Can I Turn My Old Shed Into a Perfect Office?

Working remotely has various benefits; you can have flexible working hours, zero travel costs, and a better work-life balance, for instance. Did you know you can create a dedicated workspace in the comfort of your garden shed? Converting your shed into a dream office can be ideal for people who don’t have a designated room for an office and find their home distracting. Let’s look at the step-by-step guide to converting your garden shed into an office.


Many things will come into play during the conversion period; therefore, planning beforehand is imperative. First, you must consider the type of office shed you want. Depending on the kind of work you do, experts will advise you accordingly on how you’ll use the shed space efficiently, you can purchase sheds online from a many reputable shed companies.

Creating a list of work essentials you need in your office before starting the project is essential. Moreover, it would be best to consider what needs to be done before starting.

Office Essentials

Once you’ve understood how you’re going to use the shed, the next step is highlighting the office essentials you need. The office furniture, accessories, and storage will affect the shed design and access to utilities you’ll need on the shed. Therefore, you need to know how you’re going to use the shed.

Selecting the Office Design

Are you going to use the office partially or all year long? If you’re going to use it annually, you’ll need to insulate the office, eliminating the chances of external elements destroying your electronics. Let’s look at some of the designs you can go for.

  • Steel Sheds: This is a popular type that most people go for. They come in a range of sizes and are quite flexible in terms of alterations. Moreover, you can easily incorporate overlaps, groove cladding, and tongues to build them.
  • Wood Sheds: If you’re going for something more luxurious, wood sheds are the best options. There are tons of styles and designs on the market that can fit your office needs.

The Size and Layout of the Shed

Garden sheds come in different sizes. Depending on the size you have, it’ll affect the size of your home.

  • Small Office: If you have a small shed in your garden, you can turn it into a small office. The shed is enough to store a desk and office essentials. You can also go for a corner shed to maximize space. Its size ranges from 4X6, going upwards.
  • Medium Office: A medium-sized shed can become a medium-sized office that holds a hefty amount of office equipment. You can easily put multiple desks and a bookshelf in this shed. It’s somewhere between 10X8 in size and offers a medium-sized shed.
  • Large Office: Log cabins can turn into large offices. They’re particularly more suitable for people who are starting their businesses. These sheds come in different designs and styles.

The Condition of Your Shed

You’ll then inspect the condition of your shed to see if it needs alteration. Check all areas to see if their watertight and if the windows and doors are working correctly. If there are any issues, you can easily correct them in a DIY job, but if you’re unsure of how things are done, you can outsource a builder to help you out.

Turning Your Shed into an Office

Now, you’re ready to convert your Hobart shed or garage into your office – start by altering and changing the exterior to be waterproof to avoid the risks of getting damp. Next, you’ll need to change your lighting, heating, electricity, and insulation. These are the things that’ll transform your shed into an office.

Setting up Your Office Storage

An organized office can help workflow run smoothly. Therefore, installing a storage area in your office shed will increase productivity and minimize clutter. You can put some open shelving units, wall-mounted pegboards, and clear storage containers.

Decorate Your Office Shed

It’s essential to bring the work atmosphere to life by painting and adding a personal touch to it. You can add a few frames to give the room a more homely touch. Moreover, make the space comfortable to spend time in. You can get a plant or two to bring the space into life if you love nature.

Bottom Line

More and more people are finding ways to work remotely to fit their lifestyle needs – making a garden shed office popular. If you’re thinking of converting your shed into an office, the above steps will help you do it effectively.

Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee, a graduate of Interior Design from the University of Washington, has been shaping indoor spaces with his innovative designs for over a decade. He joined various teams in 2017, sharing his expertise in creating functional yet aesthetically pleasing living environments. His architecture and design psychology background provides a unique lens to his approach. He also advocates for sustainable design, incorporating eco-friendly practices into his work. He indulges in pottery and gardening when not writing or designing, finding inspiration in nature’s forms and textures. He also enjoys teaching design.

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