15 Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders!

If you have a neighborhood with lots of birds around, you probably know the delight they offer to our eyes and ears. So many people try feeding those cute little fellows with nuts and seeds.

However, if you put food for birds, they will never get it because the squirrels eat it. This is the reason some people use squirrel-proof bird feeders.

Honestly, squirrels get their food easily anywhere. Birds face the problem. If you love birds around, then you must have or are planning on buying a bird feeder. There are various bird feeders available in the market but choosing one in the budget is quite tricky.

But no worries! Keep reading, and you will know about the best 15 squirrel-proof bird feeders in the market. These bird feeders will fit right in your budget and will help you in your final decision.

Perky-Pet Easy Feeder

The Perky-pet easy feeders are one of the best squirrel-proof bird feeders under budget. The cylindrical cage and stainless steel that this easy feeder offers come in excellent quality and last longer. This superb quality helps to keep invaders away and looks pretty good in any background or landscape.

The perky-pet feeders offer easy installation and access for refill and cleaning. With 12 feed ports at the proper distance, it has a capacity of 4 pounds. The manufacturers also provide a limited 12-month warranty which makes it a pretty good deal.

Squirrel Solution200 Bird Feeder

The Squirrel Solution200 bird feeder is a great feeder to attract small pretty birds in the garden. With around $54, it is a little costly than other bird feeders but is worth it. One common thing its consumers said about the product was how quickly it attracted small birds from the surroundings.

This squirrel-proof bird feeder offers six feed ports with a capacity of around 4 pounds. Moreover, the manufacturers provide lifetime care for free to their customers. So, if you plan to buy this product, then all your money will be worth it.

Squirrel Buster Plus Bird Feeder

If you are willing to extend your budget for buying a squirrel-proof bird feeder, then this one may be for you. It offers six feeding ports and has a capacity of 5.1 pounds, and this is enough to attract plenty of birds. It also provides a cardinal ring with no extra cost so that birds can sit while facing the feeding tunnel.

This bird feeder is also quite flexible to use and install. The perch length of this feeder can be adjusted from short to long. If you wish to attract all kinds of birds, then it is recommended to keep the perch length longer. Moreover, with a price of around $98, the manufacturers of this squirrel-proof bird feeder offer lifetime care.

Squirrel Buster Standard

You will find this squirrel-proof bird feeder right under budget at around $43 on Amazon. With great lifetime care and support from the manufacturers, this product has become quite popular among bird feeder consumers. It also offers easy installation and dismantling for cleaning purposes.

It works just as it is advertised as the shrugs close when a squirrel climbs on the product. The product offers a seed ventilation system and proven seed saver technology, giving it a plus point. Moreover, this feeder allows you to place it anywhere.

Droll Yankees YF-M Yankee Flipper Feeder

You will find this squirrel-proof bird feeder as one of the costliest feeders out there. But its price is worth it because it offers four feeding ports with an overall capacity of 5 pounds. Also, it is constructed with a heavy-duty metal base and cap to last longer in any background.

Moreover, it has a motorized perch. This perch starts spinning as soon as the weight of a squirrel comes on it. This way, the product flips the squirrels away from the seeds. You will find it at around $133 on Amazon.

Nature Gear Window Bird Feeder

For acute and pretty visual interest, you should go with this nature gear feeder. Its home-like structure with weatherproof qualities attracts birds yearlong. It is snow and squirrel-resistant, and its tray is designed to keep the seeds and nuts dry by draining the water.

This product offers a sliding tray, which makes it easy for refilling and cleaning. This window mount bird feeder is also large enough to welcome larger birds. So, this could be an excellent choice for an acute and straightforward feeder.

Audubon Bird’s Delight Bird Feeder (Model 7511i)

Audubon Bird’s Delight Bird Feeder provides significant visual interests at minimal cost (around $39), which is why it is popular among bird lovers. In addition, its durable powder-coated steel body and capacity of holding up to 9 lbs. of seeds make this product reliable.

