Complete Care Guide for Jade Plants

We all have heard about jade plants. It is those indoor plants which you may have received as a gift from your friends or family on some occasion. It is widely known and quite popular whenever it comes to getting a houseplant. Why should it not be? It is easy to maintain, requires less care, takes less water and sunlight and has many more such interesting features. All of these combined makes it a perfect indoor house plant but, it doesn’t mean they are meant to be indoor. It is a wild plant which stays outdoor in the wild so, so technically it can also stay outdoors but, it is chosen by the people for its ability to stay indoors as a house plant.

Here in this article, we are going to present some of the best and handy tips for you to take care of your jade plant. So, let us begin.

What is a Jade Plant?

A jade plant is a member of succulent plants. It is also known as a lucky plant, money plant or money tree as well. There are many types of jade plants. Some are short and some are taller. They are all native to the African continent.

Talking about its appearance, then it is a short, evergreen and thick plant. It has thick branches with thick leaves as well. Leaves grow opposite to each other. The colour of leaves may vary from green to yellowish-green to a bit red (on the edges). The colour of the leaves depends on the impact of sunlight. For example, it is green when kept in low sunlight while it develops a red tint when exposed to a high level of sunlight.

It also bears flowers when it is the flowering season. It has small flowers in white or pinkish colour.

How to take care of a Jade Plant

As mentioned earlier, it is easy to keep a jade plant as it does not require much attention or care. However, if kept carelessly, it may die or develop a disease which will eventually ruin it from the inside. So, it is better to give it care as much as it requires, nothing more or less.

Here are a few important parameters you must keep in control to make a perfect growing ground for your jade plant.


It is like oxygen to the plants. You must give enough sunlight to your jade plant. You can vary the time of exposure as per the age of your jade plant. If it is young and delicate, it is advised to be put away from direct sunlight. Keep it in indirect sunlight for at least 4 hours. You can increase the exposure time to up to 6 hours. If your plant is grown and is rigid then keep it in indirect sunlight for at least 6 hours a day. Keeping it in harsh sunlight can give a red tint to its leaves. Just take care of it like a clusia hedge.


It is more of a seasonal thing. In winter it requires the bare minimum of water while when it is summer, it requires more often.

So, water it as required and not on a daily regular manner as giving it excess water or putting it on the saucer of water for a longer duration can cause rot in the plant and you can learn how to save the plant by checking out


It is better to put it in a clay pot. It does not need much water and the clay pot can absorb excess water, hence it is a better option. Make your soil hold less water, and make sure your post has a way to out the excess water.

Soil plays an important role in the growth of your plant. Therefore, it is better to make your soil as per the requirements.

4.Environment and Temperature

As we have read that a jade plant is native to the African continent, it is pretty much understandable what temperature and environment it should be kept in. It can withstand a bit of a cold environment but it is preferred not to keep it there for a prolonged time.

It will stay healthy and will grow without any difficulty if kept at room temperature. Just make sure about the temperature it is getting in winter.

Keep it on shelves or at any place out from the reach of children and pets especially, the cats, you know how they are.


No, you do not have to give them what you eat, they have their own diet and food, yes, it is fertilizers and manure. Most of us will go for fertilizers as probably the manure is not so easy to find. Always give your jade plant a stable fertilizer preferably the slow release ones. Do not overfeed them nor underfeed them.

Ending Note

They were some of the crucial things to know before you get your jade plant or to know to give your jade plant perfect care. Always take care of your plant and get or buy one only when you are ready to take the responsibility. Many of us just buy a jade plant and do not give it proper care. Therefore, be ready before you bring one home and the same is true for any other plant.

You can also gif a jade plant to your friends and family or your relatives. It can be a pretty good gift for some occasions as well.

Hope you have got all things covered and will give your jade plant the best care. and do not forget to share what you have learned.

Alison Moore

With an MSc in Plant Science from the University of Edinburgh and 15 years of experience in botanical research, Alison Moore has been contributing to our platform since 2020. Before joining us, she worked with the National Park Service, focusing on native plant preservation. Alison's articles are known for their depth and clarity, often drawing from her field experiences. Besides writing, she is an avid gardener, specializing in native and medicinal plants. She enjoys hiking and documenting rare plant species in her free time.

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