15 Purple Curtains for The Bedroom

Purple is undoubtedly a gorgeous color and, as a matter of fact, in trend these days. It is aesthetical and pleasing while also being associated with royalty, spirituality, luxury, creativity, and ambition.

While decorating bedrooms, curtains play an influential role in offering a finished and complete look, whether used for privacy or design.

Putting together with beautiful curtains, purple can give an indeed fascinating look to your bedroom. Purple curtains can be used as a complimenting factor to your room or contrasting one with the color of walls and other accessories you use.

Here we have these 15 purple curtains with different styles and tones and materials that will persuade you right away to consider them for the next makeover of your bedroom with that winning as well as the rich look they give.

Purple Curtains for The Bedroom

1. Blackout Purple Curtains

Using purple panel pairs or single panels may help you in achieving an elegant or modern look. Being multifunctional, they help in blocking light and sound while requiring essential maintenance.

Panel pair gives an asymmetrical and modern look, while single panels give a more asymmetrical and classier look. Blackout purple curtains will be best suited for you if you want to have complete privacy and a straightforward, modern, or classy look.

Pairing two colors or different combinations of purple will offer a great ad elegant look to your window.

2. Rod-Pocket

Rod-pockets swiftly slip over the curtain rod as they have a pocket sewn at the top. Usually, they fall under the simple, plain category of curtains but can be customized or bought with distinct tastes.

Decorative designs, embroidery, or other decorative elements are added sometimes as they’re currently in fashion. For example, with purple, floral embroidery works very well to give a casual and happy look.

Rod-pockets are basically for regular use and require minimal maintenance. You can opt for these if you have small kids at home as they are child-friendly with the not so intricate designs.

3. Grommet and Eyelet

The classic and essential are the perfect ways to describe grommet and eyelet. They hold large eyelets in the top of the fabric that is bolstered with grommets.

Purple grommet and eyelet have great use in bedrooms of keen on modern and sophisticated designs.

4. Velvet Drapes Curtains Panels

If you are fascinated by royalty, drama, or luxury, you will not regret buying velvet. Velvet as a material is usually made up of silk or polyester. These can be perfect for weddings, receptions, parties, birthdays, dessert tables, and more.

Purple velvets can be used occasionally when guests are coming over or during festive seasons. Regular use will not harm too will require some more than average preservation.

5. Purple Sheer

They come with a classic sheer frame that considerately filters light while amplifying privacy. Usually, sheer is the best pick for kids’ bedrooms and delivers a creative look in living rooms or areas such as study or reading space.

Wine and golden sheer look too royal and magnificent when used with light-colored walls such as white or cream. Simple lavender looks elegant too.

6. Window Treatment Sets

A window treatment set will carry everything you need to design a unique appearance for your shutter. Sets can be hung either way, facing indoor or outdoor, yielding a lovely look. If you have a large window, then trust us. No other option will do wonders like this one.

Using purple as a base for curtains, white-colored add-ons such as a valance or scarf, or sheer will be extremely suitable for that large window in your bedroom.

Pro tip: You can hang string lights or rice lights with these, and you will hardly feel to step out of your room because of how these will complement the sets.

7. Printed Curtains

Printed curtains work very well with simple bare walls. You can use these printed purple curtains if you have a simple purple, white, or pastel wall suiting with purple as these will become the room’s accent.

Floral prints are considered vastly trending these days. Talking about a stylish and eye-catching look and not opting for these? No way!

8. Semi- Sheer Curtains

Semi-sheer or semi-opaque will perhaps be a mixture of sheer and blackout ones, which naturally gives the idea of their usage. You can surely go for it if you are fond of sheer but cannot negotiate with privacy.

Purple sheers in gradient designs having shades of white-lilac, mauve-blush look exceptionally pretty in bedrooms. Also, sheers are often paired with scarfs for creating a more in-depth and intricate design.

9. Sequin Curtains

Are you confused about changing curtains to something quirkier? Speak no more; purple sequin curtains will give you a more lavish vibe than otherwise.

Sequins work best with dark plain colors. Most of us have used golden, or silver for accessorizing our personal spaces but using purple can be a more unique and vibrant way to do the same. These can be very useful if you want a backdrop or want to have a photo-shoot in your bedroom.

