Can Gray Bricks Be Corrupted?

Corruption is considered to be a hazardous space in Terraria. There are high chances equivalent to 50% of getting replaced or generated by The Crimson with few random locations.

When a player is in a corruption space, music associated with it is usually played. It is a dark and dangerous place that is accompanied by mountains, purple grass, dead trees, and dark light.

In the corruption space, one can spot a biome with Ebonstone, Chasms, Vile Mushrooms, or Ebonstones. Initially, it starts with normal grass becoming corrupted and is quite big enough to block other adjacent areas. However, it can be rescued by building walls with grey bricks.

Hence, to know in detail, read till the end.

What are the Hard Mode Changes?

What are the Hard Mode Changes?

Once the wall of flesh is defeated in the normal world, the corruption starts to begin and spreads at double speed. It can be spread across over stones and sand that can later turn into Dirty blocks or, you can say, mud. Once all the monsters are slain in the Underground Corruption area, Soul Night will be offered as an option.

How to Prevent Corruption Through Gray Bricks?

How to Prevent Corruption Through Gray Bricks?

The affordable and best way to prevent corruption is by horizontally digging holes. It should be six blocks wide and three blocks deep. For instance, you can use grey bricks, ores, dungeon bricks, clay, silt, or even ash. This is a perfect method that works mostly on all Biomes and requires only 18 blocks per hole.

The Corruption Area cannot spread easily through these materials, and it can be advantageous for you to use them. Also, sunflowers can be utilized to rescue from corruption in pre-hard mode. The next way to do so is before defeating the Wall of Flesh. You can utilize the method of eliminating by protecting your base initially. It might get overwhelming a little, but it can work in your favor.

One can find it difficult, but it is one of the best ways to save time and money. The next way is to create and spread Halloween on all sides of your area, maybe your house. Doing this will ensure that nothing is spread across so easily. It will not only protect your area, but it will also annoy the monsters there beforehand.

Moving forward, the next way to do so is simply blowing up the whole area with destructive elements. One can use explosives for the same as well. However, when you find it extremely expensive to do so, it will leave a big hole, so we won’t recommend the same to you, but you can still use it if you want to.

The next way to do it is by Clentaminator, which can easily convert the blocks into the for. It uses a lot of colored materials, like ammo, that can either be purchased or crafted by the user. Make sure to keep some Biome for the destruction initially so you can use it without any worry later.

Lastly, artificial construction can also be used by planting seeds or dirt with corrupted material or adding them around Ebonstone or grey bricks of 250 blocks. This will irritate the monsters, keep them away from your area, and reduce corruption easily. However, make sure you keep it a little way as it can be hazardous to your house.

How to Build a Terraria House?

How to Build a Terraria House?

If you are planning to build a terraria house, then you should explore various things as building a house here is a little complicated. You must be smart enough to know where to start and look for various housing requirements beforehand. Housing requirements play an essential part in building a house. Some requirements that you should keep in mind while building a terraria house are mentioned below:

  1. Your house should have 60 to 750 tiles spread across the floor, frame, walls, and ceiling.
  2. Your house should have one of each, like a comfort item, light item, or flat item.
  3. For starters, you can go with a chair, bench, and torch, which will work fine.
  4. Make sure you add a wall to the background and avoid leaving any gaps.
  5. Build a solid entrance or trap door to keep enemies away from your house.
  6. Make sure to avoid any corruption zones near the house.


There are several ways that you can use the Corruption area, and one of them is definitely by using grey bricks. You can easily use any preventive measures beforehand, or you can use explosives in need of urgency. You just have to make sure to reduce the corruption area in a better and easier way.

You will see that apart from one grey brick method for corruption, there are several other ways, too. Some might be expensive and time-consuming, whereas some will be cost-effective and easy to do.

All you have to do is use any way that works perfectly for you in the game and secure your area.

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