Best Electric Chainsaws of 2021

With so much progress in electric appliances, it is not a coincidence that many people consider an Electric Chainsaw. With clean and fresh energy and low maintenance, an electric chainsaw is stunning or attractive for residential or suburban homeowners. This type of chainsaw is helpful for those who are not convenient with Gasoline-Powered Chainsaws.

Electric chainsaws are lightweight and compact-sized devices; therefore, they can be easily carried away from one place to another. They are more indistinct than gasoline-based chains and do not evacuate or leave the odor of gas in their wake. The electric chainsaw’s best thing is that you do not have to bother about the blend or mixture of oil and gas.

The most important thing, an electric chainsaw kicks off at the touch of a switch or button. An electric chainsaw is utilized for pruning trees, trimming limbs or stems, cutting tiny logs or tree trunks, and other cutting operations around your house or backyard.

In this list, we will discuss the finest electric chainsaws of 2021 so that you can easily choose your favorite ones among these.

Best Electrical Chainsaw Reviews

1. Oregon CS1500 Self-Sharpening Corded Electric Chainsaw

Oregon CS1500 Self-Sharpening Corded Electric Chainsaw

If you have got more giant stems or branches and tree logs to tackle, then this is the finest electric chainsaw for you. Its 18-inch shaft or bar is one of the biggest you will discover on an electric chainsaw variant. The 15-Amp motor of the electric chainsaw supplies enough power for most residential operations. 

The automatic lubricator or oiler keeps things functioning well. Simultaneously, the electric chainsaw’s PowerSharp feature lets you enhance the chain within 3 seconds without separating or removing it from the saw, helping you come through your work more rapidly.

It brags or boasts an 18″ saber or blade and bar that can trim tree trunks or logs up to 16″ in diameter, which comprises hardwoods like timber. The chain bar or the guide bar also detracts rebound or kickback, making this a completely safe chain saw.

Pros: –

  • This chain saw has great trimming or cutting power. 
  • This chain saw starts its operation instantly. 
  • It is a lightweight chainsaw with a well-designed structure. 

Cons: –

  • Some consumers have mentioned that the chain of the electric chainsaw drops off readily. 


Oregon CS1500 18-inch 15 Amp Self-Sharpening Corded Electric Chainsaw, with Integrated...
  • Powerful performance: 15A electric chainsaw with integrated PowerSharp self-sharpening system. The...
  • Built-in PowerSharp self-sharpening system minimizes downtime by sharpening your chain in 3 to 5...
  • Tensioning without tools: Allows you to adjust your chain quickly and easily so that you can...
  • Automatic lubrication: Automatic oiling system provides continuous lubrication to the bar & chain...

2. Earthwise CS33016 Corded Electric Chainsaw

Earthwise CS33016 Corded Electric Chainsaw

The Earthwise CS33016 Wired Electric Chainsaw has a solid or powerful 12-amp motor and a high-quality 16-inch Oregon bar and chain. This electric chainsaw has been formulated or designed to accomplish a range of light and medium trimming or cutting tasks around the house, making it appropriate for clearing shrubs and cutting or trimming trees. 

Additionally, it can also be utilized to trim or cut a small extent of timber or firewood for your wooden stock. As with all other wired electric saws, you should only utilize this electric chainsaw when the chainsaw’s extreme conditions are upright, not signifying moist or wet weather.

The Oregon chain is a very successful and popular chain for this electric chainsaw as it supplies a proper balance between high performance and reliability. The Earthwise CS30116 is a straightforward, user-oriented electric chainsaw composed of hard plastic and metallic material. 

Pros: –

  • It is a vacuous or lightweight electric chainsaw that can be easily controlled and operated. 
  • It is a powerful and compact-sized electric chainsaw with high durability and reliability. 
  • It is an excellent household or domestic electric chainsaw for low-duty usage. 

Cons: –

  • The oil tank or reservoir cannot add enough oil to the chainsaw.
Earthwise CS33016 16-Inch 12-Amp Corded Electric Chainsaw
  • Electric chainsaw with a 12-Amp motor that delivers power and performance comparable to gas...
  • 16" bar and chainsaw chain for fast and clean cuts; The corded electric chainsaw includes protective...
  • Earthwise Power Tools by ALM corded electric chainsaw with a convenient automatic oiling system and...
  • Electric chainsaw with a comfortable rubber over-molded grip and big loop assist handle

3. Makita XCU03Z Cordless 14″ Chain Saw

Makita XCU03Z Cordless 14 Chain Saw

One of the most significant and highly appreciated electric chainsaws on the marketplace, the Makita XCU03Z matches a 32cc gasoline-based electric chainsaw’s electrical power, which outstays for up to two to four hours on a single battery charge. The long battery life of the electric chainsaw is because of its effective brushless and direct-coupled motor system.