Purple sequined curtains can be used in a bedroom having black furniture, seating, and accessories. It will stand out to shine brightly and catch every single person’s eye as soon as they enter your bedroom.

10. Scarf Styled Curtains

These are usually draped from the top of the window. You can use a single scarf-styled curtain if you want to accessorize and have no other specific requirements or style with double or triple layers of sheers, panels, or semi-sheers. However, you like it.

 They allow an exciting look for your bedroom; they also look unusual from the typical curtain hanging styles. In case of using a shade of purple as scarfs on your window, you can either opt for a single shade such as electric purple or orchid or can mix and match it with other options.

11. Purple Gradients

Simultaneously offering two shades, they give out that lively feel which your bedroom is sometimes lacking. Fresh and comfortable they feel.

Purple curtains as gradients may come in light purple-dark purple, pink-purple, lilac-light purple, etc. The bedroom can be decorated using these in case you are going for an aesthetical setting.

12. Vintage Drapes and Panels

Want to add that touch of antiqueness in your bedroom? Nothing other than purple vintage drapes and panels can do then.

Whether you want to decorate your bedroom or your parents’, grandparents’ bedroom, these will prove to be the fittest. Not only do they block 50% of the light, but they also create that stunning and attention-grabbing look.

What can be better than beautiful purple drapes flowing out from top to bottom supported but purple panel curtains?

13. Valance

Being short in size, a valance can be hung and flow from the top of the window. Valances are usually used in the kitchen but can be used with window treatment sets or additional layers to complete the look.

You can use them in your kids’ bedroom as a single pair, which will allow light to pass but also will block some of it. Valances are very rare to be used individually in bedrooms but at the same time become the most beautiful piece of fabric when used put with other curtains, as add-ons.

14. Crystal Beaded Curtains

More of an accessory than the actual curtains, crystal-beaded purple curtains be used as door curtains or trying to create a mild separation inside your bedroom.

Not only will they provide glitters to your bedroom, but they also will enhance the beauty of it. Oh, and yes, kids love them! But wait, who will not love the shiny glinting purple, pink beads of crystals flashing in their bedrooms?

15. Ruffled Style Curtains

Famous for their shabby chic style, they have ruffles all-over either vertically or horizontally. They flow with spirals flexing out a cascading effect.

When used inside bedrooms, each ruffle will cast a different purple shade from blush to electric.

They usually give a feminine look to the bedroom. Hence, they are trendy among girls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is the Best Shade in Purple for Curtains?

Well, it all depends on the tastes and requirements of a person.

Lilac, lavender, and blush are some of the popular shades on the market right now, but it is only worth it if you like the pastels or light shades. Electric purple, dark violet, and fuchsia pink may be suitable for people who like to have vibrant preferences.

Q. What Shade Will Make the Room Look Bigger?

It is the lighter shades that help make a room look more significant as they cast the illusion of large space. Blush, cotton candy, plum, lavender, and thistle are variations that will help to do the job.

Q. What Colors Work Well with Purple?

Yellow, orange, and green are some of the contrasts you could go for, while indigo and pink complement purple.

Q. What Colored Walls Go with Purple Curtains?

These are some of the combinations that go well when having a shade of purple:

Amethyst – Light Gray, Purple – Dark Gray, Purple – Mustard, Purple – Tan, Dark Purple – Cream, Purple – White, etc. You can always explore your combinations.

Q. Should Curtains Touch The Floor?

If you have average-sized windows, there is no need for the curtains to touch the floor. You can use average window curtains but if your windows are slightly or extremely large, then go for the full-length curtains, also known as door-curtains.

Q. What Curtains Are in Style 2021?

Gradients, window treatment sets, or scarf curtains are presently relevant if we talk about trends in 2021. Also, string or beaded curtains have always been the top choices for decorating rooms. Purple looks good when paired with the right shade and other accessories.

Q. Which Curtains Are Best for Complete Privacy?

The whole purpose of blackout curtains is specifically to provide complete privacy. Not only are they opaque, but they also prevent outside noise and keep the room undisturbed from inside.

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