5 home improvements to try out right now

Home improvements are sometimes scary ― they can be expensive and take time if you’re not doing them correctly. Then, there’s this fear of messing it up and having to call a professional to redo the project, which means unexpected expenses that are not welcomed. But what if you could easily accomplish any home project you thought of and be on a budget? No matter what you want to improve in your house, it’s time to get to work and make the most out of your ideas, but if you don’t have any, here are some notable home improvements to try!

More windows

Maybe your location doesn’t offer much lighting at the moment, and you’re tired of having artificial lighting in your home. So, it’s time for a new change and install more, bigger windows around the house. This project can be pricey, but if you’re installing one window at a time, you can transform your home in a matter of months. You’ll see that natural lighting is way more beneficial for your general health:

  • It boosts vitamin D, which is a crucial nutrient for your body
  • It improves sleep habits
  • It helps reduce the occurrence of migraines and eye strain from the fluorescent light bulbs

But before considering this project, you must see what are the local building requirements for this change (if you do not own your house) and be wary of avoiding electrical wiring or plumbing when installing a window.

A window is best placed facing a mirror because it reflects the natural outdoor lights and makes the room brighter and more spacious. Even if it can be quite expensive, adding windows will increase the home value for when you plan on selling it. Plus, you’ll have the most bright and beautiful house around, so why not give this project a chance?

Laminate flooring

Whether you’re going for a more natural look or a vibrant vibe for your house, flooring laminate is the best choice for each room. The floor might be the most important thing in your home because behind its practicability, it offers the feeling of cosiness and warmth when entering the room. Laminate floors are best because:

  • They come in different colours and sizes
  • They are resistant to scratch and stains, so you won’t have to worry about laminating your floor if you have rainforest animals
  • They are sustainable by providing water-resistance features.

Laminate floors can be easily installed by yourself, or you can ask for an expert’s help, depending on how complex the project you want to do in your house is. But if you decide it’s worth the try, here are some basic installing steps to follow:

  1. Prepare your subfloor because you need to work on a stable and clean subfloor;
  2. Install an underlay for insulation, moisture-proof and levelling;
  3. Lay the laminate floor.

Remember to take your time with this project, and don’t hurry. You’ll find plenty of tutorials to help you successfully laminate your flooring.

Outdoor kitchen

Another project to try this summer is an outdoor kitchen, where you can cook anything you like without making the whole house smell of food. It’s also a great idea to build a place outside where you can relax and spend time with family and friends. Considering that the trend of outdoor spaces has risen considerably in the last years, it’s time to try it out for yourself. Here are some ideas to give your inspiration:

  • L-shaped kitchen for smaller spaces. This design is perfect to fit any usual appliances in a cramped space;
  • Bar-style kitchen for parties. An outdoor bar is perfect for when you have more friends over because you have the grilling and bar area close, a dining table with chairs and a banquette around;
  • Having a pizza oven outside is also a great idea for a kitchen because you have more space than a normal oven, and the taste is much better when cooking outdoors.

Yard changes

An outdoor kitchen would be incomplete without a beautiful yard with plants, flowers and decorations. Whether you want a porch, deck or patio, the investment will add value to your house while making it a centre point for family and friend meetings.

What’s best about having a patio, for example, is that you can make it liveable by adding furniture, rugs and even lighting for the late nights, with other limitless ideas. On the other hand, a porch is best for when you want to have a glass of wine after work and so is a patio.

Then, having a yard is the perfect chance to start gardening and plant flowers and even small vegetables or herbs (tomatoes, lettuce, spices). You can also plant trees for shade and protection, adding curb appeal to the house. Finally, you can build a pool for when the heat becomes unbearable.

Home Office

As a long-term result of the pandemic, people started loving working from home because it provided more safety and fewer expenses on the daily commute. But this also led to a decrease in productivity and burnout after some time, as their personal rooms were not adapted to become offices. So, many people had to transform one room into a home office, with all the supplies needed and a quiet and organised environment. How can you accomplish this project?

If you already have a spare room, start by decluttering and cleaning it, so you can better visualise how you will decorate it to maximise productivity. The basic items you need are a desk, a monitor stand, a chair and shelves. Try to invest in ergonomic pieces to avoid sprains and a bad posture. Then, it would be a good idea to install pegs to hang papers and important things up.

Finally, don’t forget about the natural lighting and elements. Have some plants and flowers around you for a cosy feeling and good air quality. And don’t worry about buying decorations because you can DIY most of them with what you have around the house.

In the end, transforming your home should include both beauty and practicability. Try to be as environmentally friendly as possible when making these changes, and have fun with DIY projects!

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