10 Most Innovative Girls Room Ideas You Must Try

A person’s bedroom is like their little home inside their house with blocked light, a place where they can be completely themselves. So, it is only natural to have your room décor completely highlight your personality and to your taste. For adults and children alike, choosing their room idea is important, and many opt for custom designs.

Yet, focusing on a particular theme while executing the design is useful. There are several excellent girls room ideas available, and you can opt for modern creative choices as your bedroom inspiration. Here are 10 of the most innovative options to try.

Colorful glory

Creating a bedroom with more focus on colors is an interesting manner of decorating a young kid’s room, especially for girls. Add small circles or geometrical shapes on the walls with different splashes of color. In this case, you can choose vivid wall stickers like you did for the dining hall. instead of traditionally painting the areas.

Cool canvas approach

One of the best girls room ideas is giving them a bedroom they can make art in. Sure, children often draw on their walls and surfaces to give life to their imaginations. Instead of harming your expensive wallpapers, add a blackboard panelling or wall as the main décor. The new illustrations that they create or you add would make the room attractive.

Butterfly-centric design

On the wall, you can add purple or pink butterflies to add a lined design element that catches people’s eyes. Here, keep the base color in a beige or off-white tone so that the butterflies look more enhanced.

Girls with a love for fairytales and princess theme rooms would prefer this one of the many girl’s rooms ideas. Make sure the furniture matches, too.

Art gallery-like room that is modifiable

Add a lot of bright frames along one wall of your girl child’s bedroom for a gallery-like appearance. Here, you can add pictures that you can keep changing whenever the mood strikes. You can buy such frames at many thrift shops, or DIY bright frames. For the best look, keep all of the frames in the same or related hue range.

Tent in the bedroom

Instead of the regular bed, you can use a tent inside the room with soft blankets and pillows. This is one of the best innovative girls room ideas available. Here, make the tent using a light fabric and string fairy lights all around. This idea is multi-purpose, too; your child can sleep in the tent, keep her toys in it, or play inside.

Closet bunk

You can buy a bunk bed, sure. But if you are looking for something different, refurbishing a closet into a bunk bed is creative. Either utilize it as a playroom or make it a small place for your child to sleep in. Add wooden railings or similar safety contraptions so that your little girl does not fall off.

Also, consider the height and area available inside of the closet area. If it is too narrow, your child cannot fit in or have a space to move around in.

Double day bed

The day bed style is one of the most interesting girls room ideas available. Arrange two single beds or twin beds along one edge of the room. Then, add blankets and pillows to give the appearance of one long wall-length bed. It can work as both a sleeping area and a playroom, where one or two of your girls can rest comfortably.


You can include lanterns inside the room for aesthetics and get a soft lighting feature. Choose lanterns in different shapes as well as colours and place them near the bed or around the rooms. Here, make sure to incorporate hanging lantern types, and suspend them all at different versions of lengths.

Accent wall

You can add an attractive accent wall; it is one of the most interesting girls room ideas to try. At this point, choose different colours or finishes, like metallic or neon, for a specific theme.

Split personalities

Hero two different personalities in one room idea in case you have more than children. Create different themes for two different sections of the room that define their individual personality or style. Here, make sure the overall design works cohesively instead of clashing.


For your child’s personal space, you can opt for any of these designs as a backup decoration. Consider the size and budget, and add elements like twin beds to improve the overall appearance.

Samantha Nguyen

Samantha Nguyen, a graduate of the Pratt Institute with a degree in Interior Design, has made a mark for herself in the home decor scene for 15 years. She started her career with a renowned design firm in Los Angeles, gaining critical acclaim for her innovative approaches. Samantha joined our platform in 2019, where she shares her expertise in creating aesthetically pleasing yet functional living spaces. She is also a staunch advocate for incorporating sustainable materials in home decor. In her leisure time, she loves to paint to establish inspiration from her travels.

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