Which Gas Is Better- Mapp Gas or Propane| The Complete Guide 

So, you are a fan of grilled food, or maybe you have just completed setting up a new barbeque grill, and now you are already dreaming about your first grilled meal. Whatever is the case but before you start to plan an elaborate menu, there is something significant that you need to take care of, and that is the gas that you will be using for your BBQ grill.

People have been using Propane for years now, and it is believed to be a prevalent BBQ gas, but now times have been changing, and more and more new alternatives are coming up. One such alternative to Propane is Mapp gas. The debate of Mapp gas Vs. Propane has been going on for a long time, and since both can be used to your BBQ grill, we will be discussing which one is a better choice.

So, guys, let us dive deep into this topic and discuss the advantages, disadvantages, benefits, and everything you need to know about this Mapp gas Vs. Propane debate.

What is Mapp Gas?

What is Mapp Gas

Before we start with the Mapp gas Vs. ‘ debate, Propane, let us first understand what Mapp gas is.

The word Mapp stands for methylacetylene-propadiene Propane. These are the ingredients used to make up the gas. There are other variations available and butane and isobutane, but this is the most widely used formula.

It was initially used only for industrial purposes like welding and soldering. Soon, some talented chefs discovered its utility in the kitchen and started to use it in their foods, mainly for searing meat and finishing off various food items like steak.

From the discussion above, we can say that Mapp gas can be used for cooking and grilling food, but does it add any extra value or taste to your grilled food? Let us find out its benefits.

What Are the Benefits of Mapp Gas?

To go on with the Mapp gas Vs. Propane discussion, we next must talk about the gas’s benefits.

1. It Produces Extremely High Temperature

This is perhaps the most significant benefit of Mapp gas- the immensely high temperature that it produces. It does not just produce a temperature higher than Propane, but it can go up to a maximum temperature of 3730 Fahrenheit, while Propane can only reach a maximum of 3600 Fahrenheit. Although both gases can produce too high heat, Mapp gas can produce more heat than Propane, especially when people are in a hurry to cook the food.

Also, this high temperature helps the chef sear different meat, and the best thing is that it does not alter the original flavor of the food (which will be discussed in the next point). Many world-famous chefs use this gas to finish their dishes, significantly to add a signature touch to them. You can understand that if world-famous chefs are using it, it is certainly good enough for all of us.

2. It Retains the Flavor of The Food

As we already discussed earlier, another advantage of this gas in this Mapp gas vs. Propane discussion is that this gas does not mess with the food’s original flavor. Since it burns at a very high temperature, it burns up completely, leaving behind no kind of residue that can add a different flavor or alter the food’s original flavor.

Many gases, including Propane, leave behind their distinctive smell, a kind of gassy smell that messes with the original flavor of the food, and we are sure that no customer or chef would like that.

This makes it so popular among chefs not just for regular cooking but also for experimenting with creating their signature style. Mapp gas is perfect as it neither adds any flavor to the food nor stops you from experimenting with the food’s flavor.

Why Was the Production of Mapp Gas Discontinued? 

Why Was the Production of Mapp Gas Discontinued

The reason behind its less availability is that the production of Mapp gas has been stopped. The only central plant known to produce the gas stopped its production back in 2008 after finding out that the oxygen flame of the Mapp gas used in the welding purpose is not that useful because of the high concentration of hydrogen. Although it was a much safer choice compared to acetylene, its effectiveness was less in terms of welding.

Now since the production of this gas has been discontinued and we have been discussing Mapp gas vs. Propane, you might feel if it is even safe for cooking? Well, yes, it is safe for cooking, and no proven instances of health hazards by this gas have been found yet.

Since the gas was first and primarily produced for industrial purposes like welding and soldering, the production did not continue to go on for the cooking purpose when that industry stopped using it. But that does not mean it is harmful to your health. After all, it was used by some of the world-famous chefs to create their signature style in food.

It is safe to use, and although it is not readily available, you can still find it at some places (do not worry, it has not entirely disappeared from the world), you will have a tough time finding it.

What Is Propane? 

What Is Propane

This is the most common cooking gas ever! Do you see that liquefied gas under pressure in your cylinder? Yes, that is what Propane. The gas that best fits the definition of LPG. Also, Propane is a hydrocarbon that burns at a high temperature and aids in cooking, heating, and vehicles.

