Are New Casement Windows Good For Boosting Property Value?

According to statistics, casement windows offer up to 80% return on investment and are appealing to prospective property buyers. Apart from this, casement windows are one of the most secured window styles with optimal ventilation and an unobstructed outdoor view.

Moreover, experts claim that replacement casement windows are one of the best units to boost your property value and enhance the exterior look of your house along with the shrubs. Want to know everything in detail? Keep reading!

Casement windows explained 

The chances are you have faced casement windows when visiting your friends’ house, or you might even have these units installed in your own house. Curious why we are that confident? Well, casement windows are the most popular units in Canada. And this is for a good reason.

  • Casement windows complement traditional and modern home styles. Also referred to as crank windows, casement windows operate easily, thanks to their fold-down handles.
  • Casement windows function in places where you want maximum ventilation – for example, the bathroom or kitchen. Apart from this, casement windows provide clear and unobstructed views.
  • Compared to other window types, casement windows are difficult to break in. Since the only way to open the window is to turn the window crank, an intruder will find it challenging to turn the crank through broken glass. You can even remove the crank and keep it out of reach.

Replacement Casement Windows: Pros and Cons 


  • The most energy-efficient windows among operable units;
  • Allow maximum ventilation and an unobstructed outdoor view;
  • Secured and not easy to break in;
  • Classy and clean look from outside and inside.


  • Have many mechanical parts that might break;
  • You can only wash the window from the outside since it opens 90-degrees.

Casement windows vs Hung vs Sliding windows: Which Style For The Biggest Value 

Many Canadian homeowners are unsure which window style to choose when shopping for new windows. This is especially true when deciding on 3 above-mentioned units – casement, hung and sliding windows. While every window replacement project is unique and you have to consider your personal preferences, budget, and exterior, some common tips help you decide on the style fitting your house the best.

  • Casement windows 

These units are the middle ground, and you definitely won’t get disappointed installing them for your house. Maximum energy efficiency, terrific look and affordability make casement windows a perfect solution for any Canadian home.

  • Hung windows 

Of all operational windows, hung windows are the most traditional. Hung windows move vertically up and down and are easy to operate by hand. Unlike casement windows, you don’t need crank handles to open the window. It is also available in double and single-hung, and tilt configurations.

Hung windows are an excellent solution when you don’t want your window to protrude out of your home into an outdoor area. Because of its self-locking mechanism option, you can lock and unlock the window with more convenience. Energy Star-rated hung windows are perfect for boosting the thermal performance of your house and provide great ROI’s in terms of energy bills.

  • Sliding windows 

As the name implies, sliding windows move or slide horizontally – unlike hung windows that move vertically and will look great with your dining room interior. These windows are more expensive than other styles mentioned previously, but sliders provide a modern touch to your property, significantly boosting the market value of your house.

Popular Window Styles: How Much Will It Cost You?

While getting new windows is definitely an excellent idea for boosting your property value and curb appeal, you should be ready for a big initial investment. Quality units will cost a lot. No trade-offs here. Do not fall victim to ads offering your cheap windows with free installation. If you want your new windows to serve you at least for the next 25 years, do your homework and analyze the market, find a reliable window company to sell and install quality Energy Star and NAFS-11 tested windows with a decent warranty. And to make the task easier for you, here is the table representing the typical price ranges for the windows we have previously discussed.

Location Casement Window Sliding Window Single-Hung Window
Basement $535 – $1,022 $394 – $1057 n\a
Bathroom $446 – $1,032 $394 – $1033 $95 – $1500
Bedroom $444 – $1193 $437 – $1521 $587 – $2115
Bonus room $676 – $1134 $820 – $1248 $634 – $1374
Dining room $550 – $1348 $669 – $1957 $529 – $1466
Family room $605 – $1999 $490 – $1131 $569 – $1155
Foyer $858 – $1999 $465 – $778 $500 – $854
Front $583 – $1014 $785 – $968 $510 – $925
Garage n\a $391 – $1085 $588 – $732
Kitchen $329 – $1356 $394 – $1595 $445 – $1595
Living room $484 – $1614 $433 – $2327 $429 – $1614
Master bedroom $545 – $1304 $452 – $1810 n\a
Nook $549 – $1149 $658 – $1142 $473 – $1186



Window replacement offers up to 80-90% return on investment. Functional and high-quality casement windows will insulate your home, improve the aesthetics, provide optimal ventilation and unobstructed views, and ultimately boost your property value.

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