Pellets vs BBs; Which is Best? A Comprehensive Review

What is the Difference Between Air Gun Pellets and BBs

Navigating the world of air gun ammunition can be a complex journey, particularly when deciding between pellets and BBs. Both types of ammunition are staples in air gun shooting but serve distinct purposes, catering to different shooting disciplines. Pellets are known for their precision and variety, designed to meet the demands of competitive shooting and …

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Shooting Air Rifle in Back Garden: A Detailed Guide on Do’s and Dont’s

Can You Shoot Air Guns in Your Yard or Garden? 

Shooting an air rifle in your back garden offers a blend of recreational enjoyment and skill development for enthusiasts of all ages. While this activity is generally not illegal, it’s imperative to navigate a myriad of local and national laws and safety considerations. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or a novice, understanding these regulations is …

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Air Gun Suppressors: Varieties, Importance, and Everything to Know

Air Gun Silencers

Air gun suppressors, also known as silencers or sound moderators, are pivotal components for reducing noise and recoil in air rifles. Essentially, these devices attach to the muzzle of an air rifle, significantly diminishing the acoustic intensity of the shot. This reduction in sound can exceed 40db, making air gun suppressors highly effective. Beyond sound …

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