From bouncy castles to fire pits: 7 tips for decorating a garden space that suits both young and old

Gardens are a part of our home, now more than ever. But how can you create a space that suits everyone in your family? Follow our tips for designing a garden that has something for everybody.

1. Create distinct zones

Organise your outside space into well-defined areas, so everyone feels like they have their own space. This also helps to make your garden feel organised and tidy, so garden toys don’t spill over into your dining area, and the trampoline doesn’t encroach on the barbecue!

You might also want to consider having a central lawn area which can be used as an ‘overflow’ area – or just make a great space for relaxing, playing or running around.

2. Make space for the kids to have fun

Everyone in the family deserves an area to enjoy, and sometimes it is ok to crave a bit of peace, while still wanting the kids to enjoy themselves. A Bebop bouncy castle is great for both. Children will have endless fun jumping, vaulting and springing on a Bebop bouncy castle, freeing up the rest of the garden for adults to enjoy a bit more uninterrupted grown-up time. And who doesn’t need that?

3. Include a fire pit

What’s not to love about toasting marshmallows around a fire pit? Kids young and old will adore sitting around the cosy glow of the fire after the sun has set, and the warmth of those flames will keep you toasty. To maximise your fire pit’s practicality, go for one that’s multi-purpose and can double up as a garden table during the daytime!

4. Get comfy!

We spend hours lounging on our indoor sofas, so why not get rid of those old rusty deckchairs and invest instead in some relaxing garden furniture? The comfier you are, the more you will use it so it’s worth every penny you spend. And what’s more, it’s something everyone in the family can enjoy, whether it’s a space for teenagers to chill out, somewhere you can indulge in a quiet coffee, or a place to cuddle up and read stories with the little ones. A high-quality outdoor sofa is a versatile addition to your outdoor space.

5. Movie night!

With your fire pit and your comfy family-friendly furniture, surely all you need now is an outdoor projector so you can all enjoy movie night? All you’ll really need is a projector and some popcorn, along with a smooth wall (the side of the house or garage can work well) or a collapsible screen. The beauty of this, is that it doesn’t encroach on your garden in the daytime, as the projector and screen can easily be stored inside.

6. Food, glorious food

Who doesn’t love al fresco dining? It’s fun and exciting for the kids, and adds a sprinkle of holiday magic for the adults. Whether it’s the smoky sizzle of a barbecue, a cooling ice-cream sundae or maybe your very own wood-fired pizza oven, choose your outdoor dining area carefully. It shouldn’t be too far from your house for the purposes of practicality (nobody wants to be carrying armfuls of dishes up all the way down to the furthest part of the garden), and ideally have some shade, too. If there isn’t a conveniently located tree nearby, you could create some shade with a pergola or some careful planting. And, while you’re thinking about your next al fresco meal, have a look on this site for some delicious summer recipe ideas…

7. Choose your plants wisely

Plants bring gardens to life, and getting everyone in involved with what you choose to grow is a great way of making everyone feel a part of it. Little ones can get stuck in growing things like sunflowers, which germinate quickly and look pretty spectacular, while teens might be more impressed with growing their own veggies. As well as the fun side of planting, being clever about what you put where can also be a great way of creating screens and dividing your garden into its distinct areas. Plants like bamboo grow tall quickly, and if you keep them in pots, they can even be moved around to different areas of the garden. Researching what grows well in different conditions is something the whole family can get involved with – and reap the rewards in years to come!

A garden is an extension of your home, so just because you have different family members with different needs and wants, it won’t stop you from creating a garden space where everyone feels happy to be.

Blake Thompson

Blake Thompson, an alumnus of Colorado State University with a degree in Environmental Science, has been an outdoor enthusiast and writer for over 12 years. Before joining our website in 2018, he worked with National Geographic, sharing his adventures and environmental insights. Blake's passion for nature is not limited to his writing; he is an avid hiker and volunteers for wildlife conservation projects; apart from that, he also enjoys kayaking and wildlife photography, further deepening his connection with nature.

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