How to Pet-Proof Your Home

Are you a dog lover? Or perhaps you are the typical cat person, one who loves the attention of a furry feline friend? Both make excellent companions and are great whether you live alone or have pets within your family.

Yet, while we love our dogs and cats, we also know that they can easily make a mess of your home! How to pet-proof your house? We’ve got some tips for you, so read on.

Solid Floors

Every dog whether it’s a cockapoo or a German shepherd will always find a muddy patch when out for a walk. It’s something that dog lovers get used to. Yet that mud and dirt comes back to the home on the dog’s paws – and those of cats who have been out in the wet – and becomes ingrained into your carpet.

So, the first thing to think about is solid floors. Vinyl, wood, and laminate are types of solid floor that can easily wiped down after the dog has returned.

Special Dog Entrance

On that note, you may also want to think about either dedicating an entrance as the one where you enter after the dog walk – one that opens onto a solid floor – or creating one for your pet.

A porch or a small room that could be accessed from the outside and where the dog can be washed down before it goes into the house is a bonus. If you have an integral garage, for example, that’s a great place to return from your muddy dog walk and get cleaned up.

Dog and Cat Play Area

Both dogs and cats love to play. Indeed, you will have to spend a lot of time keeping your dog entertained, although less so with an adult cat. So, how do you keep the house tidy when your pets are taking their toys to and from other rooms? It’s actually easy: always play with the animal in a specific room.

This way, they will soon learn that when they want to play, that is where they need to go. Both dogs and cats are intelligent animals and usually creatures of habit. If a room means ‘play’ they will soon understand that. You may not think you can train a cat, but it just wants you to think that!

Specific Furniture

You can actually buy a special dog and cat sofa but that’s not necessarily what we’re talking about here! Many pet owners do not want their animal on the expensive and treasured dining room decor and that’s fair enough as they can damage it or make it dirty. So, we have the answer: give them their own sofa or chair!

There may be a chair you rarely use that you can put a throw on and teach the dog or cat that that is where they can lie. It works, and your pet will soon get into the habit of using their own chair. Of course, a dog or cat bed in the room is also a good idea, but they can add to the mess.

Dedicated Feeding Area

Finally, as with playing and sleeping areas, ensure your pets know where to go when it’s feeding time. Dogs can be messy eaters and food all over the floor is not a good look, so arrange a dedicated space for their food bowls. This also keeps the smell of certain dog and cat foods in one specific room.

That’s our tips on pet-proofing a home and there are many more, so we hope we have helped you get some ideas that will make your home a happy one for pooch and puss!

Liam Smith

Liam Smith, a Zoology graduate from the University of Florida, has been sharing his passion and knowledge about pets since joining our website in 2019. With over eight years of experience working with animal shelters and veterinary clinics, Liam offers a deep understanding of pet care, behavior, and wellness. His writings are not only informative but also infused with his personal experiences of fostering animals. In addition to his writing, Liam is a certified dog trainer. His hobbies include bird watching and participating in canine agility sports

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