The fluctuating or variable Speed Trigger feature allows you to operate the chainsaw at any speed up to 65 feet per second, providing you great control over this electric chainsaw. The in-built Lock-off Lever defends the user from minor injuries or accidents and also conserves battery usage.

The Automated Chain Oiling characteristic of this electric chainsaw is exact. The big window on the oil tank or reservoir makes things easier to monitor the electric chainsaw’s oil level. For smooth maintenance, the electric chainsaw chain can be unfastened, reinstated, or replaced and adjusted without the use of other equipment and tools.

Pros: –

  • It is a convenient, endurable, and cost-effective electric chainsaw.
  • It is a vacuous or lightweight chainsaw with variable speed options.
  • It also comprises a Side Handle for bimanual working or operation.

Cons: –

  • It is not so strong or powerful enough for fat trimming or cutting.
Makita XCU03Z 36V (18V X2) LXT® Brushless 14" Chain Saw, Tool Only
  • No gas, emissions, oil mixing or pull starts
  • Makita-built Outer Rotor BL Brushless Motor direct-drive system provides high power efficiency...
  • Tool-less chain adjustment for convenient operation and maintenance
  • Variable speed trigger (0-3,940 FPM) for easy operation

4. Greenworks 20262 Cordless Chainsaw

Greenworks 20262 Cordless Chainsaw

This famous electric chainsaw from Greenworks delivers up to three hours of running time for cutting or trimming brush and tree branches, cutting wooden blocks of up to 6 inches, and other minor clean-up duties. All of this is done because of its long-standing Lithium-ion Battery.

Its lightweight size of 6 pounds makes it readily movable or maneuverable while still supplying reliability and stability. The shrouding or wrap-around handle allows you to bear or hold the chainsaw at the precise angle you require to adjust.

This variant comes with a Skip Chain, typically utilized on long bars for massive timber or softwood trees, which can produce vibration when used on small tree logs and branches. Since it has a comparatively small saber or blade, it helps step into tough spots and trim in those areas that would not be attainable or possible with more giant chainsaws.

Pros: –

  • It is a magnificent or prominent electric chainsaw for mild cutting like brushes, shrubs, etc.
  • It is a movable, lightweight electric chainsaw that can be efficiently utilized.
  • It also supports an extended battery run-time along with rapid charging.

Cons: –

  • It does not have the unique feature of Anti-Kick or Chain-Break in this electric chainsaw.
Greenworks 40V 12" Cordless Compact Chainsaw (Great For Storm Clean-Up, Pruning, and Camping), 2.0Ah...
  • 40V COMPACT CHAINSAW – perfect for homeowners and occasional users.power: Cordless
  • 12" BAR AND CHAIN – Low kickback safety chain with hand guard for added protection
  • AUTOMATIC OILER - applies oil to bar and chain when needed to ensure durability and optimal use
  • TOOL-LESS TENSIONING – for easy bar and chain maintenance

5. DEWALT MAX XR Chainsaw (DCCS620B)


This electric chainsaw is a small yet highly competent chainsaw that operates on a 5 Ah rechargeable battery that powers the chainsaw with a speed of 25.2 feet per second and can obtain you through a couple of hours of work cutting through the wood for up to 12 inches in diameter.

It is easily transportable at the weight of 8.8 pounds, but the flimsy or lightweight design of the electric chainsaw gives it a propensity or tendency to bounce against small branches of the tree. This type of chainsaw is most suitable for small softwoods.

The Dewalt DCCS620B Chainsaw is energized or powered by a portable, rechargeable 20V battery that delivers more electric power than you think and is ultimately charged in just two hours of charging for about half an hour of intensive usage. It is also furnished or equipped with an automatic oiling system that continuously greases or lubricates the bar.

Pros: –

  • This electric chainsaw is well-adjusted with its features and nicely designed for its easy operation.
  • The Brushless DC Electric Motor of the electric chainsaw produces less amount of noise.
  • The 12″ bar and chain of this chainsaw provides accurate cutting for trees and shrubs.

Cons: –

  • The chain of the electric chainsaw often requires oiling for its proper maintenance.
DEWALT DCCS620B 20V Max Compact Cordless Chainsaw with Brushless Motor, Tool Only
  • Cordless chainsaw comes with low kick back 12-inch bar and chain for construction and outdoor...
  • Compact, lightweight design (just 9 lbs. with battery) of the battery chainsaw for maximum user...
  • High-efficiency brushless motor of the battery powered chainsaw maximizes runtime and motor life
  • Up to 90 cuts per charge on 4x4 pressure treated wood (using a 20V MAX* 5Ah battery)

6. BLACK+DECKER MAX Cordless Chainsaw (LCS1020)

BLACK+DECKER MAX Cordless Chainsaw (LCS1020)

This electric chainsaw is constructed for small clean-up tasks. It readily trims or cuts wood up to 10 inches in diameter and can control 12-inch tree logs with a suitable approach. The chainsaw’s long-standing battery provides you about 2 hours of work time on lighter tasks or jobs like trimming small trees and cutting shrubs, and on stiff tasks like cutting large tree logs, it took around 30 minutes.

