and perfect soil to grow. They require the same care as a normal plant. It includes watering, fertilizing, pruning, etc. A bush can grow up to 33 feet tall or more.

Bushes are also treated as evergreen plants. Thus, they also require air and sunlight properly. Various types of bushes are available in nature. A few bushes also produce fruits and flowers. In addition, you can also find various shapes, forms, and colors of bushes.

Why Bushes for Privacy?

A bush can grow up to 33 feet tall from the soil. Even a few bushes can gain more height. It may be suitable for your garden and home.

It prevents unnecessary noises that come from your neighborhood. Apart from that, it can also prevent others from trespassing your yard. The bushes can also prevent thieves from visiting your home and protect your precious things.

In other words, bushes will work as a natural guard. Everyone wants to maintain their privacy at their home. People won’t notice and bother you about your personal life anymore if you add various bushes to your garden or backyard.

Top Bushes for Privacy

1. Boxwood

A close-up of a boxwood plant with small,

Boxwood can grow up to 20 feet tall and is good for maintaining your privacy. Based on the soil pH level, they can spread up to 8 feet wide. They are green or blue-green bushes and require full sun shade to grow properly.

2. Beautyberry

A close-up photo of purple beautyberries growing on a bush.

Beautyberry is a medium-sized bush growing only up to 6 feet tall. However, it’s also a good choice for maintaining privacy at your home. They produce pink flowers with some fruits known as Callicapra. During the fall, their leaves can turn yellow from green.

3. Cherry Laurel

A row of green Cherry Laurel bushes in a garden.

Cherry laurel is also a popular bush that you can use for maintaining privacy. They can grow up to 20 feet tall (max). Cherry laurel is famous for its growth speed. They produce white flowers and fruits known as Drupe (non-edible).

4. Euonymus

A sidewalk with a hedge of Euonymus growing alongside it.

Euonymus are upright bushes that also require full sun shade to grow. It can grow up to 20 feet tall from the soil. Their growth speed is medium. Their leaves are green with yellow or golden shades. They can endure a vast amount of sunlight.

5. Arborvitae

A row of lush green Arborvitae trees standing in a yard.

Arborvitae are one of the tallest bushes exist in the world. They can grow up to 70 feet tall from the soil, which is perfect for maintaining privacy. Meanwhile, it can spread up to 25 feet wide. Arborvitae consists of green, golden, and blue-green foliage.

6. Red Twig Dogwood

Red Twig Dogwood

Red twig dogwood is an upright spreading bush that can grow up to 10 feet from the soil. It can also spread up to 10 feet wide. They can grow faster and produce small white fruits. They prefer rich and fertile soil to grow effectively.

7. Forsythia

A Forsythia bush with vibrant yellow flowers in a park.

Forsythia is also an upright bush that grows in the spring. It can grow up to 20 feet tall and 10 feet wide from the soil. They also grow faster but require partial sunshade to grow. Forsythia requires well-drained and moist soil.

8. Lilac


Lilac is also a popular upright bush known for its pink flowers. They can grow up to 15 feet tall and 12 feet wide from the soil. They require loamy soil to grow effectively. Lilacs can consume both full and partial sunlight for their growth process.

9. Canadian Hemlock

Canadian Hemlock

Canadian Hemlock is also a popular bush that you can add for maintaining privacy in your yard. They are popular for their leaves. It can grow up to 70 feet tall and 35 feet wide from the soil. Canadian hemlock prefers rich and moist soil to grow.

10. Privet

A hedge of Privet plants lining the side of a road.

Privet is a Russian word that means ‘Hello.’ However, the privet bushes are also famous for their growth speed. It can grow up to 15 feet tall from the soil. It prefers rich and well-drained soil to grow. They also produce flowers and fruits, but it’s toxic.

Things to Consider After Putting Up Any Types of Bushes

 A backyard with a wooden fence and colorful flowers.

As mentioned, bushes are also treated as an evergreen plant. Thus, growing them isn’t enough; they also require proper care and treatment like other plants. It includes:

  • Provide them with water daily and avoid overwatering or underwatering.
  • Make sure they are receiving proper air and sunlight like normal trees and plants.
  • Prune or trim them occasionally to ensure their adequate growth.
  • Fertilize them to prevent pesticides from attacking the leaves.
  • Take care of their soil and try to maintain the soil pH level for the bushes.
  • Keep mulching to maintain a soil moisture level.


Bushes are generally known as shrubs. They also grow and consume sunlight, air, and water like other green plants.

To maintain privacy, you can add Arborvitae or Canadian Hemlock. Besides these, you can try Lilac, Privet, Red Twig Dogwood, Cherry Laurel, Euonymus, or other bushes.

You can choose any bushes that you find suitable for your garden or yard. Just make sure you are providing them proper care, like your green plants and trees.

Finally, you’ve acknowledged the bushes that you can add to maintain your privacy. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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