5 Tips for Organizing a Modern and Functional Bathroom

Kick start your day in a well-organized bathroom that creates an optimistic vibe of efficiency and happiness. Regardless of the bathroom size, keeping it clean and tidy always is never an easy task. Luckily, there are basic organizational principles and ideas to aid in attaining optimized space.

Bathrooms are one of the high-traffic areas in the house; thus, you need to keep them neat and organized. Whether you want to amp the efficiency of your daily grooming or your bathroom has minimal space, below are simple organization ideas and creative ways to organize your functional bathroom.

First Step: Declutter

It is crucial to consider throwing away or donating items you are no longer using whenever organizing your bathroom. Begin by taking everything out of space and placing it in one spot. Empty the drawers and medicine cabinets to pull out any trash, such as empty containers. Wipe the cabinets and drawers clean.

Review specific products for expiration dates and toss away smelly or expired items. Upon sorting regarding expiration, group the items into categories that make sense for you, such as cosmetics, remedies, and hair care. Try to keep like items together.

Scrutinize through the categories for duplicates. For instance, see how many cosmetics you have, and then decide which ones to keep. This will allow you to part with the items you don’t need. Toss away those extra mascaras and foundations you don’t use.

Lastly, highlight the items you will need to restock. Identify which essentials are running low and need purchasing. To optimize relaxation in an organized bathroom, you can opt to integrate some of the best shower radios to play your favorite music.

Add More Storage and Group Like with Like

Integrating extra storage spaces within the bathroom facilitates the separation of day-to-day products from the back stock. Baskets and bins are ideal storage elements that make the whole bathroom function better. Add magnetic cups/ strips on the back of the cabinet door to hold hair clips, nail clippers, scissors, toothbrushes, and other things that you require in your hot bath tub.

Adding mason jars within the medicine cabinet allows the storage of items vertically inside the jar or the cabinet. Keeping like items in a specific jar keeps the products more organized.

Alternatively, to optimize space, you can fit readymade shelving units or build custom open shelves above the toilet. Match the shelves with your home décor style. Over the toilet, the bath shelf provides ample space to store key essentials such as extra toilet paper, decorative items, clean towels, and toiletries.

Add hooks or towel bars to the bathroom wall, especially when there is minimal space to hang the family’s towels. Towel hooks are cheap and easy to mount. Thus, they provide ample space for an individual towel. Designate a small hamper spot to keep wet towels away from the floor. Roll the clean towels neatly and store them on top of the hamper. You can incorporate ladders for a more organized modern bathroom for hanging towels. Ladders maximize vertical space and offer space for storing washcloths and toiletries.

Bathrooms might come in handy with readymade drawers. Divide the drawers using a drawer divider to allow the grouping of items for enhanced functionality and appealing storage space. You can opt to divide the drawer and place items that you use every day.

Add sliding wire shelves to aid in holding an item like toilet paper. Place the toilet paper facing the front so that guests can easily roll it.

Use a Label Marker to Beautify Specific Containers

Labeling within the bathroom is seemed functional but using attractive labels on streamlined containers enhances the overall appeal. Labeling storage containers, apothecary jars, and baskets allow organizing bathroom products into categories. Laminate uniform plastic bottles with labels to help identify bottles or portray the containers’ contents.

Label everyday makeup and cosmetic to save time. Sort items you reach for every day when you get into the bathroom and make a custom storage container. Invest in stylish apothecary jars to hold essentials that look great in clear glass containers. Then label accordingly, e.g., bath salts and cotton swabs.

Store stylish accessories on a tray and label them to add some personality. Stylish items are vital when it comes to decorating the bathroom countertop. Place the most appealing and often used items such as perfume, hand lotion, and jewelry.

Organize your Medicine Cabinet

Let your medicine cabinet encompass items that you need and use regularly. Keep items that you constantly use. Chuck out any outdated medicine and relocate extras to different storage spaces. Medicine cabinets are ideal for day-to-day grooming supplies rather than remedies.

Opt to organize the cabinet for each person. For instance, have the bottom drawer contain kids’ essentials while the top holds the parent’s kit.

Upon categorizing like items, store excess products in the labeled storage bins underneath the sink or the linen closet. Move medicines into drier spaces like the kitchen because moisture can ruin them.

Ideally, you can consider installing a vast medicine cabinet with a mirror inside. The bigger mirror is imperative for the morning routine as it eliminates the irritating practice of opening and closing the bathroom door to focus on your reflection.

Add a turntable for storing small items that you regularly need to access. A turntable is functional as it eases reaching out of products from the back of a cabinet.

Use Clear Bins to Organize Underneath the Sink

The use of clear plastic storage bins maximizes the space under the sink. Hairdryers, curlers, sprays, and combs occupy huge space within the bathroom. To minimize the space occupied, buy a plastic tub under the sink and load it up with the hair product necessities. Easy take out and put away allows organized access without a mess.

It is ideal to find stackable bins. Organize select products into categories and label each bin according to a group, such as skin care, dental care, or hair care. Keep cleaning supplies and paper towels in one bin, whereas brushes, straightened, and hairdryer goes in another.


An organized bathroom facilitates time-saving when grooming, elevates the overall décor then adds more charm to your space just like your dining room did. Consider merging some of the mentioned tricks and making your bathroom feel like your own personal spa.

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