Concerning its strong or powerful battery technology, there still is not much that can contend or compete with lithium-ion batteries. The low recoil or kickback feature of this electric chainsaw has also diminished or reduces vibration, making things easier to run and manage. The Black+Decker LCS1020 also contains an automatic oiling system that sustains the blade well-oiled or lubricated and perfectly operating without any issue.

Pros: –

  • It contains an automatic Oiling System for trouble-free greasing or lubrication.
  • It also comprises an effective 20V rechargeable lithium-ion battery for extended battery run-time.
  • This electric chainsaw emits less amount of noise during its operation.

Cons: –

  • This electric chainsaw cannot undertake rugged or heavy-duty projects.
BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Chainsaw Kit, 10 inch, Battery and Charger Included (LCS1020)
  • Tool free blade tension system for improved ease of use & quick adjustments
  • Lightweight design for ease of maneuverability & reduced fatigue
  • Improved oiling system with clear window to gauge oil level
  • An Improved oiling system with clear window to gauge oil level

7. EGO Power+ CS1400 Cordless Chainsaw

EGO Power+ CS1400 Cordless Chainsaw

The EGO Power+ CS1400 56-volt lithium-ion rechargeable battery supplies 40% more electric power than the flagship variant of this electric chainsaw with a 40-volt battery. The effective Brushless DC Motor powers the Oregon chain with a speed of 39.37 feet per second. Its weight of 8.3 pounds makes it sufficiently light for such small jobs or tasks. 

The weather-proof design or construction of the electric chainsaw defends it from corrosion or rust and degradation if you neglect or forget it outside. It also comprises a 14-inch steel Oregon bar and Low-Kickback chain. The EGO Power+ CS1400 is prominent for trimming or cutting trees, pinewoods, or tree branches with denseness or thickness for up to 10 to 12 inches.

This automated lubrication system will ensure the task or job for you by supplying a continuous oil source that will sustain the chain and bar lubricated with oil to intercept stalls and overheating and assure an optimum trimming or cutting performance.

Pros: –

  • This electric chainsaw has a solid or powerful brushless DC Motor for smooth operation.
  • The device comes with its solid and endurable lithium-ion battery that can outstay long despite its continuous usage.
  • This electric chainsaw is convenient to bear with a minimum number of vibrations and less noise level.

Cons: –

  • It is not appropriate for large heavy-duty tasks or jobs.
EGO Power+ CS1400 14-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Chainsaw - Battery and Charger Not Included
  • 30CC gas equivalent
  • Up to 100 cuts on a 4x4 with the recommended 56V 2.5Ah ARC Lithium battery (available separately)
  • 14-inch bar and chain
  • High-efficiency brushless motor delivers 6,800 RPM



The Dewalt DCCS670X1 will open your eyes with a wireless electric chainsaw when it comes to complete performance. This chainsaw highlights an enormous 16″ Oregon trimming or cutting bar, attached or connected with a 60V brushless DC motor. Dewalt has also added some beneficial specifications in its battery system, which is exceptionally adjustable. You can utilize the same battery from this electric chainsaw both on a power drill and electric blower.

Such compatibility or interchangeability will be admired by consumers who are irritated with multiple chargers and battery kinds in their garages. It is also appropriate for trimming or cutting a small amount of firewood.

It makes the electric chainsaw much easier to manage, and it is also furnished or equipped with a changeable speed trigger, something you do not often find with other electric chainsaw units. The Oregon bar and chain should always be preserved in perfect condition to assure optimal cutting. 

Pros: –

  • It contains an automated oiling system for low maintenance of the electric chainsaw. 
  • User-friendly designed handle with rubber-coated covering for better clasp or grip and greater convenience during extended usage.
  • It also comprises an automatic oiling system that lubricates the chainsaw automatically.

Cons: –

  • The lubricant oil must be detached or removed after its usage to intercept oil discharge when it is not in usage.

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Now that you’ve analyzed or reviewed the finest electric chainsaw and you are fully prepared to get the finest woodcutter or electric chainsaw that is suitable for you.

All the electric chainsaws reviewed in this list are excellent options for all the consumers, and each of them has obtained hundreds of positive remarks from multiple users and consumers.

However, our preferred or favorite choice for this list is the Oregon Chainsaw. It may not have the most extended battery run-time or the quickest charging time, but the battery will outstay longer for single usage.

Most of the house owners should have no issue with its battery life.  I hope you will like this article very much and it will be helpful to consider which electrical chainsaw is perfect for you.

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