7 Horrible Mistakes you’re making with Commercial Storage

Commercial storage has proven to be a lifesaver for small businesses. The convenience and price are the main reason businesses prefer renting a commercial storage warehouse to actually buying one. Not only do they provide support in running business operations smoothly, but storage facilities also help sustain business given their price point.

Business storage is indeed a great facility for small businesses as it provides benefits that help keep the newly established businesses afloat. It is a great way to cut costs and get a deal that is a complete package including a red couch for your setup.

Not only do you get a storage facility, but you also get security, surveillance, guards, and added safety. Companies happily rent out warehouses from storage facilities as it is a much cheaper and safer option.

Commercial storage has been gaining popularity recently as people are now more mindful of what they are spending and what they can do to cut corners. Businesses that start out of passion are engaging in practices that let them save money and increase revenue. If you too want to rent a storage unit for commercial storage, be sure to avoid the following horrible mistakes.

Not choosing a climate-controlled facility

Although the self-storage industry has developed beautifully in recent years with so many amenities and value-added services that make the storage experience perfect, commercial storage often means storing inventory and products produced till they need to be shipped off for distribution.

If your products are prone to get damaged by heat or cold, do not make the mistake of skipping the climate-controlled storage unit. Your products will remain in pristine condition with a set temperature and proper ventilation.

You can also opt for cold or hot storage, depending on your needs. Paying for a climate-controlled storage facility is highly recommended if you want to keep your inventory in perfect condition.

Not choosing the right storage size

Another mistake that can have adverse effects on your inventory is not choosing the right size of the storage facility. If you feel your local storage company is short on space, you can opt for another storage company that is far away but provides spaces for storage warehouses.

By storing excess inventory into a compact storage space, you will increase the chances of things getting toppled and damaged. You can also face difficulty while putting the merchandise in and getting everything out safely.

It is indeed necessary to choose the right size for commercial storage so that you can keep it organized.

Not taking out time for cleaning

Storage companies do not usually provide cleaning services, and keeping the place where you keep your products before distribution is essential. People often just rent the space and use it day and night, without taking out time to clean. We are not asking you to add beautiful flowers or a vibrant carpet, just visit a week for basic cleaning.

This situation becomes even more critical when you have to store eatables or perishable items in your storage.

Keeping going for months without cleaning the place can result in an outbreak of pests or mould. Also, the trash can pile up pretty fast, which can be an obstacle in transportation. Businesses should hire help for cleaning the storage warehouses and make sure they take out the trash regularly.

Not labelling everything

Commercial storage is not like domestic storage. It is not a small storage room where you can put all your stuff and grab anything whenever needed. Business storage has a method, a process to it. Some business establishments fail to have a proper storing protocol, and they suffer afterwards when things go haywire.

Make sure to compartmentalize your storage warehouse properly. Make labels and signs so that you can locate everything in one glance. Label all the palates, crates, and boxes with an inventory. You can write the name, production date, delivery date on the labels so that anyone can easily understand when and where to send the package.

Not taking safety measures

You must be under the impression that a storage facility is supposed to ensure safety, but it depends on the type of service you choose. If you have selected a service that provides safety measures, good for you. If not, you should be prepared for the worst.

As a tenant of a storage warehouse, the health and safety of the storage unit is your responsibility. You have to make sure that your inventory and your employees who visit the facility are provided with proper safety protocols in case of any emergency.

You can keep fire extinguishers, water bottles, and first aid kits in case of any accidents. You can also make sure that your stacking and storing strategy is top-notch so that nothing gets knocked over and hurt anyone.

Using it to store everything

We know running a business can be hectic and tiring. It asks for blood, sweat, and investment. If you are under the impression that you can store anything in your rented storage warehouse, you can get in for a surprise.

It is better to rent out different storage units to keep different things apart. Stuffing your inventory, office furniture, and files of records into a single place can make things complicated.

Don’t make the above mistake of cramming everything up into a single place. You can make compartments for storing different things or rent out more storage units if the need arises.

Using it for a short period

Business storage is a great cost-cutting option for new businesses or companies going through a financial crunch. The rents are reasonable and the service impeccable. One mistake some people make is they rent it for a short time and then move to another storage company.

Moving and transporting all your inventory from one place to another will take up your time. This practice will result in a wastage of money and your time.

We advise you to choose a storage company with good commercial storage and stick to it for an extended period. Most storage companies offer deals and discount packages for their long-term clients, which can help you save some more cash.

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