Helpful Ways to Stop Roaches from Contaminating Your Home in Clinton, MS

Warm weather and humidity encourage cockroaches to breed. Therefore, places like Clinton, MS, that enjoy warm weather make ideal habitats for the pests. The city experiences average high temperatures of around 93° F and has a humid subtropical climate.

Cockroaches may enter your home looking for more hospitable temperatures when the weather outside gets hot. These pests can trigger several allergies and health problems like nasal congestion, ear infections, and skin rashes.

So, if you have cockroaches in your home, it is recommended you contact professionals specializing in pest control Clinton MS, immediately. These experts will make detailed assessments of your residence and offer tested cockroach control solutions.

Identify the Cause

Dealing with cockroach infestations can be unsettling for homeowners. While these pests don’t bite, they can carry and transmit disease-causing bacteria like salmonella. Additionally, cockroaches can survive without food for prolonged periods and breed fast.

Professionals with formal training and experience in pest control in Clinton, MS, will first identify and study the root cause of the cockroach infestation. For instance, roaches tend to gravitate toward warm, moist areas. The humidity levels in Clinton, MS, can get as high as 91%.

Therefore, slab leaks or other similar problems in your kitchen through windows or bathroom can invite large roach populations into your home. If you have a severe infestation, these pests may congregate in drier areas of your home, looking for food and shelter. Food crumbs or pet food on the floor, garbage, and dirty dishes in your sink can attract roaches into your home.

Employment of Long-Term Solutions

Regular cleaning can keep away cockroaches to a good extent. Roaches seek out food sources. You may be able to keep the roach problem at bay by making these sources unavailable to them. However, professional help is vital if the infestation is bad.

Roaches secrete an oily substance that gives off a musty odor. Hence, it is essential to throw away food that smells musty if you have cockroaches in your home. Even cooking at high temperatures will not make the food item safe for human consumption. Roach droppings and other debris like wings can cause significant health issues for allergy sufferers.

It is easier to deal with small cockroach populations. However, if left unattended, the problem could aggravate into a heavy roach infestation in no time. Pest control experts use several solutions to tackle cockroach infestations.

1. Baits and Fumigation 

The experts will first identify cracks, holes, crevices, and other spots where cockroaches are likely to lurk around. They will then apply gel baits and other substances in these spots. Cockroaches will die almost instantly if they feed on these substances.

Gel baits are usually applied with syringes. “Chalks” and bottled sprays can keep the pests out of your interiors. Fumigation is another effective roach control technique. Pest control experts use mist sprayers and other spraying equipment to spray insecticides and cockroach repellents in your home’s interior and exteriors.

2. Traps

Local experts working in pest control in Clinton, MS, may set up cockroach traps around your home. The experts use scent and bait to attract roaches into the traps. It could take up to two weeks to get rid of cockroaches using traps.

Additionally, this method may be ineffective against roach infestations since it may not kill all cockroaches in your home.

3. Liquid Solutions

Floor cleaning liquids that contain cockroach repellents can get rid of cockroaches overnight. Your local pest control experts will clean your floors, counters, slabs, and even your walls with these liquid concentrates. They will also spray the solution into gaps or crevices where roaches are likely to lurk.

4. Boric Acid

Pest control experts often use boric acid and sugar dough balls to kill roaches. The dough and sugar attract roaches to feed on these balls. The professionals may also use boric acid pills and synthetic boric acid balls to kill roaches.

Boric acid is considered an age-old remedy for cockroach problems. Exterminators may dust or spray boric acid over your surfaces. They place balls inside drawers, cupboards, and other hidden and exposed surfaces to drive roaches away.

5. Other Borates

Borates like borax or sodium borate are widely used as a household cleaner and can penetrate cockroaches’ exoskeletons. Additionally, this substance can leave the pests dehydrated.

Roaches die within three days of coming into contact with borax or other borates. Borax may not work very effectively on more potent, more resistant cockroach species.

Wrap Up

Time is the most significant benefit you will get if you call pest control professionals to get rid of cockroaches. Roaches are considered one of the most challenging pests to eradicate so that you can enjoy red berries without any danger. Local pest control experts in Clinton use different approaches for effective cockroach control.

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