Aeroponic Tower Garden: How Do You Pick the Best Solution?

Are you planning to purchase an aeroponic tower garden and do you want to learn more about how it works as well as the factors to consider when picking your system? And what do you require to get started on this journey to growing and harvesting nutrient-rich food? Let’s embark on this epic journey to growing healthy food. This comprehensive article has everything you need to know about aeroponic towers.

During and even before quarantine, many people globally have been practicing hydroponic gardening. It’s nice to grow and harvest your fresh food. But what should you do if you don’t have enough space for gardening, especially outside your apartment? Taking advantage of that space in your living room corner or kitchen window is the best way to go.

Aeroponic towers are ideal for this type of gardening. Gardyn’s aeroponic towers will enable you to grow your favorite herbs, flowers, veggies and some fruits indoors. Aeroponic tower gardens save much space, are clean, save up to 95% of water, and increase food production ten times compared to soil-based gardening.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for an Aeroponic Tower Garden?

Aeroponic tower gardens fall under the hydroponics umbrella. These gardens provide home gardeners with the capability to produce huge amounts of fresh food herbs, fruits, or vegetables without using a lot of space. Aeroponic tower systems are perfect for:

  • Apartments
  • Small homes
  • Other living situations where outdoor spaces are non-existent or limited.

Also, these systems are highly versatile and low maintenance. As a result, they’re a perfect option for novice home gardeners or individuals who want to get their hands on indoor farming without a lot of stress. Vertical hydroponic gardens are also perfect for year-round farming and for individuals looking to harvest high yields without having to deal with the traditional gardening messiness.

Any homeowners interested in raising their fresh food, from vegetables and herbs to fruits, irrespective of their space constraints or levels of skills, should consider investing their efforts and funds in a hydroponic tower garden.

How Does an Aeroponic Tower Garden Work?

An aeroponic tower is one of the modern and latest gardening systems for gardeners who wish to raise crops and harvest fresh food using hydroponics. While it saves a maximum space of up to 75% and uses 5% of water, an aeroponic tower system delivers a crop yield increase of up to 50%.

A vertical garden only occupies a meter or a maximum of three square free space and can support more than 40 plants in the same space. This is much better than soil-based or other modern methods of gardening. An aeroponic garden also produces crops with between 35% and 60% more nutrients compared to their soil-based counterparts.

In aeroponics, the roots of plants are suspended in the air inside the tower. These roots are sprayed with a nutrient-rich solution at regular intervals using a pump. A reservoir that is below the plants stores the nutrient-rich solution.

The reservoir usually contains an energy-efficient submersible pump that sprays the solution to the roots of plants. Sometimes, a piece of special equipment allows the solution to drizzle down the system, allowing plants to receive the nutrients they need.

A timer helps to programme the solution’s spray time. Depending on your plants’ requirements, you may program the pump to spray for a few minutes and then stay off for some minutes. While the roots remain suspended in the air, the nutrient and water distribution cycle repeats across the day.

An aeroponic tower garden sets your crops vertically, offering enough space. A tower garden can be a perfect option for DIY hobbyists and enthusiasts looking for a reliable aeroponics garden to start growing healthy, nutrient-rich plants. The tower garden is the perfect option.

What to Know Before Purchasing an Aeroponic Gardening Solution

Aeroponic towers have proven to offer high-yield farming, irrespective of space restrictions. However, not all systems are created the same.

The height, number of crop holders, types of plants supported, and how straightforward it is to set up the system, including grow light, are all vital specifications to consider before you can purchase your aeroponic tower.

How to Choose the Best Aeroponic Vertical Garden Tower

If you don’t have a lot of experience, time or space, hydroponics tower gardening makes farming more accessible. Are you a beginner? Pick the best aeroponic tower that is easy to set up and manage.

It should provide features you need as a beginner. While some of them need the purchase of additional accessories, such as LED lights, you need to focus on aeroponic vertical gardens that offer as many vital features as possible.

Since your vertical garden is a lifetime investment, you need to find models that will enable you to get high yields while using fewer resources and effort. This could significantly reduce the cost of maintenance significantly as you enjoy fresh food throughout the year.

You also need to go for an aeroponic system that meets the needs of people with different levels of skills. With such a system, you can train anyone in your home to manage the system, even when you’re away. Also, it is advisable to go for an aeroponic gardening system that utilizes the latest AI technology to manage it.

A system that uses this technology provides you with the opportunity to identify any faults in your garden and provide solutions to help you fix them quickly. You’ll also be able to manage your garden from anywhere, anytime, on your mobile device since most modern gardening solutions come with apps incorporated into their systems.

How Can Gardyn Help with Aeroponic Tower Gardening?

Gardyn provides every homeowner with the opportunity to revolutionize their indoor farming and produce fresh food with aeroponic towers and its HydroponicTM technology. With Gardyn’s aeroponic systems, you can produce fresh harvests year-round with less water usage and minimal maintenance.

You’ll enjoy incredible returns on investment with up to ten times the harvest of soil-based gardening. And you’ll do this in a nutrient-packed, pesticide-free, and aesthetically appealing environment.

Whether you want to increase your production of fresh herbs, fruits, or veggies, Gardyn’s aeroponic tower gardening solutions will enable you to achieve that effortlessly.


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