Best Curtains to Use with Traverse Rod [Buyer’s Guide] 

After a week of unending torments of your boss and after lifting your tiring schedules, you decide to have a refreshing party at your home. But still, you fail to hide from the torments and basis of your mundane life, just because of a piece of cloth veiling your windows.

Do your curtains fail to match your house’s vibe and let people get you as mundane workaholic? Well, escape the hassle of deciding the perfect curtain for your windows as we are here to do this for you.

Well, this opinion may put a lot of people into jeopardy, but this is a fact, that curtains are as important as windows and adds to the aesthetic of your sweet home. Believe it or not, your house reflects your vibe, why let some dull piece of cloth veiling your windows let people misunderstand your vibe. So, curtains have a major role to play in terms of your house aesthetics.

But for veiling your windows with curtains you would require a rod onto which your curtains can hang. However, there are variety of rods, but traverse have one win over the other rods that the clips on the traverse rod fully cover your windows, and you do not to worry yourself with privacy concerns, because all that outsiders can see is your beautiful taste in deciding your curtains.

First, let us get an idea about the traverse rod so we can decide a beautiful set of curtains for the same.

What is a Traverse Rod?

What is a Traverse Rod

A traverse rod has also clipped eyes to grip up curtains. Also, it has a cord running which is directly connected to the master slide or pulley, often runs more than the rod itself for veiling your windows better.

The presence of eyes depends upon the length of rod, the longer the rod, the more the no. of eyes in it. You can get curtains specifically for traverse rod along with pins or hooks so that the curtains hang on to the eyes or you can simply get a piece of drapery and drapery pins separately. That solely depends on your style and aesthetics you want to have for your house.

4 Best Traverse Rods You Can Buy Online

1. Sateen Twill Woven Blackout Curtain

Sateen Twill Woven Blackout Curtain

If the plated curtains still have your heart, then this is a choice for you with the elegance of the sateen. Also these curtains are blackout that is it can help escaping the sunlight at its most. The sateen adds on as giving a luxurious and rich look to your home.

It will feel as smooth as feather and your guests will not help but praising its extreme rich quality as it is 100% cotton and 100 percent polyester. The vanilla look can aesthetically fit perfect to your room, if you are less but more type of style person. This is sure to give a classic and rich look to your room.

Also, these pinch plated so you do not need to go some extra mile to make them look perfect. Be sure to check the width you require. These curtains will suit perfectly well with a decorative traverse rod of preferably black colour. If your house aesthetics are much of black and cream colour, then there is no better choice than this amazing and rich sateen.

Also, you would require buying some drapery pins along with them, but this does not count as loss with so satisfying a product.

Exclusive Home Sateen Twill Woven Room Darkening Blackout Pinch Pleat/Hidden Tab Top Curtain Panel...
  • RICH SATEEN: The Exclusive Home Sateen curtain panels are woven in a rich, sateen twill in a neutral...
  • ROOM DARKENING OPACITY: room darkening opacity is designed for light control and privacy.
  • HIDDEN TABS FOR HANGING: Hang using the hidden back tabs and your favorite curtain rod and...
  • SET OF TWO CURTAIN PANELS: Includes two (2) curtain panels, each measuring 96" long. 30"W top...

2. Chanasya Floral Curtains

Chanasya Floral Curtains

Do floral and geometric designs lure you into their aura? Then this is the product for you. If the warm florals are what you are looking for, then your search is over. This polyester curtain offers both design and texture. This traverse chocolate colour is sure to fill your room with its warmness.

One more feature that adds on to its advantage is that it is sure to block maximum of the light entering your room. So, these curtains fit well to their basic requirements and can be used with standard as well as decorative traverse rods.

The material will not disappoint you at all as it is 100 percent polyester and its fabric is known for durability. Also, these curtains are machine washable in cold water, so you do not need to tire your hands with their washing and, they are compatible with steam ironing so you can create folds as you please.

This product offers you three types of hanging options pole pocket, ring tab and ring tab. You must worry yourself with drapery pins because they are not included with the product but that is not a loss at all.

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3. Embroidered Sheer Curtains

Embroidered Sheer Curtains

If the ancient European art drags you to its magnificent aura, then this is how you can it home. Its authentic embroidery will put your guests into deep thinking of art. These curtains are sure an exotic choice when layered with other curtains.

Quality is surely not an issue in this curtain as it is a polyester blend with durability. Its beige bottom with golden embroidery ate sure to add a class to your living room. It can be used with standard or decorative traverse rods.

The choice is always in your hands. Its golden embroidery with European touch is sure to take your home decor to another level of exquisiteness. Ancient and decorative lamps can be used as contrast with these curtains.

These curtains are however not to be bleached if you do not want to destroy its elegance. However it is machine washable in cold water and you are sure to not to tire your hands to wash it. It is easy to care and easy to dry and beautiful to look.

