Why Do I Need a Cooling Mattress Protector and a Weighted Blanket?

Everyone should enjoy quality, deep and healthy sleep. However, some sleepers complain of inability to sleep, most especially at nights.

The kind of bed accessories you use would be great determinant of how well you sleep. In a nutshell, you need the cooling mattress protector and weighted blanket for sound sleep at all times.

Is Weighted Blanket Good for Sleeping?

This is one of the questions sleepers ask when it comes to getting weighted blanket. The weighted blanket absorbs pressure and as a result, keeps the body cool at night unless you have oak trees in the backyard. 

It is not bad to use the weighted blanket all night long. It helps you feel relaxed and all forms of tension would be gone. Older children can use it because the weighted blanket is soft, fluffy and smooth. It does not cause any kind of irritation. So, the weighted blanket is good for use.

What Other Benefits do I enjoy from Using the Weighted Blanket?

Apart from how cooling, soothing, and calming it could be to use the weighted blanket, it has the following benefits.

It is breathable. It is not like some blankets that do not allow the flow of air. This blanket has loops where air flows through.

It is durable. Everyone wants quality bedding. This is one benefit you enjoy when you use the weighted blanket.

Also, it relieves depression. This is one advantage sleepers enjoy when they use this blanket. The weighted blanket always improves the quality of sleep. Thus, it relieves one of insomnia and depression.

Can Toddlers Use The Weighted Blanket?

Some researches show that weighted blanket may be harmful for babies below two years of age. The weighted blanket is not bad. However, it can suffocate a toddler. It is advisable to consult pediatricians before using this blanket for your toddler.

What is a Cooling Mattress Protector?

A cooling mattress protector is a bed accessory that protects the mattress from any damage. Basically, they help sleepers enjoy good and healthy sleep. This is because the cooling mattress protector absorbs heat. So, you do not have to worry about excess heat from a solar heater or otherwise when sleeping.

A cooling mattress protector keeps the room cool. This is because it absorbs the heat in the room. Therefore, the temperature is regulated in the room.

The cooling mattress protector also gives your bed good shape. This is because the bed does not wear off and the mattress lasts longer.

It is waterproof. The cooling mattress protector doesn’t just absorb heat, it has waterproof barrier. It absorbs sweat, liquid, spills and other damaging substance.

Also, the cooling mattress protector is produced from breathable material. This includes bamboo. So, the protector is safe to use.

It is good for sleepers with allergies. It also works for sleepers with any respiratory condition.

Is Cooling Mattress Protector Affordable?

There are different price tags for the cooling mattress protector. However, your budget determines the kind of protector you get.

Quality cooling mattress protector may be expensive but it is no doubt about the value it gives.


Get a cooling mattress protector so that it could be a barrier between the mattress and you. The weighted blanket helps you sleep so well because it hugs you and gives you some soothing feel.

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