20 Unique, Cool, and Unusual Houseplants You Need to Grow

Nature is truly amazing and gorgeous to please our eyes with an abundance of plants, flowers, and bushes. We are lucky to have so many variances of plants and flowers to grow in our house that can help us refresh within a few seconds.

Nature’s beauty is unmatched to any showpiece or fake plants because the calmness that natural plants serve fake plants may lack.

Snake plants, money plants, or palm trees can be recognized easily, but here we will be talking about the most unique and most relaxed plant that you could ever witness and grow in your house.

These plants can give an aesthetic touch to your house and create an environment filled with a positive vibe.

Are our Unique and Unusual Plants Easy to Take Care Of?


Every plant you choose, be it unique or usual needs proper sunlight and water to live for longer. These plants do not usually need excessive water but watering them weekly and placing them indoors to get partial sunlight works excellent.

You can water the plants when the soil has completely absorbed the water and do not place it near equipment that heats up or is too cold. Plants that help you stay at peace just by taking care of them will need to grow in your household.

Here are the 20 Unique, calm, and unusual plants you should try growing in your house or workplace.

1. Nerve Plant

Nerve Plant

The nerve plant, also known as Fittonia albivenis, is a houseplant with beautiful, structured leaves in different colors like Green and Red. It is an evergreen perennial plant with delicate veins drawn on it that is a unique feature.

This incredible plant is known as a nerve plant because of its beautiful vein structure on the plant’s leaves. It is also known as a mosaic plant and painted net leaf plant and can grow 3-6 inches tall and blooms around July-August.

This plant’s soil type is Moist and well-draining soil and needs exposure to sunlight indirectly or partially.

2. Living Stones

Living Stones

Living stones are one of the incredible plants known as Lithops spp and popularly known as pebble plants. These unusual plants are very tiny and grow very slowly. In other words, it takes more time to grow as compared to other plants.

This unique plant hugs the ground entirely, and they mimic the rocks; hence it is called Living stones. Technically, they are not exactly stoning but are lithops with a beautiful rock color that makes them more unusual than other houseplants.

These plants bloom during springs and rainfall as these plants do not grow during hot summers and extreme winters. These plants would require less frequent watering and partial exposure to the sunlight.

3. Sweetheart Hoya

Sweetheart Hoya

Have you heard of a plant with a heart? Well, then, sweetheart, hoya plants can make you fall in love with their beauty. Among all the excellent plants, the hoya plant attracts most visitors because it has a love sign. This plant is also known as Valentine Plant or sweetheart wax plant.

This plant is fantastic for special occasions where you wish to gift someone a plant in the shape of a heart. Taking care of this plant is very easy and can be done by anyone planning to plant it. It requires partial sunlight but not 100% shade and requires less frequent watering.

This plant best blooms in springs and monsoons. Make sure the pot that you plant hoya hearts must have a drainage hole. The soil of this plant should not get too dry and not too soggy.

4. Bunny Succulents

Bunny Succulents

A pot filled with bunny ears looks delightful to the eyes and will surely make everyone around it happy. Bunny succulents are also known as rabbit succulents, and their scientific name is Monilaria moniliformis.

It is described as a sparsely branched shrub that can grow around 6 inches tall. Initially, this remarkable plant looks like mini rabbit ears and then grows with time. This plant loves seasons such as spring and summers and requires once a week watering. It stays happy and blooms in partial sunlight as it is an indoor houseplant.

5. Bat Flower

Bat Flower

This unique plant’s botanical name is Tacca Chantrieri and is one of those excellent plants that are very unusual. People that love the darker colors and have an interior with darker shades can always opt for such plants and make their house look more aesthetic.

This plant has dark purple flowers that slightly look like a bat; hence, it is called a bat plant. Growing an unusual plant-like bat flower may require extra care and love from you, but the beauty of this unique plant will make it all worth it.

This plant best blooms in all the seasons except the winters and shall be kept indoors where there is no sunlight coming inside the house. This plant requires a place where there are more shade and less sunlight. The soil of this plant should remain moist and shall be watered frequently.

6. Lifesaver Cactus Plant

Lifesaver Cactus Plant

The lifesaver cactus plant’s botanical name is Huernia zebrina is one of the most unusual plants to grow to be a cactus plant. We are all aware that cactus plants are easy to grow and maintain, which could be taken care of by any plant owner.

Lifesaver plants are one of those excellent plants that have beautiful star shapes blooming with zebra print. The center part of the plant has a doughnut-like ring in between, which is enough to grab doughnut lovers’ attention.

