Best Soccer Rebounders (2020): Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

Are you trying to hit the goal? Improve your passes? The one who passes must know where the ball goes when he kicks it! Or does not come through mere instinct, but a lot of practice. You need to know every part of your feet and understand the force, intensity, and angle of you kicking the ball.

As much as people like to think that soccer is for brutes, it is for people who are good with calculations. A bit of miscalculation and the goal is left un-kicked, and the net remains unmoved. Not just practice, you need to get used to accurate calculations; you do not need to practice math; it is just that you need to understand it all through brute force and sheer training.

Well, if you have a friend who is into the same thing, you can practice all day with them. But if you don’t? Or What if your friend is busy that day, and all you can do is kick the ball to the wall? Kicking the ball to the wall is good practice, but it causes damages to your ball, and in rare cases, the wall too. You can’t just kick the ball in a net and run to collect it every time. You need something that kicks back at you.

And that is a Soccer Rebounder! It is either tied tightly with springs or is just an elastic net that kicks your ball back. If correcting your kicks, shaping your passes, and accurate kicks are what you are trying to do, you need these rebounders! They are just like goals, but they do a lot more than what goals are made to do.

The elastic ones are cool, but the ones tied with spring are more feasible and durable—there different types of rebounders. You can even purchase something that is very small and is portable that can be used to sharpen your aim. You should know your skill, and if you don’t, it is better to buy a multi-purpose rebounder. So, let us see what are the best rebounders available now, and how are they?

5 Best Soccer Rebounders Reviewed

1. SKLZ Quickster Soccer Trainer

SKLZ Quickster Soccer Trainer - Dual-Sided Ball Rebounder for Solo Passing, Receiving, Trapping...
  • ENHANCE YOUR SOCCER SKILLS: Master passing, receiving, and ball control with this dual-sided...
  • IMPROVE BALL CONTROL: The large-sided, 6 x 4-foot rebounder net is perfect for solo practice,...
  • ENJOY CONSISTENT REBOUNDS: Spend more time practicing and less time setting up thanks to the...
  • PRACTICE PASSING & RECEIVING: Small-sided, 6-foot x 20-inch rebounding net lets you sharpen your...

It is an optimal rebounder at a reasonable cost. It is easy to set-up and doesn’t weigh more than 13 pounds. Assembling this rebounder will take less than ten minutes, and it is highly portable. It cannot be called multi-purpose, but it is used for different practices.

The weight, assembling, and measurements make it the best one available for solo practicing. The solo practice was the goal, and through purchasing this rebounder, one can even carry it, transport it, and fix it without a companion.

To get all the above facilities for a price as low as this one is rare, and that is what exactly makes this an optimal rebounder. You can practice volleys, half-volleys, and passes with this rebounder. This kicks the ball into the sky for offensive headers.

2. Trigon Sports Soccer Rebounder

Trigon Sports Soccer Rebounder Training Net, 6 x 12-Feet
  • Frame Size: 6’ x 12’
  • 1-1/2" Heavy duty powder coated galvanized steel tube frame.
  • 2.5mm Heavy duty U.V treated twisted knotted netting.
  • Includes 3’ stabilizing legs for each side of frame.

It is a monster rebounder that allows newbies to learn their aiming. Its large surface allows the players to goal quickly and hit accurately by sharpening they are aiming. But this large frame can cause unbalance in the rebounder too; they might fall off. Its net is UV treated, and the tubes are of high quality, and regardless of its class, it looks quite simple.

This rebounder also comes with buttons that help you to assemble and dismantle quickly. It is a multi-purpose rebounder and hence the large size. It is sturdy and can be used rough, without fearing that you would damage it. It is used on both sides, but that is precisely why you can’t set it in different angles, sadly! As it is so large, it has three legs on both sides to create the balance. But it still may topple.

3. QuickPlay PRO Rebounder

QuickPlay PRO Rebounder Adjustable Angle Multi-Sport Trainer | Soccer Rebounder or Baseball &...
  • PROFESSIONAL TRAINING TOOL - The Pro Rebounder features a high tension rebound net and is available...
  • INNOVATIVE MULTI-ANGLE ADJUSTABLE PANEL - Create a practice environment that's more realistic than...
  • NEGATIVE ANGLE SETTING - One of the only rebounders on the market that can lean forward past...
  • TRAIN ON ALL SURFACES - Rubber pads are located on the base of the rebounder frame making it...

This rebounder is professional and is also multi-purpose. It can be used for both solo and group practicing. Its nets are strong, and it is adjustable. You can set it up from different angles. You can even use it indoors. Its rubber pads allow it to be put anywhere.

