7 Creative Hobby Ideas for Beginners

Want a new creative hobby? Unsure of what unknown skills you have lurking inside yourself? Well, there’s only one way to find out – try something new, right now!

Finding your own creative outlet can work wonders for your wellbeing. Pushing yourself and learning a new skill will give you a great sense of purpose. Plus, practicing hobbies like painting, drawing, and writing can be a therapeutic experience – a way to relax and gather your thoughts. Not to mention it being heaps of fun too.

So, what are the best creative hobby ideas for beginners? Where should creative novices begin their new artistic journey? Here’s our seven top picks.

Paint By Numbers

There’s many tips and tricks out there for paint by number beginners – the most important being to just have fun with it. Take your time and embrace your mistakes. Your first painting doesn’t need to be a masterpiece. Plus, the coded color instructions are super easy to follow.


How about sketching or aimless doodling? Simply pick up a pencil and put it to a scrap piece of paper. Draw whatever comes to mind – or sketch something or someone meaningful. Whether it’s a portrait or landscape sketch, the trick is to just keep drawing. There’s no right or wrong way of sketching.


If you see yourself as a bit of a wordsmith, how about journaling? Sitting down to write a novel or new blog can be overwhelming – so start by journaling your daily thoughts and feelings. Writing a paragraph or two a day can help activate your imagination and get you comfortable with putting thoughts to paper.


Are you often snapping random pictures on your camera phone? How about taking it one step further by practicing photography – the proper way. Invest in a professional-grade camera and venture out to the spots you find most fascinating. Mastering photography is all about finding your own unique perspective of people, places, and things.


If you don’t mind the extra calories, baking can be a wonderful way of learning a new skill in the kitchen. Baking isn’t as easy as you might think either especially if you want to learn to make desserts from fruits. It takes a lot of precision and careful planning to pull off baking a top-notch carrot cake. Think you have what it takes?


Do you appreciate lovely handwriting? Do you want to refine your own penmanship? If so, you should practice calligraphy – the art of decorative and fancy handwritten lettering. Once you’ve mastered it, you can start impressing friends and family with beautiful handwritten letters and invitations.

Flower Arranging

Last but not least, how about flower arranging? A bunch of flowers can brighten up any room in any home, so why not create your own? Book onto a floristry class to learn everything you need to know about the dos and don’ts of flower arranging. Once you’ve learned the basics, you can start creating all sorts of lovely things like table settings, corsages – even wedding bouquets.

Yoon Jang

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