6 key things to do when viewing a house

Looking for a house is an exciting time, but it is also a big financial commitment. If you’re interested in homes in the Merseyside area, you should look at Anwyl Homes Liverpool. You are sure to find your dream house in this stunning new development.

Before jumping in head first to buying a property, there are some things you should do during a viewing to make sure you find out all the important details you need.

Take your time

You don’t have to rush round a house when you go for a viewing. It is advisable to spend about 20-30 minutes at least looking around, so you can truly get a feel for the place. Research has shown that the longer a buyer spends viewing a property, the higher the chance that they will purchase it for under the asking price. Over half (52%) of buyers who spent less than 10 minutes viewing a house paid the asking price or more. Whereas 71% of buyers who spent longer than 90 minutes on viewings paid below the asking price.

Examine the structure of the property

Be sure to walk round the outside of the building to check the exterior and get modern fences. You should be looking out for damp and hairline cracks in the walls, missing or loose tiles on the roof and broken guttering. If you notice signs of a problem, ask questions to find out the cause and if it will be fixed before selling.

Look and smell carefully

The seller has no obligation to tell you about problems, they may even want to hide them. Common ways sellers cover up issues include painting over damp and hiding wall cracks or floor problems with furniture or rugs. Damp gives off a specific smell even if you don’t spot physical signs, so be vigilant for unusual scents, including air freshener.

View the house more than once

Even in a market that moves fast, it is a good idea to see a property more than once if you can. The more times you see a house, the more likely you are to find potential issues like replacing a bathtub. It is recommended that you see a house two or three times, at different times of the day. This will help you find out the light, traffic, and outside noises change. You might find that the quiet, picturesque street you saw at 11am is a busy main route for commuters at 6pm.

Confirm what land is included with the house

If there is any uncertainty over who owns an outdoor area or parking space, make sure you find out the answer and have it in writing before you commit to buying the property.

Try to keep your emotions at bay

It isn’t always easy but try to look at it as a house that just needs inspecting. Don’t get too attached too soon or your heart might rule your head and you overlook problems, which could ultimately lead to heartache.

That being said, you shouldn’t be deterred from buying the house if you do see a few faults, you could use what you have found to negotiate the price, depending on the size of the problem and how much it would cost to fix.

Kimberly Tran

Kimberly Tran brings a wealth of knowledge from her 15 years in architecture and urban planning. She graduated from the University of Southern California with a Master's in Urban Planning. She began her career in a top architectural firm before transitioning to property development. Joining our team in 2020, she has since been a driving force in exploring innovative living spaces. Kimberly balances her professional life with a passion for landscape photography and volunteering in community redevelopment programs.

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