What is the Furthest Fifth of The World in Terraria?

Have you ever wondered what is there in the Terraria furthest fifth? Terraria is an exciting sandbox game with a lot to explore, build, and find what is there in the other parts of the Terraria world. But the mysteries to the furthest fifth have been covered for a long time.

If you’re looking for or eager to know what’s there in Terraria’s furthest fifth, you have come to the right place. In this article, we’ll explore every bit of detail that the furthest fifth covers; along with that, we’ll go through other biomes of Terraria and the best among them. Let’s explore!

Furthest Fifth: An Overview

Furthest Fifth: An Overview

The furthest fifth in Terraria world is the ‘outer third’ of the map. We all know Terraria’s world map is divided into three different sections, namely the central third, the underground, and the caverns. The outer third, which is frequently called the furthest fifth, is a region that beholds the edges of the Terraria world. Unique biomes like Dungeon, Jungle, and Ocean characterize the region.

Let’s take a deep dive into this geographic location in Terraria.

Exploring Terraria Map

  • Central Third: This is the main part or location of the Terraria world, where the player definitely halts at least once. This entails the forest biome, which is home to many creatures, more challenging enemies, and ores.
  • Underground: Beneath the Terraria world lies the underground, mostly tunnels and caves. Here, you can get valuable loot to fill up your storage; further, it incorporates biomes like mushroom Biome.
  • Caverns: Deeper than other parts, but it also means lots of enemies, i.e., more dangerous. Further, it has resources and many weapons.
  • Outer Third: The furthest fifth, where the mysteries are covered. As said, it has biomes like Dungeon, Jungle, and Ocean and is filled with tough enemies and loot.
  • Sky and Space: The topmost part of the Terraria world offers an unparalleled opportunity for innovative Terraria home designs, with houses on floating islands in the sky and the vacuum of space. These regions are great sources of loot, challenges, and spaces where home-building creativity can soar.

Tips for Exploring Furthest Fifth

  • Gear Up: Before entering the outer thirds, rest assured you have upgraded gear. Further, armor sets aligning with the tier of ore you have found, quality weapons and other accessories are a must-have.
  • Stockpile Supplies: Take along different supplies such as healing potions, mana potions, building blocks, and recall potions for quick escapes. Remember, torches are a vital need.
  • Plan your route: Go to the map viewer and mark the location you want to explore for easy navigation.

Terraria Boss Battles

Furthest Fifth in Terraria world has some unique events and boss battles that are a must-have for excitement and challenges. Here is a list of bosses you’ll find along your path.

  • Plantera(Jungle): A treacherous boss found deep within the Jungle biome. Once you win over this evil, you can access the Jungle temple, which has amazing loot, including the powerful solar tablet fragments that summon the Solar Eclipse Events.
  • Golem(Jungle Temple): Once you have the key in hand after defeating Plantera, enter the jungle temple, and you’ll have a face-off with Golem. Golem drops necessary crafting materials for end-game gear, such as the Picksaw for effective block mining and the Lihzahrd Power Cell for summoning the Lunar events.
  • Duke Fishron(Ocean): A challenging boss in the ocean biome. If you defeat it, you’ll get access to powerful weapons like the Razorblade typhoons and the tempest staff, which can boost your combat capabilities.
  • Lunar Events(Sky and Space): After defeating the Golem, lunar Events come into play. These events help in battling against the Celestial pillars and the famous Moon lord. Once you have defeated both, you get the powerful end-game gear, such as the last prism.
  • Martian Madness(Outer Third): Though this occurs occasionally in the outer third, defeating it is a call for the Martian madness event. Defeating this foe will give you weapons and tech-themed items.


All in all, the furthest fifth is the main location of Terraria, which is the key to many biomes and wonderful and powerful weapons. You’ll encounter different bosses, defeating whom you’ll get powerful rewards.

Apart from hidden enemies, the outer third has evils like Dungeon Guardian in the dungeon biome. Further, the space and sky region may pose an oxygen challenge, and the Martian madness event can be a tech-themed menace.

Hope the article met your needs. If you’ve any queries, drop them in the comment section below, and we’ll try to solve them as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Rare Resources Are Found in The Furthest Fifth?

Some of the rarest resources that can be found in the furthest fifth are the Lihzahrd Power cells (used for summoning Golems) and Solar tablet fragments (for solar eclipse events). Further, you may find unique items like razorblade typhoons and tempest staff after defeating Duke Fishron in the ocean biome.

Are There Any Unique Pets in The Furthest Fifth of Terraria World?

Of course! In the Jungle biome, you may find rare Turtle critters, which can be caught and turned into turtle pets. Further, Duke Fishron has a charming but fierce fashion pet in the Ocean biome.

What’s the Best Method to Survive and Grow in The Furthest Fifth of Terraria?

The best method is to have movement tools, namely the wings and grappling hooks, for easy navigation. Further, consider building safe outposts for designing and healing, especially in danger biomes. Stock up light resources in inventory for dungeons and bring plenty of mana potions.

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