Choosing the best pump system for your new bathroom

When transforming a bathroom, a new pump system may be fitted to boost water performance. If a pump is old or not fitted with the correct boiler, then it could cause water pressure to be low and slow. Fitting a new system will result in a stronger water flow through taps, a bath to fill up quicker and better shower performance. To ensure best results, the right heating system will need to be connected, this is either a gravity fed system, an unvented heating system or a combi boiler. Depending on which apparatus is fitted within a home, will influence which pump is best for your new bathroom. Pump systems include, positive head pump, negative head, centrifugal, single impeller and twin impeller. These come in a range of styles and brands like the DAB pump, discover more today.

What is a pump system

A pump system helps to pump water throughout a house with varying levels of pressure. The system needed will depend on the type of boiler and heating system that is fitted within a house. This may be a gravity fed system, which consists of a large cold water tank, as well as a hot water cylinder. This is often found in older homes and is known for having poor flow and pressure. An unvented heating system does not have a cold water tank, it instead has a hot water cylinder at the mains pressure. A combi boiler is an all in one heating boiler and water heater, taking water straight from the mains pressure.

Types of pumps

It can be complicated to know what type of pump is needed in a bathroom, as there are various types. Each one serves a slightly different purpose. Some pumps are also only suitable for showers whereas, others work for all bathroom appliances, such as taps and the toilet.

Positive head

If using a gravity fed system, then the use of a positive or negative head will be best, a positive head is one of the most common heating systems. It is named this because the water tank, which is part of the gravity fed system is positioned above the bathroom appliance e.g a shower, therefore the water will flow down due to gravity. Gravity is relied on heavily for this system to function, to pump cold and hot water, with the flowing rate needing to be no less than 0.6 litres per minute. The main reason this pump is positioned above a water appliance by at least 3 feet, is so there is enough time for the water to speed up and increase pressure. The key difference between the positive and negative heads is that the positive is designed to push out water to the shower using impellers.

Negative head

On the other hand, a negative head, also known as a universal head works slightly differently. This pump does not rely on gravity like the positive head, instead it is more of a pressuriser. As soon as a shower is turned on, the system starts up and everything within the pipe is pressurised, from the cold water tank and mixer valve. A style of pump such as this is used when both the cold water tank and the showerhead are at the same level. Often these pumps are used when the flow rate is below 600ml a minute, mostly located in residential flats and loft conversions.

Centrifugal pump

A centrifugal pump uses impellers to boost the water’s speed, this then increases the pressure of the liquid before moving it towards the bathroom appliance, such as a shower at the best pressure level. This simple system is easy to maintain, using rotational energy to operate. These systems tend to be made up of high quality parts which helps to lower the noise, improves reliability and makes it last longer.

Single impeller

Depending on what type of boiler is fitted, a single impeller pump may be most suitable. A single impeller is used to pump just one type of water, this will be either hot or cold, not both. The majority of the time it is used for hot water however, it can be used for just cold water, although this is not as common. This system is fitted when one type of water supply is having issues with pressure which can ruin your rare flowers.

Twin impeller

A twin impeller is the opposite to a single impeller, as it can pump both hot and cold water supplies. It is designed to boost the pressure of both supplies at an equal flow. This is a more common type of impeller pump, as both water types can be used and provide a more powerful pressure.

It’s important to remember that before choosing a pump system for a new bathroom, it’s vital to know what type of boiler is fitted, so you can make informed decisions and choose the best pump.

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