The 5 Best Croquet Sets in 2020: Reviews and Buying Guide

Croquet is that backyard game that brings all the fun at tremendously dull times! It grew famous through British colonies, and now it is worldwide. The trend of owning a croquet set and playing it in backyards is rapidly increasing across the globe. It is gold, but better and quicker. Hit the ball with your wooden bat into hoops or wickets and score points! It is amusing to have a croquet set in your backyard! Once you start playing, you feel like you want more of it.

It is not just hitting the ball; it also has a set of rules and guidelines that make the game challenging and fun. It is not easy to stay outside, especially at the times of vacation. Outdoor activities are always entertaining for making your body move and thrill. That is right! Croquet also acts as a little workout for your body! It is fun for your family to play together and create some memories altogether.

It does not need a place as big as a golf yard, all you need in your backyard.  Golf can be called Croquet, too, but with the more massive ground and different sticks. You can even propose playing Croquet in backyard parties. Croquet is also referred to in many artful writings such as H.G. Wells. All you need is the right set to last longer and to have perfect gameplay.

Let us help you in guiding through the procedure of buying an excellent croquet set. You need to know what a croquet set consists of before judging and testing the sets. You need plastic or wooden balls, mallets (hammers that are used as bats to hit the balls), wickets, and end posts. Wickets are U shaped hoops where the balls need to pass through.

So, you need all these elements in any number of quantities, but of the best quality to spend your leisure playing Croquet. For many in British, Croquet is nostalgic. But for many across the world, it is leisure that is getting trended recently. Regardless of what people say, it does boost your physical health, mental health and encourages relationships between friends and family.

Best Croquet Sets in 2020 Reviewed

1. GSE Games & Sports Expert Premium 6-Player

GSE Six Player Croquet Set with Classic/Deluxe Wooden Mallets, Colored Balls, Sturdy Carrying Bag...
  • COMPLETE SET - The classic croquet set includes 6 hardwood mallets, 6 multi-colored croquet balls, 9...
  • PREMIUM & DURABILITY - The handle is made from hardwood, measuring 30" in length and 0.85" in...
  • EASY SET UP - This croquet set has everything you need for a fun and exciting game. Hardwood handle...
  • EASE TRANSPORT & STORE - Our croquet set includes an 800D heavy-duty large nylon carrying bag, so...

This set is a complete one having six croquet balls, six mallets, and nine wickets with two wooden stakes. This set is easy to set up, and the price is reasonable. This set is sturdy, and exactly what you need to be durable and standard. This set also includes a bag to carry the equipment.

The bag is made of nylon and is pretty much right in quality. As it takes less time to set up, you can just unzip the bag, set things up, and start playing the game within no time. The setting up is natural because you do not need to assemble and dismantle the set every time you play.

2. Amish-Crafted Deluxe 8-Player Croquet Game Set Deluxe Croquet Game Set - 8 Player - with Wooden Stand (Eight 28" Handles)
  • Quality Made by Amish Craftsmen in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
  • Deluxe 8 Player Set.
  • Made with Maple Hardwood for Long-Lasting Durability.
  • Available in 28" or 32" Handles.

This is an 8-player set that can be used by both kids and adults. When it comes to sturdiness, it ranks top than any other listed set here. It is made of maple wood, and that makes it more durable, and the grip of those wooden mallets is even better. It is also ready to play, set that allows you to play as soon as you unzip the bag directly.

You do not need to assemble anything; it is complete when you buy it. It also comes with a rack where you can safely place your mallets, balls, and wickets. The heads of these mallets have a little metal breaking them from cracking up. Which just proves that it is more durable and reliable.

3. Franklin Sports Outdoor Croquet Set – 6 Player

Franklin Sports Croquet Set - Intermediate Croquet Set with Mallets, Balls + Wickets - Family...
  • FUN FOR ALL: This 6-player croquet set is the perfect way to get family and friends of all ages out...
  • DURABLE BALLS: This set comes with (6) durable, all-weather croquet balls that are built to last...
  • WOODEN MALLETS: This set comes with (6) 24" color coordinated wooden mallets that are engineered to...
  • WICKETS AND SCORING STICKS: This set comes with (9) all-weather steel wickets and (2) colorful wood...

