What is the Best Home Remedy for Fleas in The Yard?

Fleas are those little creatures that look small, but they bring a lot of problems. They can make your pets uncomfortable and turn your outdoor space into an itchy place. But there are some home remedies that can help you keep them away from your house.

There is no need for special equipment or expensive products, just everyday items you probably already have at home. The fleas not only make your pets uncomfortable, but they might cause a big problem for you, too. The problem is the pet’s health. They can make your pet sick and weak.

So, if you do not want that, let’s learn about these home remedies that will keep the fleas away from your house.

1. Homemade Flea Shampoo

dog being washed shampoo

Homemade flea shampoo is an excellent solution to put away fleas on your beloved pets without any issues. To make it, all you need are some common household ingredients.

First, take a gentle soap or dishwashing liquid and mix it with water. You can even add a little spoon of lemon juice to the mixture, as fleas don’t like the smell.

2. Salt Treatment

Salt Treatment

The salt treatment is a natural and budget-friendly method to tackle fleas in your yard. You don’t need any equipment or expensive chemicals.

All you have to do is sprinkle salt on your lawn where the fleas are. Regular table salt works just fine. When fleas come into contact with the salt, it makes them very uncomfortable. They start to dry out and eventually die.

It’s an easy approach to reducing the flea population in your yard.

3. Pennyroyal Herb

Pennyroyal stands out among the Natural Flea Deterrents in Gardens due to its potent scent, which is highly unfavorable to fleas.

Its natural aroma makes it an excellent choice for those looking to utilize botanical solutions for flea control. You can plant pennyroyal in your yard to help keep fleas away. However, there’s an important point to remember – pennyroyal can harm pets if they eat it.

So, if you choose to use pennyroyal, ensure it’s planted where your pets can’t reach it.

4. Flea Bag

Flea Bag

A fleabag, also known as a sachet, is a small bag filled with herbs and spices that fleas find awful. You can easily make these at home with some common kitchen ingredients.

Just gather dried herbs like rosemary, lavender, and mint and put them inside a small cloth bag.

Tie it securely and place these bags around your yard, especially when fleas are problematic.

5. Horse Apples

Horse Apples

Horse apples are the big, green fruits of the Osage orange tree. Some people believe that placing these fruits around your yard can help to keep fleas away.

While it may sound unusual, it’s worth trying if you have access to these fruits. The natural compounds in horse apples emit an odor that fleas don’t like, and they may choose to stay away from your yard.

6. Flea Trap

Flea Trap

A flea trap is a simple yet effective device designed to attract and catch fleas. It typically consists of a small container with a light source that keeps fleas in.

Once the fleas get close to the light, they are captured, unable to escape. Flea traps are an excellent addition to your flea-fighting gadgets, especially indoors.

You can place them in areas where fleas are active, such as near your pet’s bedding or common flea hiding spots.

7. Boric Acid Method

Boric Acid Method

Boric acid is a white, powdery substance that is safe for people and pets but lethal to fleas. It’s a powerful acid, which means it dries out and dehydrates the fleas when they come into contact with it.

To use the boric acid method in your yard, sprinkle it in areas with problematic fleas. Pay attention to places where your pets like to stay or where you’ve noticed flea activity.

8. Rosemary Spray

Rosemary Spray

Rosemary is a fragrant herb that’s widely used in cooking, but it also happens to be a natural flea repellent.

Making a rosemary spray to keep fleas away is easy. Start by boiling a pot of water and add fresh rosemary leaves to it. Next, pour the liquid into a spray bottle.

Once the rosemary spray has cooled down, you can apply it around your yard.

9. Flea Spray

Rosemary Spray

Flea spray is an important gadget to keep fleas away. You can either purchase it from a store or make your own at home.

Store-bought flea sprays are formulated to kill and repel fleas effectively. They usually contain ingredients that are safe for your pets when used as directed.

To use flea spray, follow the instructions on the label.

10. Pet Spray

Pet Spray

Pet spray is a thing that you should have to keep the fleas away. It serves a dual purpose: keeping your pets smelling fresh and helping to repel fleas.

These sprays are designed to be safe for your pets and are typically mixed with scents that both you and your pets will enjoy. To use pet spray, spray it onto your pet’s fur, avoiding their eyes and face.

The gentle fragrance keeps your pets smelling nice, and it also acts as a repellent to fleas.


Now, when it comes to finding the best home remedy for fleas in your yard, you have many easy and effective options. You can make your homemade flea shampoo using basic ingredients like soap and water, which helps keep your pets flea-free.

Another simple choice is the salt treatment, where you sprinkle common table salt on your lawn to make fleas uncomfortable and dry them out. For those who like plants, pennyroyal herb can be planted in your yard to repel fleas, but be careful because it’s not safe for pets if they eat it.

With these simple and budget-friendly remedies, you can have a flea-free yard and keep your pets happy and comfortable.

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