High Grade European Embroidered Sheer Curtains Rod Pockets Top Window Treatment Voile Panel Drape...
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  • Material : polyester.Easy care, machine wash cold, gentle cycle, do not bleach,Hang to dry
  • Hanging Style:Rod pocket panel is easy to hang with a standard or decorative curtain rod.
  • Notice:The price is for one Panel

4. Velvet Curtains

Velvet Curtains

If the velvety lustre is what you adore, then it is what we get for you. No one is oblivious to the fact that nothing is as deep in colour as a velvet. These curtains are sure to give an intense formal look to your house. Stand out as a boss with these velvet curtains.

It is obviously soft to touch and elegant to look. It also ensures you a deep sleep due to its noise absorbing quality. Also the quality of the material will not turn out to be a disappointment as it 100 percent velvety polyester. It also blocks sunlight to maximum. Also you can choose your colour from among 40. So, it will suit any of your moods.

However, you would require purchasing drapery pins to hang them on your traverse rods, but it is not a disservice at all. The width and length can be chosen as per your requirement. It is best suited for your living room because sound absorbing quality, you can enjoy your picture like a theatre. However, choice always rests in your hands.

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  • DETERMINE DRAPERY FINISHED WIDTH Single panel width = ( Rod Track Full Length + Fullness ) / Panel...
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  • NOTE: Velvet colors varies from fabric nap direction. Slight color difference between different...

How Traverse Rod Prove Better?

The mechanism and structure may seem a little bit of complex in these rods, but it has quite a lot of advantage over the conventional rods we use to veil our windows which might even sometimes fail to do even the basic purpose up to that efficiency.

This is where this traverse rod comes into play. They even ease from the hassle of choosing special custom curtains for these rods as you simply choose any piece of drapery and let drapery pins do everything else for you.

  • Are you the one who tries to close the curtains perfectly, but still your hands are unable to do this minimal task up to perfection, then this traverse is just for you? Now you can close and open the curtains just with a push and to perfection. Why go through the hassle of opening and closing with hands when all you to do is pinch the cord and it has done.
  • Are you one of those who likes to style everything according to their own taste, with different layers of drapery, then you do not need to go through the hassle of double rods and styling the curtains perfectly? What you really need to do is use a double traverse curtain rod and just enjoy the decorative look it gives without showing the hassle you have gone through to achieve that look.
  • Do long nearly a metre wide windows mesmerize you, and lure you to their glory? If the answer is a straight “yes”, then why travel a metre distance to open or close them. Why not use a traverse cord instead to ensure smooth as silk opening and closing of your magnificent windows.
  • Do you like plated curtains for your drawing room but did not like the design of the pinch plated curtains in the market. Well, you do not have to worry about finding the customised curtains as you can always customize them to your style with the help of some drapery pins and traverse rods without even showing the hardware.
  • At last traverse rods always prove the best to give its customers a clean and no hardware look. Why to show the complex mechanism, just make it look simply.

What curtains will look best with traverse rods also depends upon which traverse rod are you fond of. Are you the one who likes to keep it simple and classy or decorative and flary? Well, traverse rods got you covered in any scenario as it has simply three types of rods to fulfil all the requirements you have in mind and keeping in mind your style and aesthetics.

Standard Traverse Rod: If you want to flaunt your awesome fabric then this is the rod you should choose for your extra wide windows. These rods do not focus on design and remain hidden under the curtains.

They come in various widths and diameters to suit your requirements. You can always design your windows at an angle and cover them with beautiful set of curtains you choose. Figuring out how? Traverse rods are the magic solution to this problem.

Decorative Traverse Rod: If you are the one who prefers everything designer and show your design off, then you can have a designer header for your stylish curtains, and it will not even hide away with the help of these decorative traverse rods. These rods let you have fully functional curtains with a tint of your style, and you are all set to groove your style, your way.

Double Traverse Rod: If you are the one who likes to mix two styles of drapery and present it your way, then these double traverse rods are for you as they will let you use two pieces of drapery together with a layered look and that too in clean, non-messy way. What else is required for layered drapery lover?

Choosing the right set of curtains for your house can be a little bit of messy as the market has a lot to offer in this case. From the florals to the medallions, to geometric shapes, there is an endless variety of curtains in the market.

But what suits you depends upon you. Is it the elegant satin or the calm florals, it always depends upon you? Well, design is not only the sole criteria for choosing the curtains, width of windows, length of the traverse rod, design of the rod and layering styles also should be considered.

Traverse rods are sure to add functionality to your curtains, but these curtains will add a luxurious and rich look to your house. The final choice always rests in your hands; however, it is your house to decorate after all. To classy Sateen, to the warm florals these curtains have got it covered for you.

The traverse rods along these curtains are sure to add style to your house and add to your aesthetics. Well, you want a party all you need is to prepare your house and you can always flaunt your style with your amazing choice of curtains and your way of fitting them. Be sure to have to your way.

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