Why My Office Chair Keeps Sinking [and how to Fix That] 

When you work in your office, you always dream of some sitting job and if you get it then what should be an aspiration for a person. The answer is simple: comfortable sitting. One is ready to do the work but what if the chair on which you need to sit for the next nine hours is not comfortable at all? It seems to be very challenging then, right?

But you need not worry about anything as we know that in a sitting job, an office chair needs to be very comfortable and reliable. If it is not, then it may cause serious problems like back pain, migraine etc. Also, it is the fact that whatever the thing you get, it will have some facts about it and those need to be very clear for a better lifestyle.

Like if you use a chair for a longer time, it may sink a little and this process may continue if you will not take care of it. So, you may ask and try to find out why your office chair keeps sinking? Here is the complete article where you will get to know about all the reasons why this happens and how you can tackle this so that this will not happen again, and you can fix it for the long race.

This, a few moments read will surely change your vision for the subject and you will have a wide idea of this action and how to avoid it for sure. Because if your office chair sinks whenever you sit on it, that will not be a comfortable place and it will hamper your health as well as productivity for the company you work for.

If your office chair is sinking all the time when you sit on it, you need to follow-mentioned activities to fix it right there.

You can check if the joints of the chair are properly lubricated and if not, then do it right away so that if it is sinking a little now, it will not lead to a disastrous situation for you. So, better to check and get this fixed as soon as you notice it. This way, your chair will work more than the average chairs do, as you will take care of it. Also, you can check here for the basic ideas to avoid this situation and can make your office chair reliable for a longer time.

You can also check your chair’s cylinder if it is loose, it will sink when you sit on it. So, you need to have a look at it and try to find some way to fix it. You can have a kit with all the tools for you and you can fix it by yourself or you need to check for any professional. The best tool for this purpose is the jubilee clamp as it will serve the purpose for sure. This is easily available offline in normal local stores or you can get it from Amazon or Walmart.

Wrapping a PVC pipe around the cylinder of the chair will also help in serving the purpose and it will also lead to the reliable use of the office chair. The primary issue is the sinking of the chair and it is the best and efficient method to avoid this when you sit on the chair anytime.

Above are the solutions by which you can take care of the office chair from sinking when you sit on it. However, if you need more information regarding the tools and techniques to use when you carry on with these steps, then this article is for you and here you will get complete information regarding the tools and process to get this issue resolved of the sinking of your office chair when you sit on it. Keep an eye on every word for better understanding. Let us start with the details in depth.

Steps to avoid Swivel Chair from Sinking 

Steps to avoid Swivel Chair from Sinking

The sinking of the chair is a very common problem that most people face so you need not be panic about it. As the office chair is used daily so it is very general to encounter this issue. If you are facing this issue and do not want to replace your favorite chair that might change the office décor so in that case, you can try out these steps and easy techniques to get rid of this risk.

Lubricating The Components of Your Office Chair

Lubricating The Components of Your Office Chair

Lubrication is the most important part in this case to maintain the reliability of your office chair. When you sit on it and if it is making some noise while sitting and it is hindering the movement of the height adjuster then it needs to be checked and most probably needs to be oiled. As we use the chair for 9 hours daily sitting on it so it will have wear and tear issues as suspension installed in them will work all the time to adjust your height.

They may also need something to work all the time without a lot of friction and if they are made up of iron then they will get rusted and create a problem of freezing at points when you try to adjust the height or try to rotate it to talk to your peer sometimes. If it freezes at this point it will be very embarrassing for you so better to take care of it and lubrication is the best method to avoid this.

Also, the rust on a chair that may create this problem is water and dust so better to clean your office daily and take care of the humidity level to avoid this to happen. So proper lubrication will increase the lifespan and will help you to enjoy the comfort of your office chair by adjusting the preferred height you want.

You can use the oils on Screws, bolts and nuts and this way you can rub it on all the places where the parts are attached and move most of the time when you sit on your office chair.

Fasten the cylinder with the use of Jubilee Clamp.

Fasten the cylinder with the use of Jubilee Clamp

For this, you need to have some basic things like Jubilee clamps that are a must for the task, Duct tape as well as Screwdrivers as they will be used for opening and loosening of screws.

Here is the complete process with steps on how to use Jubilee Clamp to serve the purpose of avoiding the sinking of your office chair.

First, you need to flip your chair to check and access the Metallic cylinder of the chair. To access the metallic cylinder of your office chair, you need to flip the chair and where you will see a plastic cover. You need to remove it or pull it down, then you will be able to see the Metallic cylinder of your chair.

Now, you need to install the clamp screw around this metallic cylinder visible to you and to do this, you need to unscrew any small bolts or nuts there. Once you unscrew them, you need to wrap and cover the above portion of it with duct tape.

Once you cover it, it will cover a major part of the clamp screw, and this should be directly above the clamp screw. So, it will give a pretty good grip to the newly installed clamp screw so it will help you to adjust the height and everything on your office chair without sinking when you sit on it.

In the next step, you need to fasten your newly installed Clamp screw and before doing that, you need to check if the height of the chair is good to go according to your comfort level. If you check and it is not sinking now, so you are good to go with this adjustment. However, if it is still sinking then you need to install the clamp again as per the procedure given above and set it accordingly.

In the final step, you need to make sure by checking your chair If the issue of the sinking has been resolved or not. You can check it by gently sitting on your office chair and if it is not sinking at all, it will be good to go. Else, you need to check the clamp position or redo the above step to make sure that the sinking issue will not be there to disturb your comfort.

The final and most practicable step that many people do is by wrapping a PVC pipe around the chair’s metallic cylinder. For this task, you may need majorly not more than four things. The things that you need are Bench Vise, a Tape Measure to measure the length that how much you should use and a cutting device like Saw too.

Here Is the Technique and Steps, You Need to Follow to Get This Done Now

Here Is the Technique and Steps, You Need to Follow to Get This Done Now

Firstly, you need to get a tape measure and measure the cylindrical portion of your office chair. This way you will get the diameter of the cylindrical portion of the chair and check to adjust the exact height of the chair you prefer. Now you need to cover the cylinder with the PVC pipe that you have already.

You need to cover all your chairs with this from the sitting area to the wheelbase to maintain equal quality of it. While doing it, please do not try to adjust or change the height of your chair and this way the work should be completed. Now it is time to use the PVC pipe that you already have.

So please wear a mask as you have measured the cylinder and you need to be precise while using the pipe and for that, you need to cut it with Bench Vise. So, with this tool, you can cut the PVC pipe as per the requirement and when you cut it, small particles will go anywhere into your nose too, so it is better to keep it safe and for that face mask is recommended.

So here are some of the steps to check and take care of the issue associated with the sinking of the chair. Now you have a brief idea and techniques of how you can save your office chair to not be sunk when you sit on it.

Also, the reasons are quite simple as mentioned in the above article. I thank you for the time to read this complete article. Please make sure when you buy an office chair this time, get good quality and with time if it sinks while sitting on it, open this article for reference and I am sure you will be able to fix it without any professional and you will not end up purchasing a new one.

Enjoy the Comfort of sitting on your Office Chair!

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