This lifesaver plant needs significantly less water and can get into trouble when watered frequently. The plant should not be placed in direct contact with the sun as it cannot bear excessive heat from the sun. Keep an eye on the soil of this plant as the bugs can damage the plant.

7. Lipstick Echeveria

Lipstick Echeveria

The name of a plant cannot get more unusual than this plant, and the name Lipstick Echeveria indeed does justice to the beauty of this plant. The leaves of the plant resemble lipstick with several shades of red.

This eye-catching plant is also known as Echeveria agavoides and is an evergreen succulent that has sharp green and reddish leaves. This unique plant has a unique color to attract women who love wearing lipsticks in red color.

This plant can be quickly grown in partial sunlight and kept indoors in a place where it gets enough sunlight. Watering of this plant is less frequent but would require continuous watering in the summers.

8. Zig-Zag Cactus

Zig-Zag Cactus

From all the great plants that we have come across, you must have seen this plant before, but it is as unique as other plants. This plant is also known as the Fishbone plant because of the apparent structure that resembles the bones of fish.

This plant has leaves that can attract anyone, and hanging them in a pot, will enhance your house’s beauty. The leaves of this plant are dark green with zigzag-shaped that makes it even more unique.

The zig-zag plant being a cactus plant, needs less frequent water and partial sunlight to bloom for a more extended period.

9. Dolphin Succulents

Dolphin Succulents

As perfect as the name of this cool plant sounds, the leaves of this plant truly look like tiny dolphins swimming around the pot. These remarkable plants cannot get more unusual and unique; look at this plant’s beauty; it is truly unique.

Everyone loves dolphins, and having a dolphin plant at your home to gaze at is something every dolphin lover would enjoy. This plant is also known as Senecio peregrinus and is popularly known by that name if you ever plan to get it for your house.

This plant also grows adorable white flowers and maintains the dolphin shape no matter how long it grows. This plant would require partial sunlight and a limited amount of water to bloom for a more extended period.

10. Rose Succulents

Rose Succulents

A plant that is shaped like a rose is something you would fall in love with. This incredible plant is also known as Greenovia Dodrentalis. Rose’s succulents are also one of the great plants that you would never have come across.

Planting a unique plant that every visitor at your place would love and ask about will enhance your house’s interior. This plant is unique, also needs good care to bloom in all the seasons.

They love the summer season and a place that has plenty of sunlight. If you stay in a region where there is snowfall during winters, avoid placing it outdoors. Water this plant after every 2-3 days and do not let the moisture dry completely.

11. Rex Begonia

Rex Begonia

A plant that is unique yet beautiful to gaze at, Rex Begonia is also known as Begonia rex-cultorum, is a semi-tropical plant. This plant is very well-known for its jaw-dropping colored leaf painted with pink and a dark shade of brown.

This plant has large leaves that make it unique and unusual and grow 12 to 18 inches tall. This plant loves temperatures ranging from 40-70 degrees. This plant loves the sun and being in sunlight.

Rex Begonia would require frequent watering but be careful while watering and do not over-water it. They like sunlight but also love being moist and beautiful as it has fast-draining soil.

12. Cushion Aloe Plant

Cushion Aloe Plant

This plant, also known as the Haworthia Cooperi plant, is a tiny version of the Aloe Vera plant. The Aloe Vera plant is famous for its beneficial properties. How about trying a smaller version of it?

This plant takes more time to grow, produces small rosettes and tiny green leaves, and grows only 2 inches long. This cute little plant is great for everyone looking out for smaller yet cute plants for their house.

It loves being in the sun but not directly in contact with the sun and would prefer partial sunlight. Give it more care during the summers and water it generously as it loves staying moist and cool.

13. Donkey Tail Plant

Donkey Tail Plant

A plant with leaves is shaped like a donkey’s tail and is also popularly known as a burro’s tail or lamb’s tail. It is one of the great plants that can be grown quickly and with lesser care. This plant is indeed a blessing to everyone that has a lousy relationship with plants. Please place it in front of the sun, and enjoy the beauty.

This plant is an evergreen succulent that grows 1-4 feet long and 1-2 feet wide. The soil type of the plant is loamy and sandy that loves sunlight. Watering this plant is very easy as donkey tail plants need minimum water and love the season of summer and spring.

14. Coral Cactus

Coral Cactus

This beautiful cactus, scientifically known as Euphorbia lactea, is an extraordinary plant that looks aesthetic and luxurious. This plant has a green base and pink color from the top, making it more unique and elegant.

