17 House Entrance Design Ideas

Having a wedding at your house or is there a group of distant relatives coming to visit you and there is no idea about how to make your home attractive by renovating in a less time, leave the whole house for the instance think about your entrance it is the only first thing anyone would notice before entering your home. As the old sayings conclude, the first impression is the best impression ever, no matter how good or worst your home is inside. Still, by making the exterior entrance of your home look like a palace entrance, it will change the whole opinion of your house among your friends and relatives.

So, you may be thinking what is so much with this entrance thing, but it is the face of your house, and your whole household is represented on the main entrance. While renovating your house, you do not have to worry about the interiors and the bathroom designs. The main concern must be the main entrance to your house.

If you have no ideas in that mind of yours regarding the entrance design ideas just have a look at the 17 house entrance ideas mentioned below which are easy to implement and do not cost more than a few dollars, just keep in mind that if you are not capable enough to do the job you can always consult a professional expert in designing your house entrance.

1. T-shaped Arch

T-shaped Arch

This design idea is suitable for large house entrances which have a width of more than 4 meters of the entrance, the design is a simple T-shaped arch standing in the middle of the entrance with its hands stretched sideways. You can install two doorways on either side of the arch with a height of your comfort.

This idea will come in handy for a guy with a bunch of car collections in his garage. This design might seem like a simple thing, but you are going to need a lot of cement and building material worked into the pillar of the design to support the structure efficiently.

2. Installing A Bridge Over A Mini River

Installing A Bridge Over A Mini River

Everyone will have fantasies about living in a fort with at most securities and a water river surrounding the castle to protect them from the invaders, that is not going to happen in a real-life, but you can try digging up a mini river in front of the surrounding your house and install Bridge to enter the house.

You can also install the mechanical system to lower and retract the bridge from its position if you can bear with the design charges further. But a bridge in front of your house looks cool among your neighbors and friends.

3. Electrically Activated Doors

Electrically Activated Doors

Do you know the times when you must go personally open the door every time when a relative or friend has stopped by at your house to let them in, a pretty hard thing to do each time right? You can overcome that hard work by designing your main entrance doors to be opened automatically using electrical equipment.

There are so many ways in implementing this idea at your main entrance, you can install the motion sensors to automatically detect the motion and activate the doors or operate the operation of the door manually using a frequency-controlled remote without stepping outside the house.

You can find the required apparatus to transform your main door into an electrically operated door from the following Amazon link.

Olide SW100 Electric Residential Swing Automatic Door Opener/Operator
  • Manually push force can be adjusted on closing force by handheld programmer
  • Automatically re-open door if it notices an object in the closing path
  • Easily set all of parameters by hand programmer
  • Wide voltage technique workable with input voltage AC100V to AC240V

4. Make You Entrance A Sea Saw

Make You Entrance A Sea Saw

This was a funny design idea if you want to slide into the house with a different entrance, as the name indicates you can install a sea-saw at your entrance so that every time you drive your car through the main gate the sea saw will lower on the side your car moves. You can simply implement this design by just using a couple of iron bars and wood along with metal ball bearings for the smooth rocking action of the sea saw.

You can make the sea saw as strong as possible depending on the weight factor of your vehicle, you cannot enter the house without a vehicle though unless you can jump over the design. If you want to walk in on foot, you must design it with a huge balance sensitivity, so that it can be moved from a slight difference in the weight distributed.

5. Fantasy Designs

Fantasy Designs

If you have unresolved dreams like living in a house that is completely out of a Disney movie, you can make your house a palace that can be seen in one of the Disney movies. All you going to need is a bit of creativity and a lot of paint to fill in the gaps.

You can draw anything you want on the entrance as that was your house and use a different wide range of paints to make it look more colorful among the rest of the houses in the hood. You might receive one or two negative feedbacks about the design, but why should you care it is your life after all.

6. Using 3-D Arts

Using 3-D Arts

Implementation of 3-D arts is very effective in manipulating the human mind in making them think that they are in the scene themselves all alone when viewed at the art from staying at a particular position in a standard form. You can use so many designs and there are always so many more 3-D designs to choose from to implement at the entrance of your house.

For instance you can use the 3-D art of an edge of a cliff at your house entrance, this will absolutely make the people who are entering your house think that they are driving off an edge of a cliff.

7. Planting Decorative Plants

Planting Decorative Plants

Even though your house entrance looks majestic in every way there is always something missing from the picture and that is a nice view of the green plantation around the house. No matter how luxurious your house will be, but without decorative and attractive plants around your house it was a nil attraction towards anyone who visits your house.

