You’ve probably heard about magical herbs, but do you know how to use them? There are of different types and can be used for cleansing, prosperity, or protection in your home or business. If you don’t know how to use these herbs effectively and safely, then your spell might not work as well as you hoped.

Below are some guidelines to keep in mind when using these types of herbs in your next spell-casting endeavor. By following these simple rules, you’ll be able to achieve the best results possible with little effort on your part!

1) Use as directed

The herbs should be used only in quantities specified in your spell. Never use more than you’re told to. When preparing herbal remedies and spells, it is best to cleanse yourself with a visualization exercise. For example, say a mantra like “Blessed be” 3 times and imagine that you are surrounded by white light as you do so. Visualize yourself surrounded by protective white light as you make your potion.

2) Always prepare yourself mentally

When you’re going through rituals such as cleansing around flowers or prosperity spells, it’s often said that even if you feel foolish or silly doing so—do it. Feelings come and go; they’re not a reliable measure of anything. If you prepare yourself physically (bathing), spiritually (prayer), and mentally (visualization) before you perform any cleansing spell, your chances of achieving results are dramatically increased.

3) Only start doing this when you are ready for change

You need to be mentally prepared for some of these rituals. These rituals will shake you out of your comfort zone and change your life. You need to get rid of all limiting beliefs holding you back from living your best life. It’s only then that you will notice that change is happening around you. And it’s not a coincidence—it’s magic! Start taking action today and reap the rewards tomorrow.

4) Work with someone skilled in plant medicine

If you’re going to use herbs as part of your cleansing regimen (and we think you should), be sure that whoever is taking them knows how to make an herbal preparation and what dosage of the herb is needed. It is highly advised that you work with someone who knows about herbalism and prepare everything yourself with their choice of your spices. If you don’t know how to do it yourself, find someone who does. The Internet is full of resources on how to prepare various concoctions.

5) List down what doesn’t work

Casting a spell that doesn’t work is like buying a lottery ticket—it’s an act of pure optimism. In other words, if it didn’t work, you didn’t lose anything (except maybe $1.20). Not so with most herbs and their effects—especially those toxic. If they don’t work, they can be dangerous—so why take the risk?

6) Remember to say your appreciation prayers once you’ve done the ritual

Showing gratitude and appreciation is an integral part of any ritual. Remember that every ritual should be concluded with gratitude. Say thanks and praise your chosen deity for hearing your prayer and fulfilling your request. Also, make sure you acknowledge any other people who’ve helped you on your journey. For example, if someone has provided an ingredient for a ritual—or even just helped you feel more confident about yourself—don’t forget to thank you.

Juan Medina

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