15 Kitchen Window Decorating Ideas That will Inspire You

Kitchen windows play a big role in how your kitchen looks and feels. Good decorating ideas can make your kitchen more enjoyable and stylish.

In this guide, we share 15 easy ideas to decorate your kitchen windows. These tips are useful for any kitchen, and you can pick what fits your style best.

You’ll learn how to use shelves, fabrics, and other simple things to make your kitchen windows look great.

And if that place is in your own home? It is more than anything. Additionally, it is no alien fact that a neat and charming working place also offers excellent and happy results while working over there.

If you are moving into a new house or your old kitchen windows ask for a makeover, consider treating them well.

Let us look through some of these kitchen window ideas that might add a spark to your kitchen and enhance its overall look.

1. Shelving


Adding shelves by your kitchen windows is a great way to show off your favorite items.

It’s not just about storage – these shelves can become a key feature of your kitchen’s style.

You can display things like colorful jars or plants, and they look even better when the sunlight shines on them.”

2. Fantastic Fabrics

Fantastic Fabrics

Using the right fabrics can change how your kitchen windows look. You can pick curtains or drapes that match your style.

Bright colors can make your kitchen lively, while simple colors give a modern feel.

Remember to keep fabrics away from the stove and choose materials that are safe around heat.

Adding a valance at the top of the window can also be a good touch. It’s a nice way to decorate without taking up much space.

3. Shades and Shutters

Shades and Shutters

Shades and shutters offer both safety and style for kitchen window decor. They’re perfect when you want to let in light but keep out unwanted insects.

These options can be more practical than curtains and drapes, especially near food preparation areas.

You can choose shades and shutters in colors and styles that match your kitchen’s design, making them a great way to decorate a kitchen window.

They add a touch of elegance while being highly functional, aligning with the latest kitchen window decor ideas.

4. Tinted Glass

Tinted Glass

Tinted glass is a unique choice for kitchen window decorating ideas. It brings a splash of color and vibrancy to your space, creating a lively atmosphere.

These glasses allow light to filter through while adding a beautiful hue to the room.

Available in various designs and shapes, tinted glass can be a standout feature in your kitchen.

It’s an innovative way to decorate a kitchen window, adding a dramatic and colorful element that other types of glass can’t match.

5. Artificial Greenery

Artificial Greenery

Putting up real plants in a kitchen window can invite different sorts of insects and dust. Hence, artificial vines and plants could do the trick.

Artificial greenery usually looks the same as real plants, but the advantage of using them is their low maintenance, lack of insects, and absence of dust. You can wash them when required.

Cascading green vines give your kitchen a fresh and green look, adding to the whole decor.

Little pots of fake plants are available at almost all kinds of stores; even general stores keep stock because of the increasing demand. You can buy them online or from any home decorating shop.

6. Wall Hanging

Wall Hanging

When considering how to decorate a kitchen window for a boho-chic vibe, hanging a beautiful piece is an excellent choice.

This approach doesn’t block sunlight, contributing positively to the kitchen’s aesthetic.

The types and colors of wall hangings can significantly impact the overall decor of your kitchen window.

Therefore, choosing the right elements is crucial to achieving the desired look.

Select wall hangings that complement your kitchen’s style, adding a touch of personality without overwhelming the space.

7. Jars Arrangement

Jars Arrangement

One creative kitchen window decor idea is to hang jars with ropes in a zigzag pattern across the window.

This unique arrangement transforms the window, giving your kitchen or dining area a new look.

Fill the jars with flowers that complement the occasion to make a bold decorative statement.

This innovative approach to kitchen window decor not only adds charm but also serves as a conversation starter, reflecting your style in home decoration.

8. Unique Iron Rods

Unique Iron Rods

Add a distinctive touch to your kitchen window decor ideas by incorporating uniquely designed iron rods.

These rods can provide an antique or industrial look, adding character and style to your kitchen window.

Whether placing a custom order or selecting one from an antique shop, these iron rods are an excellent choice for those looking to infuse a sense of personality into their kitchen design.

Their unique appeal contributes to a more customized and visually interesting kitchen space.

