6 Best Brooklyn Neighborhoods for Families

Have you ever pondered why Brooklyn continues to be the most favored place for families to live in New York? Is it because of good schools, great parks, nice restaurants, safe atmosphere, picturesque mystic view of the city, or affordability? Well, it’s actually all of the above.

People find living in Brooklyn allows them to enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable life. However, you need to be selective when planning to move to Brooklyn. In this quick guide, you will find some of the best Brooklyn Neighborhoods that would be just perfect for your families.

If you find convenience, amenities, and safety as your major deciding criteria for selection of residence, then these are places to consider:

1. Windsor Terrace

If you are scouting for a lovely and friendly neighborhood with great facilities in the nearby vicinity of your residence, then check out Windsor Terrace.

The environment here is pretty calm, and the small community is very welcoming. Many Brooklyn movers have consistently experienced the rising demand for their services for Windsor Terrace. Do you wonder what the reason could be?

Windsor Terrace does not replicate the hustle and bustle of NYC but rather allows you to enjoy the serenity, which is just perfect for families. Easy transport and nearby restaurants and bars are always accessible. It is also one of the safest localities in New York.

2. Crown Heights

For those of you looking for the best of the best localities for your family, should have Crown Heights on the top of the list. With implausible proximity to the entire Brooklyn and comfortable lifestyle, Crown Heights is one of the most popular and favored places amongst the family guys.

You will observe that Crown Heights is the center point of everything. A quick commute is enough from Crown Heights, whether you want to reach Prospect Park or the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. To enjoy the nightlife, you can easily reach Bushwick in no time.

Crown Heights is rich with mixed cultures like African-Americans, Hasidic Jews, and West Indies immigrants. Its posh lifestyle and friendly people mark this lovely neighborhood. One of the major benefits of living in Crown Heights is its annual Labor Day Parade.

Crown Heights has everything for family entertainment with ample greenery and kid-friendly places like the zoo, parks, roller skating, and a historic house.

3. Williamsburg

Williamsburg is a great Brooklyn neighborhood that is favorable for families. Despite the fact this locality has gained popularity as a party place, it is also the home to great McCarren Park and some of the best schools.

The location of Williamsburg supports easy commuting, and its residents are peace-loving and friendly people. You can easily find upscale boutiques, restaurants, and other interesting venues in this vicinity. Living near the waterfront would give you the benefit of enjoying the mesmerizing view of Manhattan.

There are two movie theatres in Williamsburg, and you can easily find kid-family concerts that have Rock and Roll Playhouse. The constant visitors who enjoy the nightlife keep this neighborhood vibrant and lively.

4. Ditmas Park

This place is marked as one of the most affordable places to live in New York. However, that is not the only factor attracting families to Ditmas Park. Living in Ditmas Park is like experiencing the other face of Brooklyn. It is very different from any place mentioned in this list.

While living here, you will find wide streets tree-lined and framed by big Victorian-era houses. If you are one of those who wouldn’t want to give up the luxuries of urban lifestyle and enjoy the simplicity of family life, Ditmas Park can make this a reality. You can easily afford a house with a yard to plan your own indoor camping adventure in Ditmas Park.

Other attractions of this wonderful locality are good restaurants, shops, food co-op, and farmer’s market. The schools in Ditmas Park are popular for their strong arts curriculum.

5. Green Point

Another Brooklyn neighborhood that is not too hard on the pockets is Green Point. It is a modern locality with the vibe and attractions of modern living. There are limited subway services in Green Point, and the low-rise residencies allow this locality to remain peaceful and beautiful. You can easily convert your deck to a screened porch while living in Green Point.

One of the major attractions of Green Point is McGolrick Park which entices the visitors with this sheer leafy charm. The waterfront playground serves as an amazing place to spend great family time with kids. The McCarren Park in Green Point is also one of the most popular places visited by families.

6. Brooklyn Heights

The list of best Brooklyn Neighborhoods cannot be completed without mentioning the historically charming Brooklyn Heights. This adorable vicinity is a home to Brooklyn Bridge Park, historic buildings, and great schools.

Brooklyn Heights is one of the most favored places by families since it allows you to enjoy your family life to the fullest. The designated quiet areas full of speed bumps ensure the safety of its residents. Friendly people of the neighborhood, elite private schools, and proximity to Dumbo are what attract many people to relocate to this lovely locality.

Concluding Thoughts

New York is the hub for all dream lovers. Once you have gone through this list, surely you will be able to select the best Brooklyn neighborhood for your family.

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