Ensuring Efficient Cooling in Toowoomba Homes

Summer is around the corner, and in Toowoomba, that means one thing – get your aircon ready. Although the climate in this area of Queensland is mild, summer temperatures and humidity can be quite high. A functional AC won’t just keep you cool during summer but maintain optimal room temperatures all year round.

Regular AC maintenance is a must to ensure this unit is running in top form. If you fall behind its proper upkeep, you might face sudden breakdowns and poor aircon work when you need it most. Not to mention high repair costs and lack of cooling during hot days.

So, do your best not to put off your aircon Toowoomba maintenance. Although it’s best to have the AC inspection done by professionals, there are some things you can do to ensure that your cooling appliance is fully functional and ready for summer.

Beat the Heat: Top Tips for Aircon Maintenance in Toowoomba

You don’t have to be an aircon expert to do some simple upkeep steps. These maintenance tasks are simple and generally don’t require special skills, tools, and much of your time.

Clean Air Filters

Air filters are a simple but essential component of your aircon. They collect dust, debris, allergens, and all matter from the air that this appliance draws in, cools, and expels back. After some time, these deposits can become significant and decrease AC efficiency.

To ensure optimal aircon work, it’s necessary to clean the filters or replace them if your unit uses disposable ones. Cleaning the air filter is very simple since these components can be easily removed and washed. If you don’t know how to do it, you can google your aircon model and find out where the filters are and how to remove them.

Turn the AC off and unplug it. Clean air filters with warm water and detergent, rinse them and let them dry in the air. Before putting them back, vacuum the inside of the unit and clean the grille with a wet cloth. You can also spray filters with an anti-bacterial solution to ensure no harmful matters get on them, at least for a while.

Check Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coil absorbs warm air and gets it out of your house. They must be passable to be functional, so you must clean these coils from time to time and ensure proper airflow. Switch your aircon off and access the coils, which are mostly located behind the blower motor.

Use a bristle brush to dust the coils and remove cobwebs, then wipe the coils with a damp cloth. You can also use a specialized cleaning solution, spray it on the coils, and drain them into the drainage pan. Then, wipe this pan, too. You should do this at least once a month. While you’re doing it, check for cracks and leaks.

Look for Leaks and Blockages

Blocked or leaky ducts can reduce the efficiency of your aircon. The cooled air can escape through these cracks, so you won’t get the desired output. If you don’t detect this problem, you can adjust your AC so that it works more to cool the room, which eventually leads to an increase in your energy bills.

On the following source, find out what causes aircon leaks:


To avoid unnecessary costs and hassle, inspect ductwork for leaks. Also, pay attention to seals and joints. Take a peek at condenser coils, refrigerant lines, and a drain pan, too. If there’s a leak, you might spot water puddles on the ground or ice around the evaporator coils. Leaky aircon can work unevenly, not blow out cold air, and emit jingling sounds.

Tidy Up Around the Outdoor Unit

Tidy Up Around the Outdoor Unit

Your aircon’s outdoor unit (condenser unit) is dispersing the heat from your rooms. It’s located on the side of your home or the roof. When installed on the top of your house, it’s less exposed to dust and debris, so there’s no need to clean it often. However, when it’s on the ground, it collects debris a lot.

If the AC condenser is on the ground, you should clean it more often. When you’re sure it’s unplugged, open the unit and pick up large dirt with a vacuum cleaner. Then, wipe the fan coil, grate, and fins. You can also use a garden hose to wash everything but be careful not to damage these delicate parts. Let everything dry out before you return a grate and turn your aircon on.

Since the condenser unit sucks up external dust, make sure that the space around it is as clean and open as possible. Remove all greenery and objects that may interfere with AC work. In case its outdoor unit is on the ground, check whether it’s off-level. That can happen if the ground subsides, so if that’s the case, get the unit back to a level position.

Finding Aircon Services in Toowoomba

When it comes to complex AC malfunctions or regular unit servicing, you need reputable aircon services in Toowoomba. To begin with, you can ask friends and neighbours to recommend technicians they work with. Also, you can look for Toowoomba aircon services online.

Look for those with a lot of niche experience and a good reputation. You can find that out by reading reviews and checking the aircon contractors’ credentials. Always look for licensed companies, as they carry proper insurance and have relevant knowledge and skills to perform aircon installation and repairs.

Last, but not least, ask about the technician’s rates. On this page, you can check how much it will cost to fix or replace your AC. If you’re fine with the technician’s rates and availability, you have a deal. Just make sure they provide a work warranty so you can have peace of mind.

AC maintenance is a must if you want your aircon to work smoothly. You can do some simple checks and repairs that can keep your unit up and running. Eventually, you’ll be glad you did them because they’re critical steps in preventing more significant and expensive breakdowns.


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