The best design idea of planting decorative plants is placing the plants at both sides of the entrance either in pots or planted in the ground. This will make your house entrance look like a royal pathway paved especially for God’s themselves.

8. Natural Arch Using Tree Wines

Natural Arch Using Tree Wines

If you got bored with the normal looking and the regular concrete arches over the house entrances, you can always go for the natural way of designing the arches over your house entrances. All you must do is make a metal or iron frame in the desired shape you want the arch to be and plant a tree or a plant that grows by spreading its wines along the surrounding surfaces.

The wines from the plant will adjust into the shape of the metal frame you placed on the top of your house entrance.

9. Planting Coconut Trees on Either Side

Planting Coconut Trees on Either Side

You can bring a look of oasis to your house entrance by planting coconut trees alongside your house entrances, the coconut trees will reach a monstrous height of 3 storage buildings and continue to grow through their whole life.

If you are not patient enough to watch a coconut tree grow from the start at your house entrance, you can contact the Professional tree movers to shift a coconut tree from a nearby location to your house entrance.

Unbelievable huh? Everything is possible nowadays, people are even moving their houses on wheels. How big is a tree to transport?

10. Themed Appearance

Themed Appearance

If you are a big movie or a video game fan, you can turn your house entrance into your favorite location by adding the theme from your favorite movie or a game. Not just with the movies or games, you can turn your house entrance into anything you want from the latest technology available. All you must do is to select a perfect theme to be applied on the house entrance and contact a professional designer to help you with the outcome.

11. Use Creative Signs

Use Creative Signs

If you feel like everything is perfect with your house entrance and it does only need a few additional touches to have a creative design on it, you can use some creative signs or phrase lines on your house entrances to complete the process.

You can write like “Enter only if you are sent by Santa”, or any kind of catchy line you would presume as per your comfort.

But be sure to make it a temporary sign so that if anyone in the community is offended by the sign you do not have the remove the whole house entrance.

12. Use Bright Lighting

Use Bright Lighting

Apart from the daylight your house entrance also needs to be attractive during the nighttime with visible and mind-blowing lighting effects. Not mind-blowing, just need to be good enough for the neighbors to be jealous about your house entrance.

Go for high wattage lights for a high luminous light on your entrance with a magnificent look during the night times.

The brightest lights are available on the amazon link below.

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13. Warning Signs

Warning Signs

Not really a real warning sign but to tease your friends and relatives that there is something terrifying inside the house that they need to be worried about, you can warn them with a huge sign saying be aware of the hound that is used to hunt wild animals. Something like that or you can prank them with a police tag “do not cross” sign and implicate that there is a crime that happened inside the house by creating warning signs at your house entrance.

14. Use Creative Designs

Use Creative Designs

The entrance of a house does not need to be welcoming or to be in a formal way to attract people but also can be in a different way as you like it to be, you can make the entrance look like an entrance of a Jurassic park or like a bone fro containing wild animals like tiger and lion.

The key is to be creative and there is no one to stop you from a thing of the so many different possible ways of mending your house entrance into a creative form of structure in addition to your creative thoughts.

15. Use Fake Props

Use Fake Props

If you need to scare away the kids in the neighborhood who create so much menace during the daytime in your driveway, you can use the fake props left away from Halloween to scare them away and have a peaceful day at your house.

Just place the prop at your house entrance and make additional preparations to make it look like a completely original thing and have a seat on your couch waiting for the drama to happen. The local police may have a check on your house, that is common. Just leave it there for the whole night.

16. Vintage House Entrance

Vintage House Entrance

No matter how many generations pass away, the vintage looks are always perfect and in the case of renovating your house entrance, you can use the vintage horror house look to transform your house into that one house in the ’90s to which everyone is afraid to even look at it.

You can find every decorative part from the online store or from a local mall, which will help you transform your house into a real ghost house by just transforming your house entrance.

17. Use Unnecessary Lock Constraints to Lock the Entrance

Use Unnecessary Lock Constraints to Lock the Entrance

Another idea to scare away the neighborhood people through your house entrance is by using heavy and unnecessary equipment to lock away your main entrance. By doing so it will make them think that there is something evil locked away inside the premises, and it should be dangerous to be locked away with such huge constraints.


These are the 17 house entrance design ideas off which some are innovative, and some are towards fun, the end concept was to use a creative idea among the mentioned ideas to make your house entrance other than a normal looking entranceway for the strangers at the same time fro the people you have invited over to your house.

Some of these ideas are temporary and some of them might be for a permanent appearance, either way, these ideas will be very useful in transforming your house entrance if implemented.

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