15 Awesome Orange Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You

The color scheme plays a crucial role when designing a bedroom, and orange is a surprisingly versatile choice.

Whether aiming for a traditional feel with deeper shades or a modern touch with light orange bedroom walls, orange brings cheer and sophistication to any space.

The secret lies in striking the right balance between boldness and serenity, creating a lively yet calming atmosphere.

Careful coordination of shades, accents, and furniture styles is key, allowing for a personalized orange bedroom that fits your aesthetic.

Remember, while bright colors can be energizing, moderation is essential to avoid overwhelming the senses.

Let’s explore some creative ways to incorporate orange into your bedroom design.

1. Bright and Bold

Bright and Bold

Embrace your love for orange by incorporating vibrant shades.

To balance these vivid hues, pair them with brilliant white accents.

This contrast highlights the orange and prevents the color from overpowering the room.

Opt for clean, minimal furniture to keep the focus on the color theme.

This approach lends the bedroom a modern and invigorating feel, especially when complemented by light orange bedroom walls.

2. Apricot Orange

Apricot Orange

Enhance your bedroom with the warmth of apricot orange.

This shade, nestled between red and orange, creates a visually stunning contrast, especially when paired with neutral walls or dark furniture.

This color choice adds a cozy warmth to the room and prevents it from appearing dull.

The reddish-orange tones and light orange bedroom walls can create a harmonious and visually appealing space.

3. Spooky Shades

Spooky Shades

A bedroom with deep black and orange shades is ideal for those who adore mystery and Halloween charm.

Embrace a darker orange palette to create a slightly gloomy yet intriguing ambiance.

This unique aesthetic can be achieved by blending dark orange tones with black accents.

Adding orange lights, eclectic wall posters, and themed decorations can pull the room together, creating a space that appeals to millennials and younger audiences.

The interplay of dark elements with light orange bedroom walls can establish a captivating and thematic atmosphere.

4. Pastel Orange

Pastel Orange

For a serene atmosphere, consider using soft pastel orange shades complemented by white.

This combination ensures that the room feels calm and soothing.

Pastel orange offers a gentle yet cheerful vibe, especially on light orange bedroom walls.

Pairing these hues with minimalist furniture enhances the sense of openness and organization in the bedroom.

This approach is perfect for creating a space colored with your favorite hue and exudes a sense of peacefulness.

5. Indie Pop Pink

Indie Pop Pink

Introduce a playful twist by pairing orange with another vibrant color, like pink.

When done tastefully, this combination can create an artistic and lively space.

Opt for a balanced approach where orange remains the primary color, complemented by subtle pink accents.

These can be introduced through rugs, carpets, or other accessories.

This strategy ensures that the room remains visually engaging without becoming overstimulating.

The use of light orange bedroom walls with pops of pink can establish a trendy and vibrant aesthetic.

6. Curtains of Mandarin

Curtains of Mandarin

Consider using mandarin orange curtains as a focal point to create a cohesive and vibrant space.

These curtains can act as a dramatic backdrop, setting the tone for the room.

Complement them with orange accents in sheets, blankets, and lamps to unify the space.

This approach offers a solution for those who prefer not to use orange on the walls.

By keeping the walls in white or light shades, possibly light orange bedroom walls, and focusing the orange hues in the decor, you can achieve a balanced and neat appearance.

7. Neutral Tints

Neutral Tints

Embrace the understated elegance of neutral tones while adding hints of orange for a subtle yet inventive touch.

Incorporating orange in elements like linens, carpets, pillows, and even select furniture or flooring can enhance the room’s minimalist appeal.

This approach subtly weaves orange throughout the space, creating a positive and inviting atmosphere.

Light orange bedroom walls in a neutral palette can add a gentle warmth without overwhelming the space, maintaining a tasteful and sophisticated look.

8. Smidgen of Orange

Smidgen of Orange

For a subtle yet striking effect, incorporate small splashes of orange in a predominantly neutral room.

Select a grey, black, or white backdrop, and add orange touches to create focal points.

This can be achieved through accessories, artwork, or small decor items.

Deeper shades of orange can harmonize with greys to evoke tranquility.

In contrast, lighter orange accents – like those on light orange bedroom walls – can brighten and energize the space without overwhelming it.

This approach allows for a tasteful pop of color that draws the eye without dominating the room.

