5 Essentials For Your Kitchen If You Live Alone

Living alone has its own challenges, but the fact that you will have freedom to do whatever you want in your own house can definitely surpass all those challenges. The freedom to cook anything you want or don’t cook at all? The ability to put on as loud music as you want without interruption or you can bring-in caterpillars and most importantly no curfew! Well, that’s all the fun part but living alone really isn’t all about freedom. It’s all about taking up responsibilities.

Among other housekeeping, cleaning and storage responsibilities, one of the biggest responsibilities is getting your food sorted and that can be done when our kitchens are well equipped with proper and necessary things. But which ones? Here’s what to buy for your new kitchen if you have just moved out of your parent’s house!

1. Refrigerator

This should be your first buy when you move into your new home alone. Having a fridge is an absolute essential because there is no survival without a fridge. You need it to store fruits, vegetables, water and almost all your food items including beer. They will never survive in the hot weather on your counters or in your cupboard.

Moreover, where will all your leftovers go if you don’t have a fridge? You can miss out on the electric kettle or air fryer but without the fridge no way you can live a civil life. Remember even if you dine out and don’t cook, a fridge can store fruits, juices, water, frozen food and much more. Especially if you’re one of those people who brings fruits and then forgets about it.

2. Single Serving Coffee Maker

For some of you this may be an expensive investment since buying it all on your own is not very feasible but for the long term this is a good investment particularly if you buy coffee everyday on your way to work. If you spend at least $4-5 daily on coffee monthly you would be spending approximately $135 per month. At this price you can get a decent coffee maker and save yourself the extra expense each month. Maybe put this in your vacation savings or emergency fund. The best part about it is that you’re actually helping the environment when you stop using plastic cups for coffee daily!

3. Basic Crockery

Even if you don’t cook at home this is a must because you may have guests or even if anyone from your family comes to visit you will have to serve food in something. No need to waste money on expensive dinner and breakfast sets. Just buy a 6 piece set which has quarter plates for small servings, dinner plates for your meals and deep dishes with some bowls for whenever you have dessert or soup. This would be sufficient for anyone living alone and even when they have guests. If you have a lot of space invest in a cheaper set for your daily use and for your guests buy a little expensive set.

4. Ziploc Bags

Personally, this is my favorite kitchen product ever! You can literally store anything in ziploc bags whether it’s your homemade mozzarella sticks, fruit or your leftovers. They will keep everything fresh and yummy and wont even take up any space like the storage containers and frozen food boxes! You can squeeze them anywhere in your drawers and use as per your need. You can also use these to take your lunch to work or prepare meals for at least 2 days and store in the fridge.

5. Pots and Pans

Well, pots and pans are an essential for every household. Even if you live alone you will have to use pots and pans some time and if you cook with yellow herbs you definitely need them! Don’t go splurging, just buy one standard pot, a wok and a pan for your frying needs. This would be enough for you. Although, the best is yet to come, not a lot of you must be aware but there are divided non-stick pans that allow you to cook all your food at the same time. In one section you can warm up your burger bun, the other one can be used to fry your burger patty and the remaining two can be used for sauteing vegetables or making your sauce. This is probably the best for someone living alone because no extra dishes to wash, gas or electricity saving and most importantly a home cooked meal with almost no aftermath.

We wish you the best of luck on your new journey of living all by yourself! Just remember there are a lot of responsibilities that come with living alone without fulfilling them. Enjoying them would be a little hard. So, act like a responsible adult!

Michelle Li

Michelle Li, with a background in Nutritional Sciences from Cornell University, has explored the intersection of health and culinary arts for over 15 years. Joining us in 2020, her approach to cooking is informed by her extensive travels and studies in global food cultures. Michelle is also a certified sommelier, further enriching her gastronomic insights. Her hobbies include organic gardening and participating in culinary workshops. Michelle is an avid blogger on food sustainability and enjoys hosting cooking classes in her local community.

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