Why is My Money Tree Leaves Curling

Money trees are one of the most popular green plants that people bring to their indoor spaces. They bring this plant to decorate their homes to convey a natural and aesthetic vibe. It is also assumed that people add money trees to bring good luck to their homes.

However, they also require proper care. So, provide them with proper sunlight, air, and water. In addition, don’t forget to fertilize them every week. Without proper care, their leaves started to curl down. In this blog, you’ll find out the reason why your money tree’s leaves are curling, along with other types of tree leaves. Being inconsistent in watering and fertilizing can decrease their leaf’s growth.

In addition, inappropriate amounts of sunlight, temperature, and humidity can also cause the same.

What is a Money Tree?

A potted plant with green leaves resting on a wooden chair. Discover the Money Tree, a popular houseplant

Money Tree is a popular green plant that people add to their garden. Generally, people add these types of plants to their indoor spaces. It assists them in decorating their their house. In addition, money plants convey a positive and aesthetic vibe throughout their rooms. Several types of money plants or trees exist in nature. It includes:

  • Hydrocotyle Vulgaris
  • Silver Money Plant
  • Pachira Aquatica
  • Chinese Money Plant
  • Devil’s Ivy
  • Crassula Ovata, etc.

Reasons for Curling Money Tree Leaves

1. Inadequate Watering

A wilted plant in a dry pot, showing signs of inadequate watering

Watering is a vital process for any green plant. The main reason a money tree’s leaves are curling is because of inadequate watering. Sometimes, you might add more water than usual, which is overwatering. Contrarily, sometimes you’re adding less water or underwatering the plants. Both overwatering and underwatering cause damage to the leaves. The inconsistency in watering can also curl your leaves negatively. So be consistent always.

2. Not Receiving Proper Sunlight

A potted plant placed in a dimly lit room, struggling to grow due to lack of sunlight

Apart from water, a green plant needs a proper amount of sunlight. An adequate amount of sunlight can help a money tree or plant to grow adequately. If the leaves are curling, it can also mean that the plants are not in the proper place. It may not receive adequate sunlight.

3. Humidity

A vibrant potted plant with lush green leaves on a table, emphasizing its requirement for humidity

Just like other green plants, a money tree also requires proper air or humidity. Without proper air and humidity, the leaves may not stand properly. Inadequate humidity leads to low air moisture in the plant’s leaves. As a result, the leaves are curling. Keep the tree in a proper place where it receives proper air, which ensures adequate humidity level.

4. Temperature

A calming sight: a plant in a white pot on a wooden stool, enhanced by a pleasant temperature

A few times, you ended up providing too much sunlight or heat to the money tree. As a result, the leaves started to curl down. Sometimes, the cold weather can also damage the leaves of the plant. The proper temperature to keep your money tree is between 12°C to 20°C. Don’t put them under air condition or a room heater that can damage their leaves.

5. Inadequate Soil Conditions

A person planting a seedling in a pot with no money. Overcoming challenges, like inadequate soil conditions, to start a business

Due to inconsistency in watering, the soil loses its acidic level. Sometimes, over-watering, over-sunlight, underwatering, or inadequate humidity can also decrease the soil pH level. As a result, the money tree fails to receive proper nutrients from the soil. It curls the leaves of the money plant.

6. Pest Attack

A plant infested with white bugs, indicating a pest attack

Pests are harmful creatures that damage any plant. Similarly, it can also attack your money trees. At first, they attack its cane, and slowly, it goes to the leaves. The pests are one of the reasons that your money tree leaves have curled down. So always be aware of whether your money tree is affected by any pests or not.

7. Inappropriate Fertilization

Inappropriate Fertilization: A close-up of a garden with plants growing in soil, surrounded by scattered fertilizer pellets

Fertilization is also an essential step for the growth of your money plant. The lack of a fertilizing process allows harmful pesticides to attack your plant and its leaves. Aside from that, inconsistent fertilization fails to provide proper nutrients to the leaves. As a result, the money tree’s leaves curl down badly. Lack of fertilization also affects the soil pH level.

Remedies for Tree Leaves Curling

A white shelf displaying two small plants. Image related to remedies for tree leaves curling

If you don’t want your money tree’s leaves to curl down, then always be cautious. Provide them with an adequate amount of water. Don’t be inconsistent; give them water regularly. In addition, avoid providing too much or too much water (overwatering and underwatering). Maintain a neutral balance while watering your money tree. When it comes to providing sunlight, keep them in a proper place. Make sure they are receiving an appropriate amount of sun’s ray that helps them in their growth. Don’t allow them to consume too much light that damages their leaves. Also, don’t place them in a dark or cold area. A proper temperature to keep your money tree is around 12°C to 20°C.

Apart from water and sunlight, proper air and humidity are also necessary for your money tree and its leaves. Make sure they are receiving proper humidity. Then, take care of the soil as well. The soil also requires proper humidity. Otherwise, it can lose its acidic level, and the plant might fail to receive proper nutrients.


Money trees are just like other normal green plants. It might bring good luck if you put them in your indoor garden. However, they also require proper care. Inadequate watering and not providing them sufficient light and humidity can make their leaves. Aside from that, inconsistent fertilization allows the pests to attack the leaves. It also diminishes the soil’s acidic level. Together, it fail to provide proper nutrients, which is the cause of curling leaves.

In this blog, you’ve learned the reasons why your money tree’s leaves are curling. If you still have any queries, let us know in the comments.

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