9. Terracotta Dye

Terracotta Dye

Embrace the full spectrum of orange shades to unleash your creativity in the bedroom.

Incorporating terracotta, a rich and earthy shade of orange, can add a touch of elegance.

Use this hue in key areas like the bedspread, headboards, and curtains.

Pairing terracotta with furniture in lighter shades can create a delightful contrast, fostering a traditional yet sophisticated ambiance.

The deep, warm tones of terracotta, especially when complemented by light orange bedroom walls, can establish an inviting and refined environment, proving that orange can be exciting and classy.

10. Wall Tangerine

Wall Tangerine

Place the spotlight on a single wall by painting it a vibrant shade of tangerine.

This creates a striking feature in the room, especially when positioned behind the bed’s headboard, turning the bed into a stunning focal point.

To enhance this effect, incorporate orange accents in bedding accessories like pillows and sheets.

Complement this with decor in lighter shades and artwork to balance the room.

This strategy allows for a dynamic and harmonious space, where light orange bedroom walls serve as a subtle backdrop to the bold tangerine feature wall, ensuring that orange remains the star of the show.

11. Hippie Bedroom

Hippie Bedroom

For a personalized and eclectic touch, craft a hippie-themed bedroom that reflects your unique interests, whether music, pop culture, or anything else that defines your style.

Opt for relaxed shades of orange, like a gentle light orange for the bedroom walls, to create a laid-back yet vibrant atmosphere.

Enhance this theme with carefully chosen decor, such as tapestries, carpets, and lighting that complement the orange hues.

This approach focuses on decorating with objects and accessories rather than overwhelming the space with orange walls or ceilings, ensuring the room feels artistically rich and authentically yours.

12. Rusty Shades

Rusty Shades

Introduce a cozy and intimate ambiance with the use of rusty orange shades.

This color is a beacon of warmth in a room with darker elements.

Pair rusty orange with dark-shaded furniture and complementary wall colors like deep green for a cozy feel.

Wooden elements throughout the room further enhance this aesthetic, lending a rustic and edgy vibe.

The combination of light orange bedroom walls with these richer, darker tones creates an inviting and stylishly bold space.

13. Soft Shades of Orange and Grey

Soft Shades of Orange and Grey

For a calming and modern look, blend soft shades of orange with grey.

This combination creates a cool, understated elegance without being overwhelming.

Light orange bedroom walls can complement grey furnishings and decor, striking a perfect balance between warmth and contemporary freshness.

This pairing proves that contrasting light colors can work harmoniously together, creating a comforting and aesthetically pleasing space.

14. Peach and Salmon

Peach and Salmon

Create a charming and delightful bedroom with the gentle hues of peach and salmon.

These soft orange shades, layered thoughtfully, evoke a sense of playfulness and warmth.

Pairing these colors with white accents can lighten the overall look, making the room airy and uncluttered.

Consider adding decorative elements like throw pillows, bedside lamps, a wall clock, and curtains in salmon shades.

This approach results in an inviting and serene bedroom, perfect for those who adore a gentle and cheerful ambiance.

In this case, the light orange bedroom walls act as a subtle backdrop, allowing the peach and salmon accents to shine.

15. Dark Romance

Dark Romance

Infuse your bedroom with romantic elegance using rich, duskier orange tones.

This theme is ideal for creating a sophisticated and intimate atmosphere.

Focus on incorporating these deeper orange shades in wall color rather than furniture or headboards to maintain balance and avoid a heavy feel.

Such dark orange hues can risk a somber mood, but carefully blending with lighter elements like neutral walls, soft flooring, and gentle lampshades can counter this.

When executed skillfully, this approach results in a vintage, mysterious, alluring, and comfortably inviting charm.


In summary, the versatility and adaptability of orange make it an exceptional choice for bedroom decor.

Its broad spectrum of shades offers something for every preference, from the understated elegance of light orange bedroom walls to the boldness of deeper hues.

Whether designing a vibrant space for children or crafting a romantic retreat, orange can cater to all moods and aesthetics.

This guide aims to inspire your choice of orange shades and styles, helping you create a bedroom that resonates with your taste.

An orange bedroom can be a source of comfort, energy, and peace, reflecting the unique personality of its inhabitants.

We hope these ideas inspire you to design a space where you and your loved ones can thrive and find joy.

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