10 DIY Summer Backyard Barbeque Party Games for Outdoor Picnics 

“One must maintain a little bit of summer, even in the middle of winter.” – Henry David Thoreau

Summer is happy; to be happy is to be summer. It is like a bright light, a warmth filling the whole body after a cold black night surrounded by ivy plants on your shelf.

Summer season is about wearing those comfortable, funky shorts you have been waiting to wear after surviving the winters with heavy, woolen sweatshirts and coats. Summer is about getting that tan on and rocking the beach with your swimwear.

It is also about spending the evenings in your backyard with your family and friends under ample light and breezy weather with cool fruity drinks to chill and relax.

It is just a few months left to feel that warm breeze, and you need to be taking care of your backyard flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Gone will be the time of being quarantined in that room or that house. It will be the time to get out of those four walls and enjoy some outdoor activities and mellow weather. Start upgrading your backyard with an exciting look by changing its layout and placing outdoor furniture to make it comfortable for everyone. Enjoy the experience of having an outdoor lunch or dinner by selecting outdoor kitchen appliances that would help you prepare the food while having some fun activities in the backyard.

This year try enjoying yourself to the fullest that you could not just do the last time and consider these great time and pocket-saving ideas for your garden activities and barbeque party games because that will be the evening atmosphere just ideal for all this fun.

Here are ten easy and engaging barbeque party games for each person. All projects chosen are budget-friendly and will not require a lot of hard labor.

DIY Summer Backyard Barbeque Party Games


No, no, no! Do not feel absurd because cards are sure classics and all sorts of old-school, but have you ever considered playing them with a whole lot of your friends and family members while you can smell the delicious food and feel the coolness of those mocktails?

Well, you can indeed consider this one because be it old-school, but the fun and memories it brings will be worth it, and it will be fun.

You can surely make your own card game, such as your favorite anime or web series one. Surprise your kids with some of their favorite movie character cards, and they will thank you enough.

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Outdoor Board Games

Everything on a big screen looks good, but what about turning this screen to the big floor? Remember the chess played in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone? Sounds fun and adventurous, right?

Board games like ludo, chess, snakes, and ladders are all the same on small boards, but they might bring a whole new experience and obsession when shifted to a large floor.

  • You can buy a big cloth (bedsheet, rug, mat, etc.) having a print of one of these board games so that you can lay it on the ground of your backyard and play using big stones as tokens. You can paint them for making different teams.
  • If you have a patterned floor, you already have the base and can play jenga on it just like that.
  • You can cut, trim, and shape the grass of your backyard for making the pattern and playing some of these barbeque party games.
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Lawn Bowling

You do not need to go to the bowling studio to play bowling this time. All you will need is some bottles and a ball to be able to do this right in your backyard. You can either buy a bowling set from a shop or find right-shaped and sized bottles suiting the job. Bowling set from the market consists of 10 or more bottles readily made for playing bowling and one or two balls.

If you are making a DIY set, you can use the water bottles or cold drink bottles for the same and a simple plastic ball. Let your children paint the simple bottles and have a good time with colors and brushes.

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DIY Swing

DIY Swing

There are many types of swings you can make yourself and hang in your backyard.

  • A hammock: Buying a hammock and tying it securely between two trees or poles can be a great idea. Kids love hammocks. Putting two-three comfy pillows will give enough comfort to sit or sleep and will look great too.
  • Tire swing: Children extensively use tires to play various games. One of those games involves using tires as swings. Using a thick rope to tie the tire to a tree or a pole, whatever is available will do the trick. (Make sure the rope can hold the weight of the person to be using it.)
  • Rope swing: You need to take a rope and tie it to the surface. You need your swing to flow through. Make a knot on the other end as well and fit a wooden plank there. Make sure the wooden plank fits appropriately to be able to sit a person on it.

DIY Pool

DIY Pool

Beat-the-heat with pools is very popular during summers, but not everyone can afford a pool. Worry not; thus, DIY of a pool will help you get the same fun and feeling like a pool.

  • Plastic Pools: You can buy a plastic pool of significant size if you can afford one. Some of the plastic pools are not only for children but for adults as well. You can fill it with pool toys and other things.
  • DIY backyard pool: You can make a pool with cement or wooden planks shaped like a rectangular or circular tub. Fill it water and use it as a pool.

This idea will serve the pool purpose, and games like passing balls inside will make them happy. This can be one of your barbeque party games. So, get inside that pool and get the party on!

DIY Ring Toss Games

DIY Ring Toss Games

You can always make some DIY ring toss games using cardboards, thermocouples, etc. Just use some rod-shaped things which serve the purpose and can be used to throw rings at

You can also use some containers such as small buckets or drums to throw the rings or balls, whatever you are using for the game, and whatever is child-friendly if you have kids involved in the party. Make sure no such containers are used which have sensitive areas or points.

So, the next time you have a party in your backyard, challenge your family members and friends to be the one who scores the most and rock that series of barbeque party games.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are particularly favorite of everyone. It involves thrill, logic, and creativity. Not only small kids but even adults and older adults can play this and have a great time. This is also a good game for family and friend’s time. Not just easy to make as a DIY but also one of the best barbeque party games.

Next time you are inviting people or having a moment with family, consider being on your party games list. For DIY, you can create a small treasure box where you can put candies, chocolates of different kinds, and lots of other things you and others like. The rest of the game remains the same, writing clues, finding them, and winning the treasure chest.

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Organize A Movie Night

Organize A Movie Night

A movie night sounds so fun when done with the right people. Going to cinemas is just necessary. But building everything inside your own house with people you love and cherish will be more pleasant.

  • Projector: You can put up a white screen in your backyard and a projector and organize the movie night. The best thing about this will be that it will be right in your home. Free snacks, washrooms, everything will be more convenient than a cinema hall.
  • Television: No worries if you cannot have a projector and a screen. You can set up the television in a safe place outside if that suits you and put up your favorite movie.

This can be made more comfortable by adding comfortable seating on the lawn, where you and your guests can sit or lie down as they like. Watching the stars, you can enjoy the movie. This cannot be done in a cinema hall.

Mini Golf Arena

Create a mini golf arena by using some standard tools. You can look up the internet design or make it as you like- easy or hard. You can get suggestions from your kids. They might know better! Golf sticks and golf balls can be bought from the market or made at home using some DIY tricks.

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DIY Tic Tac Toe

DIY Tic Tac Toe

Using wooden sticks for the game structure and stones for the zeros and crosses can be the trick. Although this is familiar, small children often like the basic things when added with a little creative touch.

If you are a parent or an elder sibling and have small kids to be looked after during a backyard party, you can get the kids engaged in these kinds of games. They will surely enjoy themselves and not disturb you for at least half an hour or so. Also, you can make them busy with some snacks and chilled fruit drinks to keep them fresh and healthy.

The DIYs mentioned are some of the best and simple ones, yet the ones offering fantastic results. Even kids can enjoy and use the same. Adults, too, will not be needing to do so much building and managing work. Therefore, being the best barbeque party games all in one.

Summers are meant to be fun and entertaining. So, make this summer the most memorable one for you and your family and friends.

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