9. Hoods


Exploring kitchen window decor ideas, one stylish option to consider is the addition of a hood over your stove positioned in front of the kitchen window.

Whether you opt for a rustic or modern design, a hood can significantly enhance the space.

Hoods are fashionable and offer a sophisticated and warm element to your kitchen decor.

Choosing the right style of hood can seamlessly integrate with your overall kitchen aesthetic, making it a practical yet striking feature in your kitchen window decor.

10. Lamps


Adorn your kitchen window space with some ornamental lampshades. You can go out of the box by choosing something different from the usual floral and showpiece setups.

You might choose tall lamps if you have tall windows and enough space. Similarly, if you have short windows and small space, you could choose small or miniature lamps.

Going for lamps with shades, unlike your kitchen lighting, would create a unique and decorative spot in the same area.

11. Overhead Storage

Overhead Storage

For those pondering how to decorate a kitchen window, especially in homes with tall kitchen windows, an inventive and stylish approach is to hang utensils like pans or silverware overhead.

This not only offers a smart solution for extra storage space but also elevates the kitchen’s aesthetic appeal.

Such a design is often seen in large, upscale kitchens, yet with a touch of creativity and effort, you can replicate this eye-catching look in your own space, transforming your kitchen into a stunning focal point.

12. Window Awnings

Window Awnings

Window awnings cut off heat and sunlight. While protecting from rain and snow, they also add grace to the windows.

They can be substituted for window curtains or drapes, being more space-saving and efficient in use.

Awnings directly cast a flowing design if chosen well according to the other kitchen decor, such as the color of walls or cabinets.

13. Window Nook

Window Seat Ideas to Make the Most of your Space.

This can be interestingly fun and will sell off your whole kitchen design. People swear they feel envious when they come across something so simple yet so creative.

Of course, this can be an option only if you have your kitchen window in a corner or at a place that can be easily transformed into a cozy nook.

You can try and manage some space for creating this one if you have a small space because built-in seating and the window are highly desired by some people looking through kitchen window ideas.

Adding some pillows and a styled mattress on the seating can be equally enhancing.

14. Wooden Frame

Wooden Frame

Instead of going for bold black or white or any usual style window, try going for a wooden frame.

Wooden frames are trendy these days. You can create a wooden-style kitchen matching the window frame.

Warm colors for cabinets and kitchen stools could go with wooden-framed windows, yet another one of the simple and rustic kitchen window ideas.

15. Nordic Style Windowsill

Nordic Style Windowsill

For those who appreciate simplicity and minimalism in kitchen window decor, adopting a Nordic style for your windowsill is an ideal choice. This approach emphasizes clean lines and functionality.

Decorate with items like white candles of various styles paired with beige-colored vases, and use baskets to keep the space organized.

These elements blend seamlessly to create a serene and minimalistic aesthetic, perfectly encapsulating the essence of Nordic design in your kitchen window decor.


So, the next time you are renovating or thinking about giving a makeover to your kitchen window, try considering and trying out one of these ideas.

Who knows, you might come across a more extraordinary idea getting inspired by one of these kitchen window ideas.

Happy decorating!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Cover A Small Kitchen Window?

The best option to cover a small kitchen window can be using roller blinds in various lengths, fabrics, and styles. Window films and Roman shades are also good options.

What Color Makes A Small Kitchen Look Bigger?

White color is known to be visually opening the space. Hence, it is considered to be the most chosen one for painting a kitchen.

What Window Treatments Are in Style for 2020-2021?

Pastel Neutrals, Indoor Gardens, and Bold Design Statements are some of the trendy window treatments this year. How you decorate your personal space reflects your personality and depends on your creativity.

Should Kitchen Cabinets Be Lighter or Darker Than Walls?

Light-colored cabinets open the space, and your kitchen appears large while dark cabinets give the kitchen a vivid, dramatic look. You can choose contrasts for cabinets or contemporary. Contrast, though, looks more appealing.

How Can I Brighten My Kitchen Without A Window?

Adding mirrors will brighten up the space, creating an illusion of a larger space as well. You can use some brighter bulbs and lighting. Also, metallic hangings or showpieces could do the trick.

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