Propane is extracted from crude oil and petroleum while they are refined for industrial use. The extracted Propane is a highly concentrated, power-rich fuel stored in steel cylinders after being liquefied under pressure.

The best thing about this gas and what makes it so popular is that it is easily extracted and hence it is readily available. You can refill it at any gas station pr sometimes even in certain grocery stores. Since it is not that reactive and can be stored in steel cylinders, it is also portable, making it ideal for use, especially in remote locations when we do not have many options.

Benefits of Propane

Benefits of Propane

1. Propane Gas Enables Fast Start-up

One thing that people love about Propane is its fast start-up. The maximum heat produced that propane gas can produce might be less than Mapp gas, but when it comes to starting the grill, propane gas starts burning at a lower temperature, and hence it can help you start up your grill much faster.

This propane gas feature comes very hand when you are in a hurry or when you must cook for many people in a short duration. They do not just start-up fast, but they also hold the temperature for a much more extended period and are way more stable than charcoal. It is true that although even Mapp gas can provide the same service, it is just that propane gas is better at it.

2. Propane Gas Is Cheaper Than Map Gas

For everything that we buy, the first thing that comes to our mind after the product’s quality is the price of the product. The same goes for selecting the ideal gas for your BBQ grill.

The reason behind Propane’s popularity is its price which is comparatively cheaper than that of Mapp Gas.

The reason behind Mapp gas’s high price is that it is not readily available, and in fact, its production has been stopped in North America. Its unavailability led to the hike in its price and helped propane gas win the Mapp gas Vs. Cost round Propane gas discussion.

3. It is Easier to Control Propane Gas

As we have mentioned before, Mapp gas has a too high temperature, which helps you grill your food, sears the meat, or plans to do much quicker than propane gas. However, with speed and high temperature comes a safety concern. There are two disadvantages with Mapp gas under this point.

Since it releases much more heat, it is more prone to burn your food if you cannot control it. Let us say you are grilling meat or adding a touch to your dish. Since the temperature is high, and you can easily overdo it and ruin your entire food.

The second disadvantage is a safety concern. Since the temperature is high, it can also lead to accidents. Especially if you are not careful and you accidentally touch any hot utensil or steak on the grill.

The chances of something like this happening are much high if you are not an expert in cooking. So even after this, if you are planning to forward with Mapp gas, make sure that you are a little extra cautious with its use so that you neither end up burning your food nor hurting yourself.

A lot of people also do not use Mapp Gas because it has the chance of melting certain metals like Aluminum (yes! The heat produced by Mapp Gas is that high), So if you want a more controlled and convenient way of cooking, then propane gas is the way to go.

What Is the Result of The Debate Mapp Gas Vs..? Propane Gas- Which One Is Better?

See, we have already talked about all the advantages and disadvantages of both gases. We have also discussed their individual properties in-depth, so now it is totally up to you which gas you find more suitable for your grill use.

Mapp gas burns at a much higher temperature to cook and grill faster and help sear the meats. Apart from its temperature, the best thing about Mapp gas is that it burns up completely without leaving behind any residue or smell that can mess with the original flavor of your food. So, if you are looking for something that makes the tedious task of cooking and grilling faster, keeping the taste of the food intact, then Mapp gas is your best option.

On the other hand, Propane is cheap compared to Mapp gas, and it is also readily available (since the production of Mapp gas has stopped in a lot of places), So this is one advantage of using Propane over Mapp gas.

Also, the temperature at which propane burns might be less than that of Mapp gas means that it has fewer chances of hurting you or burning your food, and you can have better control over your cooking. But again, the disadvantage of Propane over Mapp gas (apart from the temperature) is that it can leave its flavor on the food, making it taste a little gassy and mess up its original flavor.

The Mapp gas vs. propane discussion ends on this note that both the gases have their advantages and disadvantages, so it is up to you to decide which one you choose and think is the best for you and your grilled food.

Every aspect of both gases has been covered in the Mapp gas vs. propane discussion to help you make a choice. We hope that this article has been helpful to you. You have been able to make up your mind, and if you have, then wait no more to use that grill and make yourself some mouth-watering grilled food, but if you have not been able to make up your mind yet and you still have some doubts, then do not shy away from reaching out to us in the comment section below!

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