What should you consider before buying a wooden double bed?

If you want peaceful nights at home, it is wise to invest in a good-quality double bed. A wooden bed is the best because it offers unparalleled reliability, great durability, amazing sturdiness, requires low-maintenance, splendid looks, and not to forget it offers comfortable nights. In case you are looking for something bigger than a twin-size bed, then a wooden double bed is perfect for you. But before spending money on a double bed, there are some factors that you should consider-


A wooden double bed is a perfect pick for standard-size bedrooms. It also works well in a master bedroom where you need extra space for furniture. You can also place it as a daybed for guests and is a good choice for apartments and dorm rooms.


A double bed is the best option for a single person who wants a little extra space than a twin bed. It is spacious for one person. A double bed can take in another person too but he may feel a little cramped. These beds are a good option for teenagers, children, and short-height people who don’t require much space to sleep.

Size of the frame

The size and make of the bed frame should also be considered while purchasing a double bed. In case you choose a bed with a traditional metal rail frame, or platform beds with wood slats, this will help you add some height to the size of the bed. The bed frames that are done using solid wood can add two to five inches of space to the mattress.

Availability of space

Take into consideration the space you have in your bedroom. You should leave at least two to three feet of space on all sides of the bed. Also, in case there is any extra furniture in the bedroom, consider that also. If your room is 10 by 10, a wooden double bed is a good pick for you in this case. A bed can augment the aesthetic beauty of a room, so choose one type according to the position of the bed. You can spend some time visualizing and introspecting the room before finalizing it.


Depending upon the brand and material of the bed, the price may vary. You should consider your budget while you choose a bed for your room.

Type of wooden bed

Consider the type of bed you want for your room-

  • Platform bed- It is a simple structure bed that is long-lasting. It is durable and requires less maintenance.
  • Sleigh bed- A sleigh bed is antique and can add a vintage dimension to the room. It is done with high-quality hardwood and is good for two people.
  • Canopy bed- This bed gives an elegant look to the room. This bed can be decorated with curtains to give you some personal space. In case you want a termite-free and tension-free bed, choose a canopy bed for your room.
  • Storage bed- A wooden bed with storage is the best way to maximize the available space in your room. You can store things like extra clothes, bedsheets, toys, and anything that you wish to hide in the storage box that comes with the bed.

Style of wooden bed

The notion that wood and style go together is old now. Wooden beds can be trendy and are available in various styles-

  • Modern style- A modern style bed is simple yet stylish. There is no decorative element here and this bed goes well with any room décor.
  • Country style- In case modern life upsets you, go for a countryside bed. This bed is made up of polished wood and features an extra-long headboard. This bed has the potential to offer a farmhouse appeal to your room.
  • Conventional style- This bed is all set to give your room a distinct vintage look and grab all the attention.

To conclude

A bed is the focal point of any room. It is also the most important thing in your room. It is the place where you rest and can enjoy a good night’s sleep. This is why buying a bed is a crucial decision to be made. Hence, you need to consider a lot of factors before buying one. Variables like wood type, bed style, bed type, etc. are all important and should be considered. So, whenever you plan to go for a wooden double bed for your room, do thorough research to get the best buy wooden furniture online. You can pick from a plethora of options from beds with built-in speakers to beds with ventilated headboards, you can choose the type that fits your requirements. Next time when you go for a bed hunt, don’t just settle for any bed. Make a unique and informed choice.

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