It has a sturdy steel frame and is entirely durable. The only thing is that it is one of the costliest rebounders as it is of professional standards. It is more realistic than other rebounders because the panel is adjustable, which can be used to train yourself for different scenarios. Its sturdiness makes it durable and makes it usable in any time of environmental setting.

It comes with a two-year warranty. It only lacks in its portability. Because of its stiff rods and large surface, it is heavy and tough to transport it around. It can be carried with an effort but cannot just be moved around by a single person.

4. SoccerWave Jr. 2 in 1 Soccer Rebounder

Soccer Rebounder Net by Soccer Wave | SoccerWave Jr. 2 in 1 Skill Trainer | Designed to Refine...
  • DIFFERENT TECHNIQUES: Practice different soccer techniques like Trapping, heading, volley shots,...
  • UNPREDICTABLE RETURNS: Unpredictable ball returns forces the player to adjust his or her position to...
  • PRACTICE SOLO or AS A TEAM: Practice soccer without the help of others. Practice on your own time...
  • DECISION MAKING: By using the front side of the soccerwave (curved side) improve your desision...

It is a multi-training rebounder that helps you to train for passes, headers, volley shots, and ground shots. It kicks the ball back in unpredictable angles that the player must be spontaneous to move accordingly. There are videos of assembling this rebounder, and also it is quite a task to join them.

This one encourages solo practice, too, like the others. It is focused on pass accuracy more, and you can also try volley, half-volleys, and headers. It can be set in two ways, and each way helps differently skilled players. The net is UV protected, and the tubes are of high quality that won’t easily rust.

As it is a two-piece model, it makes it easy to carry after dismantling it. However, it is bulky and not as portable as the other optimal rebounders. Regardless of the videos present to assemble the rebounder, it is hard. And that is annoying when you want things done quicker. Even while team-practice, it helps people to challenge themselves by its unpredictable kick.

5. Tekk Trainer Rebounder Goal

Tekk Trainer Rebounder Goal (Soccer, Basketball, Lacrosse, Baseball)
  • Soccer – perfect for field players and goalkeepers - practice passing, shooting, trapping and...
  • Basketball – practice game situation passing, catching, shooting and dribbling
  • Angle adjusts to seven positions for all around training
  • Strongest and largest portable trainer on the market, built to last for years

If you think you do not care about costs and training is what that matters, then you should probably go ahead on buying this rebounder. It is very costly, and even goalkeepers can practice their games through this rebounder. You can adjust the angle for different positions, allowing you to practice different scenarios. Setting it up is not a big deal and can be done without breaking a sweat.

Its tubes are of aluminum and high quality, just as its nets that are thick, durable, and UV protected. Its sturdiness helps you stop bothering about the intensity of your kick. Even though it is sturdy, it is not very heavy and can be transported easily. This rebounder can also be used for different sports.

The only thing that is off about this rebounder is its height. Its height is quite vast and adjustable. It would have been great if it were adjustable because then it would not have anything harmful.

If you are looking for a local rebounder to avoid the cost, you need to be sure of specific features that are essential for a rebounder to have.

How to Buy the Best Soccer Rebounders – Buying Guide


The size of a rebounder is always the primary thing that you should check before buying. You need a rebounder that is as small as possible if improving your aim is what your goal is. But if you are already a pro and just need practice, you should have a big one. 

But as the big ones are not easily portable, it is better if you have bought a rebounder whose height is adjustable. Few rebounders are easy to dismantle and carry them, but the bigger they are, the harder it becomes to carry them. They should be optimal, just what you need.


You must check its sturdiness before purchasing it. Few local rebounders come with cheap quality tubes that might rust or break easily. You need something that withstands your kicks. You need to kick the ball freely without bothering about the strength of the tubes.

For that to happen, the framing must be so strong and of high quality. If you are a kid or you want to be the rebounder to be more portable, you can look up for plastic ones, as they are thick and less in weight than sturdy rebounders of steel.


A net should be durable, too, just as the tubing. Nets should be flexible for any kind of weather. They should better be UV protected and have small knits that do not get damaged in the rain or harsh winds. Even though cheap and easy to buy, thin and fallible nets are unworthy and just a waste of time.

 As you can see, most of the rebounders are multi-purpose, and their being multi-purpose is suitable for your training. Any rebounder you buy is for your good, so being frugal is reasonable but not in terms of your practice.

 When it comes to sharpening your body and fastening your skills, you need to be more brutal than frugal. Get a rebounder, start practicing and kick those balls back!

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