Why Does My Dog Lick Me So Much

Many pet owners get perplexed when their dog licks them so much. It is normal for dogs to lick the owner, but it can be very irritating if you are not used to it. But why does your best friend lick you that much?

Well, dogs are very loving animals, but sometimes they can get carried away with love. They may start licking you because they want to convey or show affection.

But there are some other reasons as well. In this article, we have listed out some of the most common reasons your dog may be licking you. The overall factor you need to be aware of is that for dogs, licking is a form of communication and an inbuilt instinct.

It is not some conscious behavior that they are choosing to undertake. Though there is nothing wrong with wanting to shape your dog’s behavior and minimize licking, always keep in mind that these behaviors are just instinct and not willful misbehavior.

Your Dog Licking You Is A Sign Of Love

Love is one of the strongest emotions in any relationship. This emotion is also felt by all living beings, including humans and dogs. When two people fall in love, they feel an intense attachment to each other. This feeling of love is called “love”. Similarly, when a dog falls in love with its owner, he starts showing his feelings in various ways. One way is licking. This is a natural instinct in all dogs. They always try to express their love and affection towards us. If you notice your dog licking you, then it often means that he loves you.

Your Dog Licking You Shows That He Wants To Play

When a dog sees his master playing with something, he will naturally want to join him. He will try to do whatever his master does. For example, if you are playing with a ball, your dog will try to fetch the ball from wherever you throw it. Similarly, if you are playing a hide-and-seek game with your dog, he will try to find you. In such cases, your dog will definitely try to join you. If you see your dog trying to play with you, then it means he is in need of connection and fun.

He Needs Attention

Attention is another important factor behind your dog’s excessive licking. Dogs need constant attention from their masters. They cannot live without our attention. Even though they are happy being alone, they still crave our attention. Therefore, they will welcome you with open arms whenever you come home after work. They will jump on you and give you kisses. However, if you ignore them, they will start getting upset.


If your dog starts licking more than usual, this could be a sign that it is not getting enough nutrients in its diet and may result from a nutrient deficiency or medical condition. For that reason, it’s essential to pay attention to the nutritional content of their food. If you’re unsure, talk to your vet about whether or not any changes need to be made.

He Wants To Communicate

If your dog keeps licking you, then it probably wants to tell you something. Sometimes, dogs use body language to convey messages to their masters. For instance, if your dog is lying down next to you, it might mean he wants to sleep. Or, if your dog is standing up, it could mean he wants to go outside. These are just a few examples. You can easily understand what your dog wants to say by observing his behavior, licking is just another way for them to communicate, given they are not able to talk and converse like humans.

To Show Their Submission

Being submissive doesn’t mean weakness – when dogs lick us, they let us know we have control over them. Just like when humans kiss someone’s hand out of respect, dogs lick because it is how they show deference and at times it is to get back in our good graces after doing something wrong.

For Enjoyment

Dogs are inquisitive creatures – they love to explore, investigate, and get involved in just about everything. Therefore, licking you can be a fun way for your dog to do all those things while also getting a taste of something different. When you let him sniff and lick your hands, he’ll quickly learn that these are safe objects with no teeth, so he’ll start associating licking with positive feelings instead of fear. You might even notice his tail wagging as he laps up his favorite flavor from his favorite person.


Your dog may also be grooming himself when he starts licking you. This is a normal behavior in dogs. They remove dirt and other unwanted particles from their fur when they groom themselves. This way, they keep their coats shiny.


Dogs are curious creatures. They always want to know why things happen. If your dog is investigating something, then it means that he wants to know what exactly happened. For example, if your dog is sniffing something, it means that he wants information about it. He will lick the object to find out what it is made of. So when he is licking you, it simply means he is investigating.

To understand more about dogs, and why they do what they do, check out The Factual Doggo website. They have a large number of very informative articles about licking and many other dog behaviors.

Medical Issues

Medical concerns are one of the most common reasons behind excessive licking. Your dog may have an illness that needs immediate medical treatment. In this case, he will lick you so that he gets relief. Some of these medical issues can be:


Allergy is one of the dogs’ most common health problems. The symptoms include sneezing, itching eyes, and scratching. If you observe excessive licking, it means that your dog suffers from allergies.

Skin infections

Dogs often suffer from skin infections. Their tongues are used to lick off any kind of infection on their bodies.


Arthritis is another common disease among dogs. It causes pain in joints and bones. If your dog is suffering from arthritis, then he will lick you to help deal with the pain.

Joint or Muscle Soreness

Muscles and joints become stiff due to overuse or injury. If your dog has been injured, he will lick you as a way to ease the pain.


Anxiety is another reason behind excessive licking. Dogs with anxiety disorders lick excessively. They feel nervous all the time. They cannot control their emotions. If your dog is anxious, then he will lick more than usual.

How To Stop My Dog Licking?

If you are wanting to stop your dog from licking the best way to do this is to offer rewards as a way of reinforcing the behavior you want your dog to display. There are some old and problematic dog training philosophies that focus on dominance and submission, and often include punishment. Given our newer understanding of dogs, and how relational they are, we now know that the best way to help dogs learn a new behavior, and forgot old behaviors is to use positive reinforcement.


Dog licking is both an act of showing deference and demonstrating dominance. It can be a form of begging for food or trying to heal injuries, but most often, it’s simply for pleasure. The best course of action is to avoid punishing your pup when they engage in this kind of behavior. Instead, ensure that you always give them ample rewards when they’re behaving well. Asking your dog why they are licking will only lead to confusion and misunderstanding on both sides.

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