6 Ways to Block Light from Window Without Curtains

Exposure to natural sunlight sure has many health benefits for our bodies, like being a significant vitamin D source, improving our circadian rhythms and sleep patterns, helping us to focus, and even making us happier psychologically.

When we look for houses, there are two things we are constantly chasing and accommodating for: more space and lighter, creating a homely environment of coziness and comfort out of it. As much as sunlight creates a desirable ambiance for our houses and even great lighting for pictures, it sure can cause some obstacles considering the flexible lifestyle we are rushing for.

Ever since high school, we all tend to develop a peculiar habit of working during the night and sleeping during the day, a genuinely bizarre pattern of dead tired mornings which turn us into jet-lagged zombies followed by torturous afternoons in desperate need of a nap.

In such a case, the bright sun streaming through the window could become a hindrance, and this is when we desire to block out the light coming in our way to enjoy our misaligned sleep cycle with the day/night cycle.

In today’s vibrant and buzzy society, it is tough to get the correct amount of restful sleep, especially when working shifts, staying up late for your studies, or even when you are partying and having the time of your life.

Even though we neglect a healthy sleeping pattern and turn out to look cool if we say that we have slept only for a few hours or had not had enough sleep-in days, we often forsake the adversity that comes with it. Short regular sleeping hours can result in various health issues, irritable moods, and headaches like no tomorrow.

If our jobs and schedules work cannot be changed, we can take some time for our health, if it is just for better focusing and concentrating abilities. Preventing excessive amounts of sunlight can dramatically affect sleep, influencing circadian rhythm, melatonin production, and sleep cycles. But is there a way we block the light coming from our windows without any curtains? Maybe there is.

Are you interested in discovering ways that can result in undisturbed, peaceful, and sound sleep?

We have some solutions that could help you get the correct sleep lighting during the day when you can utilize the possibilities to create privacy in your bedroom and keep it as dark as you wish.

You can block the light from windows using coverings such as –

Install an Awning

Awnings have always seemed fancy and sophisticated, providing shade and shelter for the outdoor spaces, like patios and decks. But here we are combining practicality with style. Awnings are not just attractive styles but can make us outdoors look fancier with a practical inside shade as well.

Other than just the look, awnings require maintenance as well. Hence, there are two factors that we need to consider before buying an awning, some of which are: –

  • The climate. Yes, the weather we face daily affects the awnings and the materials of awnings. Most of the awnings are polyester, cotton, canvas, mesh, acrylic, and aluminum. Cotton awnings come in double or triple layers with acrylic paint in between for waterproofing. On the other hand, Vinyl awnings are the best-suited choice for areas with an excellent and more humid climate. Polyester awnings are long-lasting and all-weather resistant.
  • The style of the home or the design we want to buy. For example, aluminum awnings are sturdy but limited to colors or designs, whereas cotton, canvas, and acrylic awnings come in various designs and prints.

Put Up A Mesh Liner

Going beyond fabric and rolling sheets to block the light, a mesh liner would not just block the light but will also serve as a protection to ward off insects and flies entering your house. While buying a window mesh liner, we need to check with the material first. It comes in various materials like plastic wired mesh liner, iron wired mesh liner, aluminum wired mesh liner, and a copper wired mesh liner.

In the places where the climate is scorching, using aluminum wired mesh liners on windows can make the screen dense up, preventing the entry of light and heat.

Having mesh liners on the window planes lessens the floors, carpets, and other furnishing elements’ cooling efforts and costs. Thus, preventing their damage and securing their endurance.

Suppose we put up a wired window mesh liner on our window planes. In that case, they even prevent corrosion, and the weaves are more substantial than the meshes made from plastic.

Black-Out Shades

Black is not just a light absorbent color but also looks aesthetically pleasing when paired with any other color. So, when it comes to styling your home or your clothes, black is always as classic as it was and as it will be.

Blackout shades or black roll-down curtains are one such example of blocking the light with optimum style. Blackout shades are an extremely excellent option to completely block the light from entering the room, creating a desirably dark surrounding.

A blackout curtain can work as a liner to the window and significantly reduce the incoming light. It can be replaced in the place of a pre-existing curtain.

A thermal roll-down shade like this will keep the room cooler during warmer weather and is most preferably used in the summer season. With one such blackout shade, we can cut down on cooling appliances during the hot summer days.

Window Tint Treatment

If you are looking for a way to get deep sleep and completely block out light with ease, consider using a window cling. Compared to using a curtain, foil, or cardboard, a window rolls down. It is easy to apply and remove.

A window tint film profile is skinny and can more adequately cover a windowpane, creating total darkness in a room. Treating a window where a room needs to be dark provides immediate privacy, blocks unwanted UV rays, and keeps a room’s temperature comfortable.

If you are willing to install this stylish and modern-looking window treatment, which will not just make our windows look chicer but will provide a pleasant temperature inside. If you are putting it on, you will want to mount it from the outside, which entirely blocks out as much light as possible. The shade is black on the front and silver on the window-facing side so that you will be shielded from UV rays and your bedroom stays insulated.

The cordless design is ideal for safety, and it keeps a clean look for your window, devoid of clutter and tangled cords. Keep this easy-to-install shade clean with an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth. The spring system makes lowering and raising this shade system a cinch.

Applying Aluminum or Cardboard

Applying aluminum foil on the window planes does not just benefit us by blocking the light but also reduces our utility bills. It is always advised to adhere to your aluminum foils to prevent unwanted damage.

Using aluminum foil for blocking out the lights is a much cheaper method considering all the other options. It is handy and readily available to execute. It will not just prevent light from entering but will also reflect the sunlight, keeping your room cooler.

Aluminum can also be replaced with cardboard or any corrugated sheet or board to cover the window panels. Adhering them with duct tape can keep them secure in their respective positions to block out the light and keep the room warm.

Pieces of cardboard cutouts can also be used to allow a significant amount of light to stream inside the room.

Curtain Liner

Now, what if we already have curtains, but then they are sheer enough to block out any light or warmth streaming into the room. In cases like this, we can always go for a curtain liner.

A curtain liner is a thinner yet denser fabric curtain than a curtain hung behind to absorb the incoming light and heat into the room. The fabric of the curtain liner is a responsible job to choose, e.g., when fabrics like silk, tissue, velvet are used to make curtains, they are lighter and give us a very chique look, but on the contrary, they are delicate and can easily get destroyed with the heat and might end up burning out.

A curtain liner, in such cases, is a necessary commodity. It is usually made up of polyester and comes in white color. The color of the curtain liner enhances the colors and textures of the curtain, and it also makes the curtains appear voluminous and puffer.

Many curtain liners come with thermal-sensitive technology, by which they keep the room warmer on colder days and more relaxed on warmer days. This can also help in the reduction of the rooming cooling/heating utility cost.

Getting enough restful sleep and relaxation, where we can let go of our worries and ease our thoughts, is essential to living a healthy life regarding the busy buzzing lifestyle we intend to keep up to.

So, if you do not have curtains or are looking for other ways to block light from your room, there are plenty of other options that you can go for and enjoy your décor with indoor lighting or organize your thoughts in complete darkness.

All of these can be ranged from different affordability criteria, amongst which we can pick what suits us the best. Whether we choose blackout roll downs/blackout shades or aluminum foil/ cardboard or awnings, curtain liners, glass tints, or mesh, all of these will give us our desired outcome according to our requirements.

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