It is pretty easy to clean and refill this squirrel-proof bird feeder. One of the best things about this bird feeder is that you can either hang it anywhere or place it on a pole. The product comes with a hanger and pole mounting hardware. However, you would have to buy your pole or arrange a pole to place this product on.

Squirrel Buster Nut Feeder

This squirrel-proof bird feeder allows you to put numerous foods in it to feed the birds. It will enable you to put both nuts and dried fruit along with seeds in the feeder. Also, it provides two meshes that are interchangeable so that you can place any mesh according to your convenience.

This innovative two-mesh feeder attracts more and a variety of birds to the yard. The manufacturers also provide lifetime care and support to customers. At around $77, you will be getting a feeder with two meshes, and probably, this is one of the best deals you could find in bird feeders.

Roam wild Pesto Bird Feeder

This squirrel-proof bird feeder will cost you $59 and will come with Roam wild warranty. If you wish to have only small pretty birds around then, this is it. This bird feeder is not only squirrel proof, but it also keeps baby squirrels, chipmunks, and large birds away. It offers a capacity of up to 3 lbs. and has an antique copper finish for visual interests.

It offers easy installation and is also weather and waterproof, making the product desirable for every bird lover.

AKND Pets Window Bird Feeder

With a cost as low as $29, this product serves amazingly. This squirrel-proof bird feeder comes in obvious acrylic so that you can watch all the birds closely. Also, it is weatherproof so that birds can come to the feeder in any season.

This product includes a removable feed tray, making the refill and cleaning process easy. It also comes with strong suction cups and a beautiful bird-themed fringe magnet.

Audubon “Mini” Bird Feeder

The Audubon “Mini” absolute squirrel-proof bird feeder comes in a small size in red color to attract all those cute birds. It provides perches on both sides so that more birds could feed on it and the height of squirrels instantly shuts down the perches

It is constructed of durable powder-coated steel and comes fully assembled with a heavy-duty hanger. At $43, this feeder gives beautiful visual interest with a long-lasting body.

Squirrel-X Double Suet Feeder

This Squirrel-X feeder from ‘More Birds’ is a squirrel-proof bird feeder that allows you to feed suet cakes to the birds. Being a good source of energy, this suet feeder will attract more variety of birds to your yard.

Moreover, its steel lid and cage are designed to allow only small birds to have the suet cake and keep the big bully birds and squirrels from entering. All these features come only for $26.

Perky-Pet 312 Panorama Bird Feeder

This Perky-pet bird feeder comes small and straightforward. With 2 lbs. of capacity, it has 360° perch so that multiple birds could feed at once. It comes in a brown powder-coated finish and is easy to install with a built-in hanging cable. Moreover, it is also easy to clean and refill this squirrel-proof bird feeder.

All these features at around $29 are not a big deal at all. So, if you are looking for something small and easy to use, this is for you.

FORUP Caged Tube Feeder

At $23, this squirrel-proof bird feeder would be one of the best deals to find in the market. With its availability in black and green colors, it provides construction in high-quality metal. Moreover, the cage is designed to keep the big birds, deer, and squirrels away and attract only the songbirds.

Also, the flexibility of hanging this bird feeder anywhere gives you more options for its placement.

Pier Surplus Caged Bird Feeder

This is one of the most beautiful squirrel-proof bird feeders one would find in the market. It comes in a rustic metal finish, and its cage design invites only tiny and cute birds. It can hold up to 3 to 4 cups of seeds. Also, it can be hanged anywhere in the yard or can be placed on the floor of your garden.

This bird feeder will make your garden or yard look more attractive and will become the attention seeker out there.

Which One Is for You?

All the above-listed squirrel-proof bird feeders are the best ones of all the bird feeders out there.

All these bird feeders vary widely in their prices, and all of them have their features and limitations. Although, what matters the most is your budget and requirement.

Before planning on a feeder, go through your garden or backyard. The place where your feeder will be placed has to be open so that most birds could notice it.

No matter whichever you choose, these squirrel-proof bird feeders will give you the tremendous visual delight of beautiful birds for sure!

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