6 Essentials for Holiday Decorating

The holidays are officially upon us, and everyone is getting in the spirit. There’s so much to love about the season – the food, music, celebrating traditions, and, of course, the decorating. Whether hosting out-of-town loved ones or celebrating solo, you may wonder which decorations are the most important in setting the perfect holiday tone. Keep reading for all the essential holiday decorating items you’ll need to celebrate the season in style.

Twinkling Lights

The winter holiday season is magical for the young and the young at heart. Twinkling lights are one of the most festive and affordable decorations every home needs. You can opt for nostalgic colored lights or a more classic white light; you can have them flashing or constantly lit, or you can go with big bulbs or small fairy lights. No matter what your tastes are, twinkling lights are the foundation for festive decor.

Scented Candles

Unless you plan on having some sugar cookies baking at all hours to fill your home with a sweet scent, candles are a must this holiday season. There are many seasonal scents to choose from based on your preferences – balsam fir, cinnamon, apple, or vanilla. The sense of smell is one of the most important in memory, and scented candles can quickly transport you back to your childhood when you first discovered the magic of the season.

Indoor Plants

Around 75% of American homes display a Christmas tree during the holiday season, but why stop there? Even though the holidays are a beautiful time of year, they also coincide with dreary, cold weather. Liven up your indoor space with beautiful houseplants. Local nurseries won’t have as many houseplants for sale during the colder months, so shopping for large indoor plants for sale online is your best bet. Not only do they bring vibrance to your home, but countless studies have also shown they improve indoor air quality, which can counteract dry indoor air from running your heat during the winter.


Whether you’re a minimalist, on a budget, or trying to decorate a small space, a holiday wreath is essential for every home. Investing in an evergreen wreath with a neutral base can save you money as you can add items depending on the holiday. While you may have used pumpkins and turkeys for your Thanksgiving wreath, you can easily swap them out for red berries, snowflakes, and pinecones for a more Christmas feel. Since wreaths are typically hung on your front door, they set the tone for any guests arriving, and studies show that neighbors who decorate the outdoors of their homes are perceived as friendlier than those who do not.

Throw Blankets

Only some people want holiday-themed knick-knacks and items exploding throughout their living space. Others can only afford to spend their money on non-seasonal items. Throw blankets make any living space instant cozy, which is what the holidays are about. By opting for throw blankets made of faux fur or thick knits, you are investing in pieces that set a holiday coziness but can also be used before and after the holidays. For many families, the holiday season is about celebrating old traditions and creating new memories, most of which occur in common rooms. Snuggle up with a cup of cocoa and festive throw blankets while you watch a Christmas movie or play a board game.


The great thing about garlands is they take minimal effort to make maximum statements. Garlands can be evergreen, fabric, or even tinsel, which means there’s a garland for every budget. If you don’t have a fireplace or staircase to display garlands, get creative and put them on the tops of bookshelves, your bed’s head, and footboards; the sky’s the limit! Suppose you like to keep your decorating minimal. In that case, you can incorporate your twinkling lights and other pops of color into the garland to keep the decorating classic and understated throughout the home.

Decorating for the holidays can be a serious financial investment at a time of year when budgets are already tight. You’re touching all the bases without breaking the bank by including the above items on your decorating list. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Mia Hughes

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