How Do I Maintain an Electric Heater?

Do you want to make sure that your electric heaters work precisely? Then, you must take ample measures to take care of your heaters.

Analyzing the pros and cons of an oil heater vs an electric heater helps you make a well-informed choice on which is the ideal type of room heater you must get for your home.

Having bought a new one, you must learn the tips and techniques on how you would maintain these versatile room heaters for years to come.

Let us unveil 6 effective steps on how to maintain an electric heater.

1. Insulation Required to Be Done

Weatherstripping is something you may have heard of. If you are not aware, here is an explanation. Weatherstripping is a process wherein the doors and windows are stripped off their drafts so that you can trap in maximum hot air inside each of your rooms.

When you do so, you have the maximum amount of warm air that is trapped inside your rooms, and this way, you can keep your rooms warmer for hours put together.

You must also make sure that your attic and basement areas are insulated in a precise and efficient manner. If you do not perform weather stripping or room insulation before the onset of your winter system, your room heaters may have to work doubly hard to keep your rooms warm.

2. Visual Inspection is Mandatory

Visually inspecting the heating systems of your room is an activity that is quite manageable from your end. Again, this is mandatory as you must ensure that your room heaters function perfectly.

Therefore, you must look for visual objects or accessories that hinder the performance of your electric room heaters.

Say, for instance, in an outdoor space, you may have your electric heater covered with a pile of leaves. Or else, a friendly squirrel may have built its nest on your heaters. Timely maintenance of your heating systems ensures that they do their job effectively and thoroughly.

3. Do Not Turn Your Heaters When It is Too Hot; Otherwise

It is not advisable to turn in your electric room heaters, especially while it is too hot outside. In other words, when the external temperature outside itself is over 85 degrees, you do not need room heaters to keep your rooms warm. All you have to do is open window sills and open the drapes of curtain blinds so that natural sunlight penetrates each of your rooms.

On the contrary, if you switch on a heater that is fitted with an electric pump on hot and sunny days, you may end up causing severe damage to the equipment involved.

Therefore, you must wait patiently and only switch on your heater on days when the weather is really biting cold, and you would want heaters to sustain you through.

4. Replacing Air Filters Now and Then

Replacing the air filters now and then is a predominant step that is involved so that the room heaters work to the best of their potential.

Whether you have air filters that need to be replaced during the cooler months or the hotter ones, this is a step that cannot afford to be missed out on. When the air filters are covered with dust and grime, the filters cannot circulate clean and filtered air.

Therefore, you may have to replace dirty air filters, no matter which time of the year it is. Again, when you have a look at it, a clean set of air filters puts less effort into the functionality of your room heaters as the air doesn’t have to pass through so much grime, dirt, or dust.

5. Sealing the Ducts and Keeping the Surroundings Clean

To be able to ensure precise and effective functionality of your room heaters, you may have to keep your ducts sealed. This is mainly because if the duct system is leaking, it may cause your room heaters extra burden of stress or effort to be able to function well. Therefore, you must ensure that your duct vents are always sealed.

In addition to this, you must keep your surroundings clean and tidy. If you have any obstructions or unwanted fillers inside the room, the heating cannot take place effectively. Therefore, you must not only clean up your heaters from time to time, but you must also keep your exteriors clean.

6. Other Important Guidelines You Must Keep a Track Of

Firstly, you must switch off your heating systems once the room receives its warmth and maintains its optimal temperature. This way, you ensure that the heaters are not allowed to run continuously indeed.

Secondly, you must ensure that you keep a temperature thermostat attached to the room heating equipment. This way, it can auto-power off once the temperature of your room achieves its desired levels. By doing so, you can considerably save up on your energy bills for years to come.

Finally, do not wait to wait for the warranty period to get over to get costly repairs or replacements done to your room heaters.

Once you go in for regular maintenance from serviced room heater professionals, it can save you so much of a dime.


Maintaining your room heaters well is something you cannot miss out on.

The earlier you look at defects or look for parts that are not functioning, the sooner you can get them fixed from the manufacturer’s end. Some room heater manufacturers offer a warranty period of 2 years and above.

A few excellent brands can even offer you a warranty period of up to 5 years from the date of purchase.

Therefore, when you detect that room heaters are not functioning well and you contact the manufacturer within the warranty period, you can get the malfunctioning spare parts replaced with brand-new ones. And the repair costs will be taken up by the manufacturer himself.

Therefore, maintaining your electric room heaters well is something you must consciously look into. Which is the guideline you are going to follow right away?

Do let us know!

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