Be careful of coral cactus’ sharp spines if you have pets or kids around in your house. Other than the sharp spines, it would help if you worried about nothing as this unique cactus does not need extra care.

Watering this plant is unusual as this plant needs only a little water but ensures the soil should not get dried completely. This plant loves being at a place with 16-26 degrees Celsius and can bear partial sunlight.

15. Staghorn Fern

Staghorn Fern

Hang it on a wall or plant it in a pot. This plant will take care of the aesthetics of your house with its stunning huge leaves. This Vintage yet unique plant has everything that a plant lover would need to bless their eyes every morning.

This plant loves being surrounded by other plants as that can make them grow in a happy environment. When hung in a plant basket, this plant gives better results as they are air plants that love getting sufficient air and sun.

These ferns need indirect bright sunlight to grow, and the watering of this plant should be performed with the help of a spray bottle as that would be enough for it to grow with ease. Mist the entire plant once or twice a week, and do not let the soil dry.

16. Red Aglaonema

Red Aglaonema

Place it near your study desk to enjoy your break time with a sweet sprinkle of nature. This red aglaonema has a beautiful green color on the inside and a red outline on the outside, making it more unique and elegant.

This is one of those excellent plants that help you relieve your stress level during work or while doing any other stressful activity. This plant is also great for your living room and bedroom to enhance your house’s beauty and interior.

This house plant can tolerate moist and dry weather conditions and should be watered once or twice a week. This unique plant stays happy even with medium to low sunlight and can thrive in a place with a lot of shades.

17. Moon Cactus

Moon Cactus

It is a very unusual plant that looks like a cute pink moon with little spikes that can be discovered in different colors. The bright pink color ball on top of the green cactus is enough to bring a smile to a face.

This unusual plant can be placed in your house’s living room or in your bedroom to gaze at every morning. This plant thrives amazingly, even with lesser care, as cactus is great for everyone that loves plants but forgets to water them.

Moon cactus can grow happily in highly humid conditions and should be partially shaded towards the sunlight. Water deeply in the summers and let the soil absorb the water completely and then water again when needed. Avoid watering this plant during winters and start watering it in the springs.

18. Silver Vase Plant

Silver Vase Plant

A unique yet elegant-looking plant scientifically known as Aechmea fasciata has a beautiful pink colored flower that would look satisfying in every household. If you are someone that is in love with pink, then this is the plant for you.

This plant takes 4-5 years to grow this plant and is a slow process, but you can buy the mature silver vase plant from a local or online store. The cost to buy a mature silver vase can be expensive but is all worth it.

This plant cannot bear harsh and direct sunlight so place it in a place where there is some shade with partial sunlight. This plant is not a heavy drinker of water but needs water when the soil is completely dry.

19. Jewel Orchids

Jewel Orchids

An unusual variety of orchids that can be planted indoors are the jewel orchids with beautiful red and green shades on their leaves. Orchids must be favorite to many because of their authenticity and uniqueness.

This incredible plant also produces white and pale yellow flowers during the winters or early springs. Jewel orchids grow in the soil instead of air, and unlike other orchids, this plant loves being in the shade instead of sunlight. This orchid is not unique from other plants but is also an unusual form of orchid.

As jewel orchids are very different from the common orchids, they need partial sunlight, and direct contact with the sun should be avoided. This plant thrives happily in a region with a temperature ranging from 20-35 degrees Celsius. Watering the orchids should be less frequent until the soil absorbs all the water.

20. Mimosa Pudica

Mimosa Pudica

This plant is quite popular because of its unique feature. The Mimosa plant, which is also known as the sensitive plant, reacts every time someone touches the plant’s leaves. It reacts by closing the leaves and gets back to its original shape after a few hours. This plant is an unusual yet exciting plant that would surely attract visitors.

The Mimosa plant is known for its actionable feature and has several other names like a shy plant, sleepy plant, action plant, and touch-me-not plant. Interesting names with unusual features. This is one of the incredible plants that would perfectly fit with the interiors of your house.

This grows 30 cm long and blooms tiny pink flowers that require limited sunlight because this plant’s soil is moist. Watering this plant is also easy to take care of as it only needs water twice a week.

It is A Wrap!

Every plant and shrub are unique. Some have unique flowers, some have unique leaves, and some may have unique features. This article will help you search for that unique and unusual plant, so you choose from all the excellent plants mentioned here.

You might have found the one unique plant for your house that will improve the air quality around your house while giving an aesthetic touch to your interiors.

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