5 Rooms to Convert Your Attic into Other Than a Bedroom

Those who want to make bigger changes to their home than simple renovations will often turn to a full room remodel. Converting your attic into an extra bedroom is a popular remodeling project, but what if you don’t need or want another bedroom? Don’t worry—your attic can be converted into various other spaces that can suit your needs perfectly. All you need is a plan and, depending on the complexity, contractors. Ready to turn your attic into your new favorite room in the house? Continue reading to learn about five attic conversions that aren’t bedrooms.

What to Know About Converting Your Attic

Before you get carried away with dreams for your attic’s transformation, you must know some key things first. Most attics have no flooring, insulation, or heat and air ducts. This also means no electric wiring, so any project will require running new wiring throughout the space. You’ll also need to check the strength of the flooring and your house’s structure to make sure it can support the extra weight of your furniture and belongings.

Don’t forget to consider the size of your attic, especially once you make any initial changes that could shrink the space. Attics generally have limited headroom, which can be an issue for both comfort and legal reasons. Building codes have rules for how much vertical (and horizontal) clearance a room needs. You’ll need to see if this project is DIY or if you need a contractor; you may need a building permit too.

With these considerations in mind, you’re ready to start planning your attic conversion project!

Curl Up With a Book in Your Library

If you love books, you know that your collection seems to grow like it has a mind of its own. Why not give your books a good home in a private library in the attic? In addition to making sure the floor can support the weight of your books, remember that they’ll be much closer to the elements outside. Make sure there aren’t any leaks in the roof and maintain your windows, especially to keep them properly sealed. You don’t want your books to be damaged by moisture or extremes in temperature.

Once you’ve confirmed the space is suitable, it’s time to start planning the layout of your library. How many shelves will you need? Where will you put your comfortable reading chair? Will you need any special lighting, like track lighting for your shelves? Everything goes towards creating a relaxing space where you can lose yourself in a good book. Creating a beautiful and functional personal library is a project that will give you years of enjoyment.

Live it Up in Your Entertainment Room

Sometimes there’s not enough space in the house for all of the games you want to play and entertainment you want to watch. An entertainment room is a perfect solution. It gives you a place to put all your entertainment equipment, including your big screen TV, DVD/Blu-ray player, game console(s), and sound system. Plus, the room can be home to more than just screens. You can add a pool table, air hockey table, foosball table, or even a ping pong table. If you have the space, you could also put in a bar.

It’s essential to have enough seating for everyone using the room, preferably some comfortable couches or chairs. You should also get some storage for all of your games, movies, and other entertainment items. Your entertainment room will quickly become the most popular room in the house!

Be At Your Best in Your Home Office

If you work from home, having a dedicated space is critical. Converting your attic into a home office is the perfect solution; you’ll have all the privacy and quiet you need.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your home office:

  • Make sure there is enough natural light. If possible, position your desk near a window.
  • Insulate the space to reduce noise from outside and keep the temperature comfortable.
  • Install a ceiling fan to circulate air and keep cool in summer.
  • Add storage shelves or cabinets to keep your work area tidy.
  • Choose comfortable, ergonomic furniture that suits your needs.
  • Decorate the space to reflect your style and make it feel like home.

Creating a dedicated home office will help you be more productive and efficient in your work. With a bit of planning, you can make the perfect space for your needs.

Get Into Shape with Your Gym

Plenty of people have transformed their garages into gyms, but that might not be an option for you. No one is parking cars up in the attic, so it’s an excellent alternative for your gym. Everyone has their preferred way of working out, which means there are many options for what your attic gym can look like.

You’ll need to ensure that your attic floor can support the weight of whatever workout equipment you want. Some lighter, but still practical, ideas include yoga mats, dumbbells, resistance bands, and stability balls. If you can go a bit heavier, you can consider a weight bench, a rowing machine, or an exercise bike. And if you have the ceiling height for it, a punching bag or pull-up bar are also options. The possibilities are endless, so have some fun with it and make your attic gym work for you.

Let Your Creativity Flow in Your Craft Room

If you’ve wanted somewhere to do arts and crafts or work on other projects, consider transforming your attic into a dedicated space. An attic conversion can give you the extra room to pursue your hobbies and interests. Plus, the slanted ceilings and exposed beams give the room a cozy, rustic feel.

To convert your attic into a craft room, start by cleaning out the space and ensuring you have the space you need. You may want to paint the walls colors that are good for crafting, but you’ll almost certainly need to add shelving units or storage bins to help organize your supplies. Decorating the room with inspiring photos and artwork is a great last step that can get your creative juices flowing. With a little effort, you can turn your attic into the perfect crafting oasis.

Give Your Attic a New Life

Converting your attic into an extra room is a great way to get more use out of the space and might even increase your home’s value. By thinking about what you might need the extra room for, you can ensure that the space is tailored to your needs. Each of the ideas suggested can provide you with additional functionality without taking up too much space in your home, and the only real limit to what you can do is resources and your imagination. What will you choose for your attic conversion?

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