Best Bird Houses for Different Types of Birds

Birds are a very essential part of the ecosystem as they add so many beautiful sounds and color in the sky. Having them visiting your garden often will help you increase the beauty of your garden as they will attract more birds to your garden.

A colorful yard of flowers will surely attract different types of birds, but a house for your feathered friend will add so much more to your garden.

There are several other benefits of having bird houses than just attracting different types of birds. They can help you control unwanted pests, weed, flower pollination, conservation, and increase the value of your property.

Bird houses are also known as nesting boxes as they offer a safe place to all the birds in your yard and a place for birds in harsh climatic conditions.

Choosing the right kind of birdhouse for your yard is the owner’s personal choice but we can help you in your search for the birdhouse that best matches your yard.

Best BirdHouses for Different Types of Birds in your Yard

All the types of birds have their own type of birdhouse or bird box and they prefer visiting the yard that has their type of bird house.  So, you can have a bird box of the bird that you prefer visiting your yard or you can even place bird boxes of several birds.

Here are some of the best bird houses for several types of birds:

Post Mounted Bird House

Post Mounted Bird House

A post mounted bird house is a great option for yards with not a lot of trees or fences to place the bird boxes. These types of bird houses can be easily mounted in your garden without any trees as these are high in the air once they are mounted.

You can also reduce the height of a post mounted bird house as there is a system that enables you to reduce if you need to check for eggs or for cleaning the house. Having a post mounted bird house will attract many species of bird including bluebirds to nest in your yard.

Not every post mounted bird house has a system to reduce the height, you will have to climb a ladder to clean it.

Wall Mounted Bird House

If you have a yard full of fences and trees, then a wall mounted bird house is a great option to attract birds in your yard. These bird houses can easily be mounted on the walls of your yard or fence, and these have a tiny hole which can be placed to a nail.

They can easily be cleaned as they are mounted on the nails of the wall or fence. This type of bird house can attract many birds to your yard and can be placed at heights to make it look more attractive in your yard.

Hanging Bird House

Hanging Bird House

Hanging bird house is one of the most popular types of bird house and is prefered by many yard owners and even birds. These hanging bird houses look attractive to the birds and can be hanged on a tree or even from your porch.

It is essential to check the material where you would hang the birdhouse as the material should be sturdy and strong enough to hold the weight of the bird house. Make sure you check the hanging material to save your birds from danger.

Trees have natural material that can be easily rooted, the natural material can be replaced by a strong material like metal. This way your birds will be safe from any future danger.

Types of Bird Houses for Specific Species of Birds

If you wish to attract certain species, you need to either buy a bird box or build one. The purple martins prefer their nest in colonies and robins prefer their birdhouse on platforms without roofs.

Purple Martin Bird House

Purple martins, a species of bird that only nest in a birdhouse with colonies. Their birdhouses are very different to many other birds as they prefer a birdhouse with numerous entries. It is important that you have a birdhouse that easily lowers to avoid competitive birds.

The bird house for purple martin should be placed 10-15 feet high to get rid of the predators that try to kill the babies. You can also hang some guards in clusters as this will help you host some more purple martins.

Bluebird’s Bird House

Bluebirds nest in a birdhouse that keeps them secure and safe from other birds. Their bird house is quite simple, but the yard owner should spend some time making their choice to attract this beautiful bird.

 One important feature about their house is the entry should only be 1 ½ inches in diameter. This measurement is large enough for the blue birds and very small for other birds or predators. The entrance of the bird house should not be too far from the floor of the bird house to avoid other birds.

The common floor space of the bluebird’s bird house is usually 5 by 5 inches which allows enough space to the birds and their babies. The bird house should be tall enough and must have a sloping covered roof.

Owl’s Bird House

Barn owl roosting outside owl nest box in winter
Barn owl roosting outside owl nest box in winter

The bird house of owls is also known as the owl box as it is shaped as a box and you can easily spot an owl box around you because they are always at the entrance of the owl box. It is bliss to hear magical sounds of the owl in the evening and sunsets and an owl box can help you attract them.

It is very important to place the owl box on the tree trunk of your yard, this way the owl will feel homely and safe in the house bird. The bird house of a wood duck and an owl is closely similar, but the only difference is wood duck prefers to locate near water and owls prefer a place full of wood and greenery.

Wrens and Chickadees Bird House

Wrens and chickadees are the type of species in birds that need a safe and secure place to nest as they are very tiny and can easily get in trouble. The entrance hole of their bird house is smaller than others, it should be one-fourth with respect to the diameter.

The floor of the house should be 6 feet away from the house and the house should be located 4-8 feet high on the tree. If you have multiple trees around your yard, it helps the birds feel secure to enter and exit from their bird house.

 It is essential to have multiple trees in your yard if you wish to attract these species of bird to make them feel secure in your yard.

Types of Entrance in a Bird House

There are several types of birds that prefer their entries according to their size and shape. Some birds are territorial, and some are not, they require entrance as per their preferences.

Single Entrance

This is a common bird house that you can see in most yards and is loved by most types of birds. The single entrance type of bird house comes in different types and shapes for different types of birds.

This type of bird has only one entrance which directly means that this can be utilized by one species of birds. You will need to place multiple types of bird house if you wish to see several types of birds in your yard.

Single entrance bird house is suitable for territorial birds that do not prefer sharing their birdhouse with other birds.

Multiple Entrance

Multiple Entrance

As there are several types of birds, there are birds that like being around other birds and are community oriented. These species of birds stay well in a birdhouse with multiple entrances, and they love being around other birds.

If you wish to have multiple types of birds in your yard, a multiple entrance birdhouse would work great for you. Nesting space for several families of birds without having to place multiple bird houses in the yard is best for a yard with not a lot of space.

However, these types of bird houses are generally on the expensive side when compared to the single entrance birdhouse. This type of bird house will help you accommodate different types of birds.

It is a Wrap!

There are several types of birds that prefer nesting in a place where they can feel secure and safe from other bully birds or predators. There are also types of different material for bird houses like Ceramic, Plastic, Wood, Metal, Fabric, Resin, and gourd.

It is always a great idea to build a birdhouse of the type of bird that you wish to see in your yard. Knowing the preference of different types of birds will help you create a space for the birds that you love seeing more often in your yard.

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