What Herbs Help Keep Animals Away from Flower Beds

Do you like having pretty flowers in your garden? But sometimes, annoying animals like rabbits and deer think your flower beds are their dinner place. That’s not very nice, But don’t worry, there are simple solutions to this problem.

Yes, think of having a garden where your lovely flowers can bloom easily. There are some herbs, like mint and basil, that can be helpful for you in this. They can keep those annoying animals away from your lovely flowers. Planting these easy-to-find herbs around your flower beds can make a natural shield to protect your beautiful blooms.

So, look at this list to learn about these yellow flower herbs better, protect your favorite flower, and enjoy their beauty.

1. Lavender


Lavender is a purple plant that smells nice. Some animals, like rabbits and deer, don’t like it, so they won’t come near your flowers if you plant lavender around them.

This is a good way to keep your flowers safe from these animals. You can find lavender in many gardens because it’s easy to grow. You can plant it in your garden and enjoy its color and smell.

It helps keep away those irritating animals that might want to nibble on your flowers.

2. Daffodils


Yellow daffodils, a classic example of garden herbs with yellow flowers, are visually appealing and emit a strong scent that deters animals like squirrels. Planting daffodils in your garden can stop these animals from digging into your flower beds. These flowers bloom in spring and make your garden look beautiful. They need sunlight and water to grow well.

Daffodils are simple to care for. You don’t need to be an expert gardener. Just put them in the soil, and they’ll grow. People love daffodils because they are bright and happy.

When you see them, you feel good. So, if you want a lovely garden without much work, try planting daffodils. They will bring color and joy to your outdoor space.

3. Purple Coneflower

Purple Coneflower

Purple coneflowers are pretty and come in many colors. They have pointy petals that animals don’t like. But butterflies really like them. Planting these flowers can make your garden look nice and stop some animals from coming in.

So, if you want a colorful garden that butterflies love, put some purple coneflowers in it. It’s an easy way to make your garden better. These flowers are tough and can live long, so you don’t have to work too hard to keep them happy.

Just give them some sun and water, and they will grow well.

4. Citronella Grass

Citronella Grass

Citronella grass smells like lemons, and mosquitoes don’t like it. It can’t stop all animals but can stop annoying bugs like mosquitoes from bothering your pretty flowers. You can grow citronella grass in your garden or yard to make your outdoor space more enjoyable.

When the air moves, it spreads the lemony scent, making it harder for mosquitoes to find you. This plant is a natural and easy way to be more comfortable outside during warm weather. It’s simple to care for, so you don’t need to be a gardening specialist.

Just plant it and let it do its thing.

5. Lemongrass


Lemongrass is a plant that smells like lemons. It’s good for keeping away mosquitoes like citronella. You can plant it around your flowers to stop bugs from coming. Lemongrass is easy to grow in your garden. You can use its leaves for cooking, too. They make food taste better.

So, not only does it keep bugs away, but it’s tasty too. If you like the smell of lemons, you’ll like lemongrass. It’s a simple way to protect your plants and make your garden smell nice. And you can use it in your recipes for extra flavor.

So, consider planting some lemongrass in your garden. It’s a natural way to keep pests out and enjoy a lemony aroma.

6. Rosemary


Rosemary is a nice-smelling plant. Rabbits don’t enjoy it. When you put it close to your pretty flowers, it can stop them from eating your plants. This means your garden stays safe from bunny nibbling. Rosemary is also useful in cooking. It adds tasty flavor to your food.

So, having it around is a win-win. You can have lovely flowers and delicious dishes with this herb. Try planting some in your garden and see the magic it does.

Your garden will be happier, and you’ll have yummy meals to enjoy.

7. Chives


Chives are like onions. They smell strong. This smell can keep animals away from your flowers. Animals like deer and rabbits won’t come near. Also, you can put them in your food when you cook.

So, they are useful in two ways. You can plant chives in your garden to protect your flowers, and when it’s time to cook, you can use them to make your food tasty. They are easy to grow and take care of. If you don’t want animals eating your plants, try planting some chives.

They’ll help you, and you can enjoy their flavor in your meals.


These herbs protect your lovely flowers from unwanted animals. You can grow these special plants in your garden, keeping the animals far away. Animals don’t like the strong smells of these herbs, and that’s good news for your flower beds.

So, plant these types of herbs next time you’re worried about rabbits munching on your tulips or deer nibbling on your roses. You can plant some basil, mint, or lavender around your flowers, and it’s like creating a natural fence. Animals will take one sniff and decide to go back.

So, while having these little and useful herbs, you can enjoy your beautiful garden without any worries.

Olivia Brown

Olivia Brown holds a Master’s in Botany from the University of Washington and has been a part of our team since 2019. With over 15 years of experience in horticulture, she brings a wealth of knowledge to her articles on flowers. Before joining us, Olivia worked as a botanist focusing on plant conservation, which deepened her understanding of plant dynamics. A passionate gardener, she often shares her experiences and insights in her writing. Olivia also enjoys pottery, infusing her artistic perspective into her gardening tips.

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