7 Unique Types of Bird Houses to Inspire You

In the enchanting world of avian wonders, the types of bird houses we choose play a pivotal role in attracting various bird species to our gardens.

These structures are not just shelters but also vital components of the ecosystem, enhancing the beauty and ecological balance of our outdoor spaces.

Offering a diverse range of bird houses, from post-mounted to wall-mounted and hanging options, caters to the specific preferences of different bird species.

Each birdhouse style, meticulously designed for particular birds, serves as a safe haven, protecting them from harsh weather and predators.

By understanding the nuances of these types of bird houses, we can create inviting habitats for our feathered friends, encouraging them to visit, nest, and enhance the vibrancy of our gardens.

This guide explores the best bird houses for various bird types, providing insights into how you can transform your yard into a bustling hub of avian activity and natural charm.

Best BirdHouses for Different Types of Birds in your Yard

All the types of birds have their own type of birdhouse or bird box and they prefer visiting the yard that has their type of bird house.  So, you can have a bird box of the bird that you prefer visiting your yard or you can even place bird boxes of several birds.

Here are some of the best bird houses for several types of birds:

Post Mounted Bird House

Post Mounted Bird House

Among the various types of bird houses, the Post Mounted Bird House stands out for its versatility, especially in gardens with fewer trees.

This type of bird house is elevated, typically mounted on a post, making it an ideal choice for attracting birds like bluebirds.

Its elevated position offers protection from predators and gives a clear vantage point for birds.

Some models come with an adjustable height feature, allowing for easy access for cleaning or checking for eggs.

However, not all post mounted bird houses have this feature, and a ladder might be needed for maintenance.

This type of bird house blends seamlessly into the garden landscape and can become a focal point in your yard, attracting a variety of bird species.

Wall Mounted Bird House

The Wall Mounted Bird House is a popular choice among types of bird houses for yards rich in fences and trees.

These bird houses can be easily affixed to walls or fences, often using a simple nail or hook. Their accessibility makes them easy to clean and maintain.

The small entrance hole is typically designed to accommodate specific bird species, providing a safe nesting spot away from predators.

This type of bird house is perfect for bird watchers who prefer to have their feathered friends closer to their living space, offering a charming addition to any garden wall or fence.

Hanging Bird House

Hanging Bird House

Hanging Bird Houses are a classic and widely favored option in types of bird houses.

These charming structures can be suspended from tree branches or porches, adding an aesthetic element to your garden.

When choosing a location to hang these bird houses, it’s essential to ensure the supporting material is sturdy enough to bear the weight and provide safety for the birds.

Replacement of natural materials like tree roots with more durable options, such as metal, might be necessary for added security.

Hanging bird houses appeal to a variety of birds and can turn any garden into a lively bird sanctuary with their attractive designs and accessibility.

Types of Bird Houses for Specific Species of Birds

If you wish to attract certain species, you need to either buy a bird box or build one. The purple martins prefer their nest in colonies and robins prefer their birdhouse on platforms without roofs.

Purple Martin Bird House

Purple Martin Bird House

The Purple Martin Bird House is a specialized addition to the types of bird houses, catering specifically to purple martins.

These birds prefer communal nesting, which means their birdhouses have multiple entrances and compartments.

A key feature is the ability to lower the bird house for maintenance and to deter competitive species.

Purple martin bird houses should be positioned 10-15 feet above ground to protect the birds from predators.

These birdhouses are typically large and can accommodate several families, making them a bustling hub of avian activity.

They’re perfect for bird enthusiasts looking to support these social birds and add a lively atmosphere to their gardens.

Bluebird’s Bird House

Tailored for bluebirds, this type of bird house is an essential among types of bird houses for attracting these beautiful birds.

The entrance hole should measure precisely 1 ½ inches in diameter to accommodate bluebirds while keeping larger birds and predators at bay.

The interior space usually measures around 5 by 5 inches, providing ample room for the birds and their offspring.

The house should be of adequate height with a sloping roof to ensure safety and comfort.

Placing these bird houses in a garden can significantly increase the chances of bluebirds choosing to nest there, bringing color and charm to the environment.

Owl’s Bird House

Owl’s Bird House

Owl’s Bird House, or owl box, is distinct among types of bird houses due to its unique design catering to the nesting habits of owls.

These bird houses are often placed on tree trunks and are designed to mimic the natural nesting environments of owls.

The entrance is typically large enough for owls but prevents larger predators from entry.

Owl boxes are not only functional but also magical, adding a sense of mystery and wonder to any garden.

They are especially popular among those who enjoy the enchanting hoots of owls and wish to encourage their presence in the garden.

Wrens and Chickadees Bird House

Wrens and Chickadees Bird House

For smaller birds like wrens and chickadees, their bird houses are among the more petite types of bird houses.

These species require a safe and secure environment, given their small size.

The entrance holes are smaller, usually about one-fourth in diameter, to ensure safety from larger birds and predators.

The ideal placement is about 4-8 feet high on a tree, in a yard with multiple trees to provide these birds with a sense of security.

These bird houses are perfect for those who wish to attract these charming little birds and enjoy their melodious songs.

Types of Entrance in a Bird House

There are several types of birds that prefer their entries according to their size and shape. Some birds are territorial, and some are not, they require entrance as per their preferences.

Single Entrance

Single Entrance Bird House

The Single Entrance Bird House is a common and versatile choice within the types of bird houses.

This style is preferred by many bird species, particularly those that are territorial and prefer not to share their nesting space.

The single entrance design ensures a safe and secluded habitat for the nesting birds.

It can be crafted to suit various bird species by altering the size of the entrance hole and the internal dimensions.

This type of bird house is ideal for attracting specific bird species to your garden, as it provides them with a secure and undisturbed place to raise their young.

It’s a great choice for gardeners who aim to observe and nurture individual bird families.

Multiple Entrance

Multiple Entrance Bird House

In contrast to the single entrance model, the Multiple Entrance Bird House caters to community-oriented bird species and is a unique addition to the types of bird houses.

This design features several entrances, allowing different bird families to cohabit in close proximity. It’s ideal for social bird species that enjoy the company of others.

These bird houses are often larger and can accommodate multiple nests, making them a bustling center of bird activity.

They are particularly suitable for larger gardens or for bird enthusiasts who wish to attract a diverse array of birds.

While they can be more costly than single entrance houses, their ability to house multiple bird families makes them a valuable addition to any bird-friendly garden. accommodate different types of birds.


The selection of the right types of bird houses is crucial for creating a welcoming environment for birds in our gardens.

From the communal Purple Martin Bird House to the solitary Single Entrance Bird House, each design caters to the unique nesting preferences of different bird species.

These bird houses not only offer shelter and safety to birds but also contribute significantly to biodiversity, pest control, and the overall aesthetic of our gardens.

It is always a great idea to build a birdhouse of the type of bird that you wish to see in your yard.

Knowing the preference of different types of birds will help you create a space for the birds that you love seeing more often in your yard.

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