This set comes with six mallets, a stylish rack that keeps all of them, six balls, and nine wickets. These balls can fight against the weather, but the mallets are not as durable as the others. The carry bag that is given with the set is so reliable and significant that it fits the entire set and still has some space left.

These mallets come with good wooden finished and hard heads. The heads are so standard and sturdy, but the wooden tubes are not. The price is reasonable, and this set comes with directions to play. The rack that comes with the set is so colorful and aesthetically pleasing.

4. Harvil 6-Player Croquet Set for All Ages

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This set is the best one in all the terms. It comes with six balls and six mallets, meaning that it is for six players. The wickets are not just any, but nine sturdy steel hoops that can stand any environment.

The balls are of polymer and are sturdier than regular plastic balls usually provided. The mallets are of hardwood and are robust. The mallet heads are made of sharp bamboos, and you do not need to think before hitting that ball hard. The balls are of perfect weight and allow them to roll perfectly smooth.

5. GoSports Six Player Croquet Set for Adults & Kids

GoSports Six Player Croquet Set for Adults & Kids - Modern Wood Design - Choose Deluxe (35") or...
  • COMPLETE CROQUET SET: Includes 6 color mallets, 6 balls, 9 wickets, 2 end posts and rules
  • KIDS AND ADULTS: Full size 35 inch handles can be used by players of all sizes, not just kids;...
  • PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: Mallets are crafted from premium hardwoods for durability and feature a modern...
  • CARRYING CASE: Includes handy storage bag so you can neatly store the set and take it out to the...

This is topmost and the best set that is available online right now! Given the cost and the features it has, it is unmatchable to any other set. If you seriously want some quality stuff, this is for you. This product had secured excellent ratings and reviews on Amazon too. It is a six-player set with six balls and six mallets.

It has nine wickets, like every other set also. It is made sturdy and can resist rough handling too. It can be used many times before it can be replaced. It comes with rules of play that are clear and regulations of playing. These rules are simple to understand, and even first-timers can understand how to play. It is not too cheap, yet is reasonably priced. It is that mid-budget croquet set you are looking for.

Things to Consider before Buying a Croquet Set

If you have never played Croquet and are trying it for the first time, you need to know a few things before rushing into the purchase.

Size of the handle

The mallets available are of different sizes, and you should know which one is for you. They are around 30 inches in height. You need to know the size because long mallets are hard to use for the kids. If you have any kids, you better buy a short mallet that can be used by both kids and adults.


The number of players is what always should be in your mind. Before going for the purchase, you need to think about how many people are going to use it and can everyone does it at the same time. It is a real-life multiplayer game that contains many wickets so that it is to be understood that Croquet is played by different players simultaneously.

You need to check how the set gives many balls, mallets, and wickets. If you are seven and have the set which supports only six players to play, you will fall into a maze of hurt feelings. So, it is always advised to look at the number of players the set allows to play.

The Ball

You need to know if the ball’s surface is smooth and lets it straight into the hoops. The dimensions of balls can change that to happen. Sometimes bigger balls are not fun to play with and an easy goal.

Plastic balls are to be avoided because they are not very reliable. When the game was famous, there were wooden balls. Polymer balls are of the best kind and just the things you need to have a rough and continuous match.


You need to check the mallets too. If there is a lousy mallet, your game is gone. You need a polished, hard, and rough mallet to hit the pall with appropriate intensity to hit the ball. For that to happen, it is best to choose the head of mallets made of hardwood.

To have a good time with family, you need an optimal set that is cheap and durable for a given price. Too cheap sets are not much durable, and the ones you need are neutral. They should be in the middle in the graph of price and durability. It is not fair to get addicted to Croquet and having to replace the set frequently.

So, look carefully through the list, read reviews before buying it. There are many ways you can see on the net for playing Croquet. Do it after knowing how to or what to. Once you understand the gameplay, you will realize how similar it is so simple yet beautiful, and the one that passes the time with laughs and giggles.

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