5 Ways to Maximize Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

Smartphone technology has come a long way in recent years. Your phone is capable of pretty much anything your laptop can do, but one thing that they can’t get right is the battery life. Even on new models, the battery life isn’t that long, and once the phone is a year or two old, it will struggle to last the full day.

This is incredibly frustrating because we’re so reliant on our phones these days. We use them to stay in contact with people, tell the time, find directions, and kill time when we are bored. If your battery dies, you’re completely lost, especially if you are out and about without access to a charger.

To help you avoid this situation, there are some simple things you can do to extend the battery. Next time you see the bar getting low, try these tricks.

Don’t Overcharge Your Battery

You may have heard that it’s bad to leave your phone on charge all night as it damages the battery. This is partly true, but modern phones are equipped to deal with it better. New phones will reduce the current supplied to the battery once it has reached full capacity. So, problems with overheating and dangerous explosions are a thing of the past. This adds another fire risk to your home, but like how you make changes to your home, like having a fire pit instead of a fireplace in the house, to reduce the risk of fires, you can make a small change with your phone to minimize this.

However, there is evidence to show that overcharging the battery does reduce its capacity over time, though not as much as it did on older batteries. The thing is, if you’re leaving it plugged in overnight, every night, you will gradually reduce the battery life. It already degrades naturally over time, and you’re speeding up the process by overcharging. It’s much better to charge it and then take it out right away when you hit 100%.

Reduce Screen Brightness When Playing Slot Jackpot Games

Your phone burns battery if the screen is very bright. This is true when you are playing games or watching videos. Many people play slot jackpot games on their phone on a regular basis. These games are just like the slot games you are used to in the casino, with hourly jackpots every single day. So, it’s likely that you’ll be playing a lot, and that can run your battery down. If you’re playing hot drop jackpots online, there are a lot of colors and moving images going on. This can quickly run your battery down, but you can keep it running for longer if you reduce the screen brightness. Games and videos will put less pressure on the battery, and you can still enjoy playing.

Changing the settings on your phone to switch to dark mode makes a big difference too. It’s much easier for the phone to display dark colors instead of big blocks of white. It’ll be easier on your eyes and prevent eye strain too.

Turn Off Location Services

GPS on your phone is great. It helps you find your way, and it adds some excellent features to all sorts of apps. But it’s running on a lot of apps at once, and it drains the battery very quickly. In fact, it’s one of the most power-hungry features on your phone, and it’s always running in the background unless you actively turn it off. So, if you are not actively using an app that needs location services on, keep it turned off. You can change the app settings, too, so apps only use location services when you have the app open instead of running it in the background.

Turn Off Data

Mobile data is another feature that burns through your battery very quickly. Even if you’re not downloading anything or browsing the internet, simply having data roaming switched on will run your battery down. The thing is, you shouldn’t need to use your data that often if you are in a big city. There are so many places with free wifi these days, so always check and connect to a network when you can, so you can save a bit of battery and use less data. Just make sure you are using a VPN to stay safe on public networks.

Bear in mind that using wifi will still drain your battery, but not as much as roaming. If your battery is low, you should switch off all internet connections and do without it for a while.

Use Power Saving Mode

Most phones have a power-saving mode on them, and you should get to know this feature. When you see that your battery is starting to get low, you can switch it on, and it will automatically adjust settings to keep it running for as long as possible. This includes reducing the brightness, shutting off power-hungry apps, switching off location features, and turning off the sound. It can extend the battery life by hours, so if you are out and you know that you’ll be unable to charge the phone, switch it on sooner rather than later. Just keep in mind that you won’t be able to use certain features while the power-saving mode is switched on.

If you are fed up with your battery running out all of the time, try some of these tips and tricks to make it last longer.

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